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This poem is written about a man I met on the Internet - met, yet due to circumstances am unable to be with. I have tried to end our relationship, have tried to forget, This was supposed to be a goodbye, But, that failed miserably.

I Will Remember You

The pain that touches me as I think of you is fierce and numbing.
How I wish that I could be with you.
Be with you on this day, this hour, this minute.
You are in my thoughts always,
Such sorrow the thoughts of you bring.
If only we could love and care for one another like we have always shared.

The joy of a day that will never come haunts me,
Yet I bathe in the hope that it brings.
The sound of your laughter sends shivers down my spine
and pains in my heart as I think of you.
I have made a decision, to be silent in my thoughts, Silent in my love for you.

One day a long time from now.
I will be sitting quietly somewhere.
The lines of time etched on my face.
I will think about all of the moments of the past.
Everything that we shared . . . mind, body and soul.
As a smile stretches across my face and dances in my heart
I will remember you.
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32 Visitor Comments

Your beautiful poem brought tears to my eyes my Sweetie has a terminal illness and our tomorrows are limited.
This poem really touched me. I was in a relationship online with a man who lived in the next state over, and we grew so close in only 3 days. It was a bond I have shared with very few people. But we found out that we had a vast age difference, and as a result were too different as people to even get along, no matter how much we loved each other. We just couldn't see eye to eye. This poem just reminded me that even far in the future, when I am old and gray, I will think of him, I will still remember him. I will still love him. The very thought of him will still make me smile.
You know, the boy i love lives really away, and is terminally ill. I love every second i get to talk to him, and i seriously cherish it because he isnt going to be around forever. I love him with everything i have, and i cried when i read this poem, the thought of loosing him is unbearable.
WOW! You know what ? I. I. hm, don't know how to put it, but THIS POEM IS APART OF OUR WORLD. Wildcherry . THANKS A WORLD!
Very good poem, very touching, describes well both cyber relationships, and breakups, i think
i think that anybody can compare to this poem well not anyone but some people i think that this poem is great it is very understandable. i liked it alot
i really liked this poem it really touched me i think about my love life in cyber way and reminds me how far my girl is my baby crystal i wish she just was with me i hope u keep writing good work
Brought the tears back again.
This poem touched my heart in ways I never thought it could. See. the man I met lives 3500 miles away. I am going to meet him soon but reality kicking in I know we could never have a serious relationship because of the distance
So well put together, really good. Especially when one thinks of a cyber relationship that didn't turn out the way one wanted.
Absolutely beautiful and true.
I think this is one of the best poems I have ever read. The emotions are so intense. You can feel the pain and it evokes your own. Great Writing!
whoa! so nice that it went through me..coz i'm feelin gthe same way as the writer did. i'm loving this guy and so i am hurt..but i'd remember him for life..he will always be in my heart.
it describes a bittersweet cyber realtionship that I know so well.
This poem really hit home. These are the words I have been looking for but didn't know it until now. Thank You - this poem means a lot to me. I beleive that means alot for Rick too... yes i will remember forever this man or Old man like he said always... I remember him words and i smile becouse i really love his voice and lought...
Great work!!
This poem.. tells the truth! I lost my love of my life after 5 months..we shared the most intimate love affair.My life.. is shaddered..I dont know what happen..but I never give up..I will love him til my dieing day. This poem made me cry.and think of him.because I want him back..I love him more than life itself.Thank You WildCherry for writing this very devoted poem.It's a tresure!
This poem touches my heart so much.It is the what i have gone through.such feeling can only discribe what i feel..powerful and touching..thank you
i have those same fears of not ever being able to be with the one i love
Touching poem.....just as if you wrote it from my own heart. I see a Rusty has read it...mmmmm funny thing heart belonged to a man named rusty and this poem would be for him. What a small world isn't it.
the poem made me stop and think about what all i needed to work out. so i did. i wanted to just say thanks to wildcherry.
Beautiful poem that eludes to the beauty of love itself , of the moment, the experiance and how it molds who we are over time. It is better to have felt the passions of love then to never have loved at all. The author exposes vulnerability, hope, selflessness of true love, and the whistful promise that time lessens the pain.
I Think This Is Very Good!!
without words, but not without tears
beautiful poem by a beautiful lady
Made me cry, it was exactly how I felt
thanks.. said exactly what i have been trying to say.... to my lost cyber friend.
This poem really hit home. These are the words I have been looking for but didn't know it until now. Thank You - this poem means a lot to me.
I love this poems. It is really expressive.
I feel as if im apart of this poem only for the fact that i met this wonderful guy off aol, and we were good friends and then we met and we went together. we were together for 2 months and we broke up because of the distance and he changed, but he is still a part of my every day life, only for the fact i talk to him online everyday, but i miss him in every way. And this poem reminds me so much of eric, because i love and miss him so much.
the poem is wonderful and made me think of someone special i had known on the internet ,
that was good!keep writting and one day you will be the best

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