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This poem has strong feelings for me as I am a great lover of horses and horse racing. This is the way I fell when I watch the horses racing. I feel like I am one with them as they run the race and that I am as much a part of the race as the horses and riders are. It is this feeling I get that so moves me to write these poems about them. I hope that it will give others a feel as to why this sport is so important to not only the riders and the owners, but to the horses themselves who are (for the most part) running for the sheer joy of running.

The Race

Your gait is long and strong
Your mane flows in the wind
You summon your courage, strength and endurance,
You are running to win.
You do not know what is at stake
Or what kind of hero you may be
Your only wish it to leave the others, hiding, in
your wake.
As your big heart thumps out your life-giving blood,
And your hooves seem to dance,
You would run forever,
if you had the chance.
As your hooves pound out a rhythmic beat,
The crowd jumps up, screaming, to their feet.
Your rider and you are together as one;
But the race isn't over
You have not yet won.
As you get closer and closer to winning the race,
Behind you is an every growing space.
You pass the line with flying colors- - -
But you must look back to see the others.
They catch up to you and pass you by
Their wind whooshes over you- - -
They gave it their best try.
To the circle you go for you did win.
You have been born again
the Great Champion.

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2 Visitor Comments

This is a very beautiful poem and I can see the horses racing as I read it. I sent it to a friend in Australia.
I love horses to and this poem really touched my heart-I even sent a copy of it to my friend.

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