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I really don't know how this poem came to me. I was just visiting this website and all these words just came into my mind. This is about a relationship between me and a very special person. Love is something very unique & very precious. It can only come so many times. Keep it real, when it does.

Every Night

Every night, when I lay me down to sleep,
I want to reach over, to feel your lips so sweet.
Although I know I cannot be there,
You will always keep me from having any fear.

The sheets are very cold;
I feel like I'm in a huge hole.
What if we never meet?
Would my life be any better yet?

I long for the day we lock eyes;
I want you to be surprised.
As much as you may imagine what I'll be,
I can only be me.

So every night, when I lay me down to sleep,
You are in my mind with me.
And right before I fall asleep,
I wish upon that star for you to be with me.
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68 Visitor Comments

dare michelle ilike your poems ther are vrewe good. i love poems too
As I was done reading this poem my eyes teared up. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem to share with others. That poem really touched me. Thanks.
I am fortunate to get this poem. Realy I swimed in the ocean where I can't found while reading this poem. I appriciate the author.
This poem was sweet it remind of sum one i met and i had to send it to him. I would rate this poem from 1 to 10 and i give it a 9
i love the poem but it should be more to it it is very romantic
That take my heart . That was so sweet and you have alot to do what you in life. You are vear good makeing pome. you are vear good michelle
reminds me of my on line lover who is miles away
this is how i feel 100% this rocks!
i love the poem. reminded me of my boo who i met off of aol and how i want to see him up close for the first time so bad
Hey well i wanted to tll you that i feel the same way you do not being to be the guy i love in my bed cuz he lives far way but some day we would be sharing our bed forever!
i love this poem it touched me!
this has to be the most beautiful love poem i have ever read, i hope that there will be more poems like this one in the future!
I seen and read this poem and it touched my heart because im in a relationship like this and it says how i feel thank you for sharing this poem
omg i love this poem i am going through that now and it really is how i feel it made me cry lol but yeah GREAT POEM i give it a 10 out of 1-10 beautiful
between 1 and 10 I give it a 9
it's the most lovely potery i had ever read before, and i would like to tell the poam that i like his way in writting couse i fill that i think about all those feeling
very nice poem :0)
beutifull thank you for letting me use it write another one" it was good
ummmmmm i luvvvvvvvv this poem is goes sooooooooo good with my baby I LUV IT!
michelle,(every night)i sent ur poem for my friend. and i really wana thank you for making that poems that tells exactly wat i felt.
this poem is lovely. i just love it.
Wow u just explain wat i'm going through right now. reall touching
AWWWW. that's sooo sweet. I feel just like that. Every night and day I think about this guy named Jacob. I love him with all my heart and I hope for the day we meet. Thank you soo much for putting this heart-warming poem on for me and others to share with our loved ones.
awwwwh!thats so sweet. its funny how i feel exactly the same about it. and i didnt think anyone knew or understand that me and my man felt about each other,because he lives so far from me. but i love him so much,and that he loves me too. and that all that matters to me.
This is one that descripts exactly how i feel. I long to see my love when i'm not with him. Michelle took my thoughts and formed them into a beautiful poem. Btw, my first name is michelle too. how cute
i think that i came form the heart and it means alot it shows the true feeling of that person. and it has something to do with the person that is reading it. a little peace of there soul.
WOW! This is EXACTLY how I've been feeling for the past few months. Amazing, I kinda thought I was the only one, yah know.
i love the pomes i been look for something like that to be wroten for my boy friend
hey this is a very good and true for me poem because i have this guy i love so dear but yet i have never met him and until i do i will do the same wish he was beside me when i lay me down to sleep! Thank You
I really loved this poem. I can relate to it very much.
I recently met a very beautiful woman online and I long to be close to her but I don't think it will be. This poem expresses what I feel for her. Thanks for helping me let her know how I feel!
That poem was so... good. I sent it to my online love. We are going to be meeting soon. I cant wait!!
I really loved your pome I write pomes, I read pomes but i really loved your pomes
absence makes the heart grow fonder..this is wonerful!
Awwwww! I feel like this every night when I go to sleep. I have written a bunch of poems for my "online love" but the site has temporarily closed down submitting poems. It is a strange feeling, the more you love them, the more your heart breaks. But I'm meeting mine this summer!! I am so happy :)
This poem tells exactly how i feel, I've met a guy over the internet and i love him more than anything in this world and this poem explains how i feel
Thanks, Michelle. I know all too well about this. The poem is wonderful.
I really don't like poems but this one says it all.
*nods* Great Poem.. Hee. I love You Lana. I dedicate this poem to you. =0)
I love this poem it is so sweet. the words were just perfect, i sent it to a friend and they loved it. This is a really great poem
This poem seemed so real. I met the love of my life on the internet and i am glad i did.True love only comes once.Grab it before its too late
This Poem has alot of meaning, and I thank you for having this available..
I thought your poem was lovely and expresses the feelings i have about someone that i have met on the net. Well done.
well, it sums up my feelings like aglove well done and keep going
I thought this poem was very touching.I sent it to someone who means a great deal to me..
i think this is a great poem i like alot of love poems but this one was great it makes you think and also its not a lie what she wrote its true for many people
Very good poem..its very touching also...great job!
I really liked this poem.. says a moutful when there is someone that you met on the internet and your dying to meet them in person.
I loved this poem. It expresses exactly what I feel about my own on line relationship.
this poem discribes in the best way,my expriences and feelings the last week,since I met Renee,this beautiful woman,I wish i,ve would met her ten years earlier.... right now,we have an relationship anyone can dream of..... like it's ment to be /me cries........
ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! really, amazing poem there michelle..explains just how i've been feeling for the last 3 months or so too...thanx for the chance to read it.!
I read this and it brought tears to my eyes. I know a Michelle that could be this very person.
Beautifully true
You made a good poem and it's really tell how I feel
This is the most awesome internet realtionship poem!
This poem is great I once had a cyber love once and this is exactly how I felt every night I got off the computer.
this poem expresses my feelings for my cyber-romance in every way. it touched my heart :)
i like it beacuse it touched my heart
Michelle this is a great poem it is so sweet and touching and i love it.
This is great.
If I didn't know any better, I would think this poem was written about me and my love. I found my love on the internet, but we not yet to meet in person. The day we do meet will be magical I know.
I love this poem, its so very real. i have met the greatest guy, and this poems practically what i think...Every Night!
Thank found a way to put my feelings into words...

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