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Yes I believe in God, and I love to write about it. I am a very energetic optimist, and I look for the good and beauty all around.

Can You See God's Love

Can you see God's beauty,
Can you see His love shine,
In everything around you,
Just look at all the magnificent signs.

It is in each individual snowflake,
That drifts so gracefully to the ground.
You can see His love so vividly,
In each delicate flower petal found.

You can see His love twinkle brightly,
In the stars so strategically placed.
You can see it in the brightness of the sun,
As you feel its warmth caressing your face.

You can see His love as the grass turns green,
As the rains shower down from the sky,
As the squirrels chase each other up a tree,
As the birds so gracefully fly.

You can see His love in a mother and child,
As they share a loving embrace.
But it is easiest to see His undying love,
When you gaze at the cross and see Jesus' face.
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6 Visitor Comments

This is a very lovely poem which helps us to see God's love through the beauty of the nature, and the liveliness of the Earth at the same time!
This poem is the first poem about God that i love, it's so true. I haven't been a christian for long but my love for God is strong.
A beautiful poem about a beautiful God!
Capture the creativeness beauty of God's work. Impactful ending. Very nice.
This a really beautiful poem and i would just like to thank the author for sharing this poem with the world for we can tell that you truly believe in the Lord.

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