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My inspiration for this poem is my love for a country and its people. May God Bless Northern Ireland.

A Prayer For Eire.

I pray for peace in Ireland across the ocean far,
That she find peace and contentment within your loving arms.
I pray for those who lead her toward a peaceful way,
Grant them your wisdom Lord not to fight another day.

I pray for the little ones when they go to sleep at night,
That they may know your comfort Lord , keep them safe from fright.
I pray they dream of happy things that little children dream,
Not of bombs, guns, and death that ugly war can bring.

I pray that you teach them Lord you made us all the same,
Help them to learn tolerance, and forgiveness in place of blame.
I pray not another mother hears her loving son is dead,
It does not matter on which side - they both bleed the color red.

I pray no more grief befalls another mother's heart,
For pretty flowers on dirty graves tear the world apart.
I pray for Eire's people, all victims of the crown,
It does not matter on which side - they both have been let down.

I pray for the country that divided two out of one,
May she take responsibility for what she created, and has done.
I pray that those who fought for peace have not died in vain,
But be remembered for their courage, Lord, and not just names on graves.

I pray you will be sympathetic Lord to their vision of equal rights, and a united Eire,
May you help them in their struggle, please Lord, hear my prayer.
I pray soon we see the day that two can become one,
At least living side by side, in harmony and love.
I pray that you teach them, Lord, to love, and not to hate,
And may they find the answer to the question of Eire's fate?
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It brought tears to my eyes, and hope to my heart. ~Amen

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