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This poem tell of the anguish that a young man went through when told about how he came into this world and how he learned to cope.

Problem Solved

Brought into this world by two people in sin,
Nine months in the womb, now my life ready to begin.

Hoping and praying that my parents will do their best to provide for me,
For I am unable to do so in this early childhood infancy.

Install in me are the points and views of whatever my parents may believe,
Having to endure this dreadful misery until I'm old enough to leave.

Listening to the drunken rage and piercing screams as I lay here in bed,
This voice pounds in my head "It's all your fault, You're better off dead."

All the pleas and prayers didn't stop the fighting or help them get along with one another,
Forced to watch the destruction of my family, saying good- bye to my Dad to stay with my Mother.

Trapped in this tug-a-war battle of "Who do you love best & with who do you want to live."
My vulnerable heart being shattered and torn with only so much left for it to give.

Not even a year later this strange man was brought into my live.
Unaware and shocked by the announcement - my Mom was now his wife.

At first they hinted around at certain topics that at the time I found a little distorted,
But later in argument it all can out: "Your Dad is not your father, you're adopted, and were almost aborted."

Floored by this truth came a lot of emptiness, resentment, and mental indigestion,
My past, my future, and who I really was came to a never ending question.

Not knowing where to turn, I isolated myself and bottled my problem deep within,
The battle of good and evil fought for body, soul and mind and evil always seemed to win.

Bound by physical illness and mental distress I has to change before I brought everything to an end,
But who I needed to turn to wasn't family. a neighbor or even a friend.

I swallowed my pride and took all my sorrows and my guilts that were destroying me,
Fell down on my knees and cried out to God "Whatever it takes Lord . . . Please set me free!"

So with all my short comings and all my falls, All confrontations, even the ones unresolved,
I can hear the Lord and His comforting words say, "Don't worry my child . . . Problems Solved!"
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7 Visitor Comments

your story is good, and inspiring, keep it up, yah indeed life is too short to waste it, so repent and believe in him God Bless You! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
This poem is incredible. God is faithful!
Very moving with a sophisticated style of flow and great detail.
I loved the poem It brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to the words in your poem. Thank-you
It was a very touching poem. It shows that even though bad thing happen to us, everything will work out when you turn to God.
I'm sorry you had to go through all of that to realize what God can do for you but, I'm sure someday if not now, it will all be worth it! :)
God is awesome :o) It was a good poem.

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