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I wrote this inspired by the amazing wonders of nature and the natural beauty of butterflies, they also have an uncanny resemblance to fairies. Quite charming.

Three Part Poem - The Fluttery Buttery Fly

I eat to live and live to eat

Loop on loop
down twiglet avenues
The wormy beast
Must have its feast,
the leaves devoured
in hours
and hours of
Feeding frenzy.
Oh so trendy
funky fuzz
creates a buzz
When spied
by other eyes.

The Magic Pod

To live to eat
and grow
then spin
a net so neat
around itself
a true cocoon
Pale as the moon
and silky soft
to harden
into a dull and basic shell.
Magic brews within
but who can tell
and what a glorious
for tho the chrysalis has died
before our eyes emerges
a creature so lovely
truly sublime.

Fluttery Buttery Fly

Floating thru
The Blue
Blue Sky.
A shock of
Colour passing
Lovely, lightness,
pretty sight
Gossamer wings
Oh so light.
Delicate Magical
Fairy flight.
Amid the flowers
Blissful trip
Nectar pools
Have a sip.
A butterfly is
So hip.
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4 Visitor Comments

I see this poem as portraying beauty. A caterpillar isn't the prettiest thing in the world but the true beauty is what lies within the caterpillar and in due time it springs forth into this beautiful creature. To me beauty is only skin deep in all of us.
nice poem
fluterry buttery fly you r pom really touched me

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