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At one time, I was depressed because I did not have a man in my life, but then I realized that there was a man in my life . . . and He's been there all along.

The Man In My Life

He knows that I'm not perfect, nor does he expect me to be.
He forgives me when I ask him, for the man in my life loves me.
He's no man like any other, no one could ever compare.
I'll never know another love like the love this man and I share.

This love is pure and sacred, no one can take that away.
He'll always be my protector, he watches over me night and day.
This man was put to death, so that I might be free.
How can I ever repay him, for dying on the cross for me?

I'll start by saying a prayer and asking forgiveness when I roam.
Then I'll reach my arms out to him, when he comes to take me home.
It's a trip that'll be worth taking and many others will also be there.
We'll laugh and sing and celebrate, in honor of the joy we'll share.

Though my life has not been easy, there has been trouble and strife.
But I thank Jesus for walking beside me, and for being the man in my life.
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25 Visitor Comments

I am a 12 year old girl and my parents were never(and will never get) married and i barely ever see my dad. Reading that poem made me see how Jesus really loves me.
very nice,I like it,it is meaningful.
I'm am in a very hard, with my husband I came across your touched my heart, made me cry and gave me hope. It beyond words how it touched me. I am and my husband both are christan's. THANK YOU! Dede O.
Thank you all very much for your sweet words about my poem. I had no idea when I wrote this poem that it would touch so many people. The Lord uses us in mysterious ways does he not? May God continue to bless each and every one of you.
this is really nice ans very inspirational. i would use it for the speech i have ro do, but it's 6 lines too short. keep up the great work and God bless
I'm a 16 year old teenage girl and my parents have been divorced since i was 2. I've watched my mom go through boyfriend after boyfriend and it upset me for a long time. i knew that she was not saved and i talked to her about asking the lord in her life and she finally did. Well she has been dealing with the fact of not wanting to be alone. she wants someone to spend her years and memories with. i shared this poem with her and told her that this whole time she has had a man in her life that will never do her wrong and its opened her eyes. She is currently with someone whom i really love and both are saved going to church! Thank You so much you have been a blessing in my life!
That was nice and does bring tears in my life. Even though I have a man in my life the love of an earthly man can never ever come close or be as satisfying as the love that Jesus Christ brings. Your poem touched me In a way that only God can see. Thank you for being used by him.
It s a good reminder for sisters in christ not to forget how wonderful the man in our lives is.
I was there too and found the same to be true. God is always there. Amen to that poem
You have done a really great job on this poem. I bet it touched many people. I just want to say what a great job you did. Keep it up!
Jennifer~ that poem really touches my heart, for it really describes how I'm feeling inside. I've just gotten out of a bad relationship and turned my life over to Jesus to be the Man of my life. Thank you for those sweet words.
Great poem. keep on writing and God Bless from a sister in Christ.
Thank-you for your God inspired words Jennifer. For as many that have responded to this poem it is obvious that this message has been heard. The "Bridegroom" desires this kind of relationship with His "brides". Whenever I have let lonliness creep in because I don't have a man; the Lord always takes me to the same piece of scripture 1 Corinthians 7:34 Oh how true are His words! Love to all my single sisters in Christ. We couldn't have ask for a better bridegroom!
As Jennifer's mother, I can say how blessed I am as I see this blessed, wonderful gift given to her from The LORD. Thank you for sharing Jennifer's poem with others. May God Bless each of you
I love your poem, may God bless you to write many more.
Thank you for your poem! It touched in my heart. God sends us what we need when we need it. Thank you for being willing to be used by Him. Love in Christ..
This poem has really touched me in a very special way! Thanks
I am new at reading christian poems but this one caught my eye..I loved it..
I loved your really spoke to me. Right now I learning to view singleness as a gift from God and this poem has truly helped me to do just that!
What a great poem!! Jesus is also the man of my life and I'm so glad to be able to see him working through great people like you. Keep up the great talent!!
Jennifer, your poem is lovely.
great poem-thanks
I liked your poem. Keep writing.
Thank you for this poem...I've been looking for something like this, because I know the hopelessness of a real 'perfect love' except with Christ.

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