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Words can never describe my feelings on this tragedy. I can only hope these few words may give someone - somewhere- a little comfort.

If Only

If only these few words I wrote for you,
Arrived through cyber space to change into,
A balsam for the agony you're in,
And ease a little of the fear within.
If smiles could find a way through time and space,
They'd hold you in a comforting embrace,
Until a smile appears upon your face,
And strength returns to face another day.
If thoughts could reach the universe afar,
I'd place a soothing cure on every star,
To heal the aching soul during a dream,
While angels chase away your silent scream.
If only these few words I wrote today,
Could do just that for you this cloudy day...
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5 Visitor Comments

this is a ture poem i don't know if you have ever lived here but never the less you feel the pain that our own government doesn't i do not understand that but what ever they say they better not forget that are country will be scared for life because it has been a long time that america has been attacked on our ground and know that were engaged in war and lives are dieing there dieing for a reason and thats for are freedom let the American people know that and never forget it. This is from a Soldier in the American Army and i love my country. Private Laskey
Great stuff! O yer wonderful poet
i liked this, its very hard to rhyme because your limited to such words, but you wrote this poem beautifully
Beautiful poem, thank you

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