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Poetry and the Internet have a great deal in common - both are largely based upon the desire to share. It's hardly surprising, then, to discover the World Wide Web is a growing nexus for both aspiring and accomplished Poets.

Below, you'll find a large number of links to places we feel will be of interest to our visitors. Some are much like our site, places to discover wonderful poems that provoke and evoke common emotions. Some are more attuned to the craft of poetry, with excellent how-to articles and advise.

But we haven't limited ourselves to sites that are similar to ours, nor even to sites that deal exclusively with a limited definition of poetry. We believe poetry is where you find it, whether in verse or in story, in rhyme or in photography. And we are convinced that poets, by their very nature, are a diverse lot with eclectic interests.

The one thing all of these sites have in common, we think, is a power to bring out the poets in each of us. They share something worth sharing.

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Editor's Note:We've recently removed a lot of dead links from the database, so this page is going to look a little bare until we can find some more GREAT poetic places to visit. They gotta be out there, though, right?

Please Visit Our Special Friends

These are the sites that have sent us the most visitors in the past week, and we'd love to extend our special thanks by returning the favor to them. So, please take a moment to visit each of these web sites before you leave us today. You'll be glad you did.

Our main site is designed for posterity. That simply means the poetry is going to be here for a very long time and be seen by more than a million people every month. The main site is a book, albeit a constantly growing book, that people will return to again and again. Books, by their very nature, last a long time. But they also take a long time to put together.

Our pipTalk Poetry Forums are more like a magazine. The poetry posted there is darn near instant, added with the click of a button, and the feedback from readers and other poets is just as quick. We think of the forums as instant gratification. But that certainly doesn't mean you won't find some good poetry there. Indeed, many poets post their work there first, while waiting to be published on the main site.

Public Poetry

These web sites feature poems and poetry by and for the general public. People like you and me.

Put together by University at Buffalo, the EPC "serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced at the University at Buffalo as well as elsewhere on the Internet." At first I thought this site was simply hard to navigate. Then I discovered they have over 23 GIG of information and poetry on line, and I realized it was simply too darn BIG. Warning - try to limit yourself to just seven or eight hours at a time or else your eyes will will be crossed like mine.

Classic Poetry

These sites feature the wonderful poems of well-known and recognized poets.

Featured poets, with an archive of past Features. Most of the authors are published, if not yet world famous. Some really wonderful poetry here!

Other Kinds of Writing

Web sites dealing with writing in general.

This site is about books and the publishing industry as much as it is about writing. Every month, they post several interviews with published authors, and they have a lot of good articles in their archives as well.

Information about writing, selling and publishing fiction from a full-time writer---writing for a living, beginner how-to's, feedback and discussions, finding an agent, how to quit the day job to write, reviews of recommended fiction and non-fiction books, editorials and more.

With a domain like you know they gotta be good. Writers on the Net is a group of published writers and experienced writing teachers building an online community and resource for writers and aspiring writers. You'll find articles, quizzes, and tips.

I like science fiction. So sue me. Here, you'll find reviews, biographies of many great SF writers, and index of SF fiction, SF art, and even a forum dedicated to the field.

Be sure to also check out our Learning Center for an extensive list of links to web sites where you can learn to better write and appreciate poetry.

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