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This poem describes the way my sweetheart made me feel so loved by the simple gesture of holding my hand!

The Hand Of Love

I want to tell you of a special man
Who looks after me and holds my hand,
You may ask how can that be
When he lives a long way over the sea?

It's very easy
As you will see,
I was sad and scared and the next thing I knew
I was getting a file over ICQ,

As I opened the file my eyes filled with tears
I never received such a gift in all my years,
There on the page was a picture of his hand,
One that he had only seconds before scanned,

I looked at his hand, and of all the things
I ever received
None have ever compared
To the thought of him sending me his hand to hold,
It was better than diamonds
And better than gold
And sent with love for me to hold.
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12 Visitor Comments

I Loved that poem it's better than mine. Yours was incredable. Greatest.
i love this poem nice job
I have fallen in love with a wonderful man on the internet we too are apart immediately after reading your beautiful poem i sent it to him I had to have him read it along with it i sent a scan image of my hand and told him to place it on his heart if just for a second . Thank you so very much for your words.
This poem is so sweet, it brought a tear to my eye. Such a wonderful gesture. :) A wonderful person.
How very touching ~ written from the heart.
beautiful.. :) ..this poem really made me smile.. thatz the sweetest thing i've ever read.. truly hope it works out for the both of you..
I loved this poem. I met my very special friend on the net and your poem means a lot to me, our friendship is filled with guestures from the heart like this.
simply beautiful. This has to be the most romantic poem on your site. very well done. very well done..
A VERY nice poem, so true to me.
Your poem gave me chills, I think it is very good. I to have met a special someone over the internet that has helped me get through some tuff times. I have helped him also. I just wanted to tell you this is a very good poem.
When i read your poem, i know exactly how you must have felt. i too have someone special on the net. Its the little things that are so dearly cherished.
I thought this poem was SO sweet. See, this is what real love is all about. To overcome the distance in any way to comfort yout love.... It was short yet SO meaningful. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. :o)

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