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I wrote this poem the morning after a friend of mine had died. She had just gotten her license three days before this accident. That day, thee rain poured down like tears from Heaven as she drove around a sharp corner of a road. Suddenly, she lost control of her car, ran straight into a telephone pole, and was killed instantly.

I was not as strong a Christian then as I am now, and I was too nervous to talk to my friends about Jesus. I was always afraid of what they might say or think of me. However, through my friend's death, I found the courage and strength I needed most in life. It pains me that I didn't take the chance I was given to tell my friend about Jesus, but I am determined never to let that chance slip past my fingertips again. Thank you, Angie, for being the light in my life; that I may now shine for all the world to see . . .

The Forgotten Friend

It's sad to think that in later years
I will not remember all of these tears.

I probably couldn't tell you exactly why I cried -
All I'll remember is that an old friend had died.

I'll close my eyes and see once again,
This faceless girl, my nameless friend.

I shouldn't have taken for granted
The time she'd be near.

I should have told her about Jesus
While she was still here.
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2 Visitor Comments

This peom really touched me becuase i have lost a friend and sometimes i wished i could have maybe brought her a little closer to the lord
i abso loved ur poem! very kool! i hope u become a poet cause ur very good at makin poems! make more i'd read em! God bless u!

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