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This poem was written on my way back from a first meeting with a beautiful woman (I had answered an ad that I had found on the net). We talked on the phone for several weeks before our meeting. In those few weeks I had fallen in love with this beautiful woman - her thoughtfulness and kindness - and the voice of an angel. With the talks and the e-mails, I felt her feelings were the same.

We met on an April evening in her hometown. When I first saw her, I felt that I had never known such beauty and joy. We spent two wonderful days together, and I fell even deeper in love with her. Things were beautiful; but the whole time I felt there was something wrong on her part, and I couldn't put my finger on it. I may never know...

Oh So Blue

My life was bleak, Jim Teague,
And oh so blue.
I searched the internet for you.

I found your ad;
It looked so inviting.
I sat down and started writing.

We talked for hours on the phone,
I finally felt I was not alone.

I had found a heart, oh so true,
and that heart belonged to you.

I made my plans to make my flight,
to meet you on an April night.

When I saw you the night we met,
my heart felt joy, I'll not forget.

We laughed, we smiled;
We forgot the miles.

We held each other in a lovers' bliss.
I will never forget your kiss.

I love you, Karen, with all my heart,
I knew I would right from the start.

The day I left my heart was sad,
Wondering if our meeting had made you glad?

Your note that night was oh so cold.
My heart could now feel the load.

My dreams were sinking into the night.
I had hoped that I would win this fight.

A fight for love, oh so true,
but again my life is oh so blue.
I dared to fall in love with you.
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11 Visitor Comments

karen! whoever. you are a very lucky girl. not everyday you meet an oh, so true love!
That was a really nice poem, it really had me believing in happy ever after. Until the end; that was sooo tragic that she could shut him out like that. I just met my cyber love last week & he is wonderful - only 20 minutes away though - perhaps the distance scared her off?? Good poem though! Dee
This is an amazing poem whoever Karen is she is one lucky girl I loved this poem so much i used it in a play of mine at my high school. They all loved it my teacher was one the verge (sry can't spell) of tears anyways thanks for the poem keep on writing there great! luv ya
This is an awesome poem. The author has aptly captured the vulnerability and sentiment of the online dating experience. Thank you for putting my feelings into words.
I too was truly touched by your heartfelt words. I put myself out there and I have fallin' in love with the most wonderful woman, and it is mutual. Thank you for your beautiful poem.
beautiful, touched my soul very moving
Your poem made me wish that I was "Karen".the way you express your love through your words, how could she not could she not return the love that you gave?? Don't give up on your dreams, don't give up on finding the love meant for you. Beautiful poetry..very talented poet.keep up the great work!
I just loved this poem..that is what scares me about on-line i put myself out there and then find it is not felt on the otherside?..the same has happened to a friend of mine.thank you for a great poem
I could relate to this. Quite shocking yet sad.
I dunno what it was but somthing about this poem definetly touched me. It takes alot of talent to write stuff like this, and I admire it!

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