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Te’kel, Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Can you imagine a more terrible feeling than to be turned away from our Father’s presence having been found not worthy to grace his kingdom?

Judgement Day

I kneel before the tribunal,
as every knee shall bow.
My body shaking with denial,
too late for repentance now.
My life lies exposed before me,
every sin, every kind deed.
Sobbing with dread and worry,
groveling on my face, I plead!
Daniel, A voice thunders,
Are you worthy of my call?
Why does He ask me, I wonder?
My face begins to pall.
Reflecting on my past life,
I hang my head in shame.
Past sins cut like a knife,
way too many to name.
No, Lord, I am not worthy.
Please have mercy on my soul!
Trembling with fear and anxiety,
my many virtues, I extol.
My son, I have loved you,
and many times did mourn.
I extended my hand to you
when you were lost and forlorn.
But continually you denied me,
and refused to repent.
The course I must take grieves me.
To hell, you will be sent.
I see tears in His eyes
as I hear those words I dread.
My fate comes as no surprise.
Te’kel echoes in my head!

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6 Visitor Comments

Scary, no? I thank you for writing this poem.
this relly hit home, keep it up and you'll save the soul's of many people to come like you did for me, thanks
This is a fantastic and chilling poem. Keep on writing. Its fantastic.
Wonderful evocative poem. Look forward to reading more of your poems.
Wow, I never really thought of eternity like that....
I thought this poem was sensational because it mirrors the exact same feelings that I have. Keep up the good work Dan

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