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I love music, especially violin music, but when I hear the gypsy violin something magical happens to me. All I have to do is close my eyes and I am amid the gypsies. I can almost smell their campfire and feel the music luring, tempting, craving - dance, dance, please dance for me.

The Gypsy Violin

The compelling violin lures
With an irresistible yearn
Dance, dance, please dance for me
I can no longer adjourn!

Ethereal notes float from its strings
Caressing like a lover's hand
Sensual music, Angel's touch
Leading the way to wonderland

Embracing with utter delight
Craving, beckoning me
Tempting my lonely heart
Dance, dance on my melody!

Faster, faster the music escapes
Without compassion to body or soul
Seducer of lonely hearts
Until dancing is my only goal

Faces gyrate while I dance on passion
Flashes of fire in the corner of my eyes
The violin plays like never before
Until I become one and loneliness dies

With a final cry and a final touch
The violin stops, the music ends
Leaving behind an emptiness
We'll meet again, my violin friend
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5 Visitor Comments

this a true feel that you have inside. you have true beauty from within.
great !
the poem is beautiful I picture the music and gypsies dancing! thank you:)
Good one. Thks
your poetry is magnifucenti love the violun and you captured it's beauty

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