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This poem is about finding the right and wrong girls. The first rose represents the girl that you want but you know isn't good for you and just use and abuse. The second rose is the girl that can be so rare but is so perfect.

So Much More Than A Rose

I walked through the field
laced with silver and gold.
I then spot a rose
burning and bold.
It was a dangerous red
a fiery hue.
But I was drawn by the heat
no better I knew.
I reached for the stem
green, consistent with thorns
I pulled it from the dirt
a new pain was born.
Vain, self- righteous thorns
punctured my hand.
On the apathetic rose
dark, angry blood ran.
Weary of agony
and forlorn with turmoil.
I dropped the callous ideal
on blood dampened soil.
I walk on
pondering life's seductive misery.
I roam on
when I spot pure genuine beauty.
A radiant red rose
luminate mongst a sea of weeds.
More than I hoped for
but maybe what I need.
I gently plucked it
from the ground.
It made beautiful music
without emitting a sound.
I held the long, vibrant stem
assimilated with me.
I grip it passionately.
To take my rose
would be nothing short of iniquity.
It would cause grief
and eclipse all that I see.
As long as this theomorphic gift
is where I roam.
I'll be content
in a utopia of my own.
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9 Visitor Comments

that poem is very deep . it leaves you with alot
that poem really touched my heart im only 15 but i kno esactly what it stood for it was GREAT
I love it. this poem speaks volumes of how poetry can be related to everyone so keep up da good work!*~_~*
I loved your poem! I look forward to reading more of your work. The symbolisym was beautifull. It added meaning to the word UTOPIA.
The poem is really good. It just goes to show that life is always full of choices and sometimes these choices could either hurt us or make us happy.
Amazing, life is just like this
I felt that this poem was true and beautiful. Keep up the good work. Keep writing great poetry.
i loved this poem it was so good
this was very god and made me think of relationsships and the loss of inocennce....

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