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The Whisperings

In the deepest recesses of my thoughts alone
I listen carefully to the soft tone
Of ancient laughter, sobs and cheers
The stillness of voices I silently hear.

I recognize some of family, mother, father, friend
Some make me smile, some I don't comprehend
Even today, after years of remembering what was heard
The chattering takes on the twittering of birds.

But in the darkness, in moonlight soft and quiet
The Whisperings present a tumultuous riot.
Wondering faintly, is this my conscience speaking
Or sounds of angels' comments, as they are peeking?

I know the Angels are around, I feel them in my heart
Whispering quiet and low, soft, never sharp
Asking one another if they have guided me right
Gently beseeching Him to keep me in his light.

All children know their Angels' Whispers, but forget as they grow
That the Angels will watch through all of the times
Whether troubled, happy, or seemingly ruined in kind
Nevertheless, angels stay and whisper soft hope to the mind.

Is it Conscience or Angels' Whispers do you think?
Which would cause you more to smile?
I'd like to think it is my Father's voice in the guise of an angel,
Taking care of me all the while.

So keep Whispering on, my Angels dear
And guide me with your thoughts of care
Knowing that you trust in me to step kindly through
My Father's world, and his creations dear.

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9 Visitor Comments

this poem touched me so dearly and keep allowing the Lord to use you
I write poetry too but i alaways write so dark you have a huge talent keep it up
Wow . beautiful.
this is definetly another tear jerker, may god bless you talnted and encouraging people !xx
this is a great poem and i've sent it to some of my friends. I like reading poems becasue i found them more interesting then reading book becasue they have more meaning to them then book do.
I have experienced all the same emotions and whispers. Reading this is like looking into my own thoughts. Thank you.
I thought this poem was beautiful with a deep hidden message. I believe this is how God speaks to us, in our soul. Keep up the good work.

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