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When I found that I was constantly "putting our fires" and moving on to the next in a long list of deadlines, it's was only appropriate to admit that I was a procrastinator at heart.

The question then follows, "What task did I delay while I sat to write this little poem?"


Yesterday, I said I would
Until the time had passed,
And now today, I see my list
Of never-ending tasks.

Why so, I ask myself, did I
Put off that task at hand?
For yesterday has added to
My ever-growing plans,

Of things I say I will attend,
Accomplish or provide;
Seems every day I put if off -
It multiplies in size.

A simple job if given
My devotion for a time;
Would surely have resolved itself
And eased my worried mind.

However, due to circumstance,
As always is the case;
I had no time to spend that day ...
I had no time to waste.

For yesterday, I worked on
All the tasks I had delayed,
From days before when I would say
I have no time today.

You see, tomorrow’s easier
To say that I will vow,
To catch up on the overload,
And yet - I wonder how?

‘Tis easier to play the part
Of victim in this case,
And be the martyr ever-more
I have no time to waste.
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6 Visitor Comments

This is an exceptional piece of work easily understood by anyone so guilty! :-) . like me. Thanks for the inspiration.
I really enjoyed this poem. I mean to say, I can relate to the subject! I am not the best at time management! Great poem!
The poem is very much related to my personality. It helped me realized that I've wasted more time doing things that are not that important than a task much more to help me.
I hear you man im in 10th grade im doing a project and your poem helped me ty
How true! Just voting for this poem is evidence of that for me.
This poem is so very true! It describes me perfectly! I am going to print it out and hang it up at my desk at work! It will inspire me to get my work done!

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