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To - -
by Edgar Allan Poe

US poet, critic and short story writer. Poe is best known for his macabre horror stories including The Fall of the House of Usher, The Gold Bug and The Black Cat (1842). His key poems include Lenore (1831), The Raven (1842), Ulalume (1847). He also wrote some critical essays including The Philosophy of Composition (1846), Time and Space (1844) and The Poetic Principle (1850), and a novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym (1838). Poe had a great influence on a number of writers including Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne.

To - -
by Edgar Allan Poe


The bowers whereat, in dreams, I see
    The wantonest singing birds
Are lips - and all thy melody
    Of lip-begotten words -


Thine eyes, in Heaven of heart enshrin'd
    Then desolately fall,
O! God! on my funereal mind
    Like starlight on a pall -


Thy heart - thy heart! - I wake and sigh,
    And sleep to dream till day
Of truth that gold can never buy -
    Of the trifles that it may.

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