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I wrote this poem on the train in to work on 13/09/01. The dawn was breaking beautifully and seemed at odds with the terror of the past few days.

The words just came and seemed appropiate as I looked out of the window at the sunrise that couldn't be tainted by man.

This poem is for all the people of America and for all sane and humane people in the world in the midst of this madness.

September Innocence

They walk the walk of the innocent,
Gently and undisturbed.
There are many of them this fateful day,
And they fill the skies.
Some hand in hand, others alone but not perturbed.
There is no fear here, no more pain or distrust.
For they have left this behind,
Innocence has been regained and there is no trepidation.
Everyone here has knowledge,
And they smile the contented smile of knowing.
Everything they ever knew they have left behind,
But they know this is a good thing.
They can start again without the restrictions of man,
Peace, love and friendship the only common strand.
And they weep as those left far behind do, but not in sorrow,
These are tears of joy, of beauty for what they now know.
There will be no more suffering or hurt, just sublime peace,
And they gently begin to fade like wisps of smoke.
Perfect silence and love as the last couple,
Hands held with joy smile at the warmth all around them,
And disappear like a breath from an angel,
Into the still, sweet golden sky,
That welcomes the innocent this September day.
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8 Visitor Comments

I like the thought put into this poem. You made it very touching and meaningful. Thanks.
This is really good. Keep writing. ~Amie Emmons~
i loved this poem it is very nice to know that you care just as much as i do thank you .
This poem toched me because that was my tenth birthday
That was so good. It gave me chicken skin.
This is a wonderful poem, the last line is perfect.

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