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This poem was written 9 years ago when I was 18, in a moment of lucidity that never fails to amaze through all this time. I must confess I didn't get to experience this kind of experience until 1996.

It is dedicated to all those who sincerely Love, and do not even attempt to tie their beloved souls to them.

The Token

A love in itself
so deeply found
when you find yourself
with your feet on
the ground
and still with that heat
in your heart
widely unwound...
Love without borders,
Sex without orders,
When Love means Life,
there is not a lie
when Sex means Union
of passion and respect,
The Big Flame, The Huge Neon Token
will never be broken
by the dirt-materia effect
te so rue prostitution,
the so cruel desilution,
the arrival of the tragic
the breaking of the magic
that everyone deserves...
if it's willing to preserve...
So keep the fire burning
in the Early Morning
of the Cosmic Union.
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