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As I grow older I find wanting in relationships. To this end I discovered a new and exciting young lady through the cyber network prompting me to have feelings and desires I once knew years ago.

Time Moves Along

Tick tock says the clock
The days are moving so quickly
Soon the day will end and then comes the black
With stars and moon moving so swiftly

Romance may be in the air
Now is the time to be free and wild
And never again will time let you pair
So be yourself but treat your mate so mild

Two together is the gem of the sea
That glows and shines
Being remembered and cherished with glee
When time passes and the church bell chimes

Calling you home to the Father
When it is your time to move along
Making room for the youthful with vigor
As the grandfather clock will bong

Is it eleven or twelve
Shall I hurry and speed my walk
To romance and dreams into which I delve
For tick tock again says the clock
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8 Visitor Comments

this poem is really great keep up the good work.
Kala C
that peom was so sweet and touching to me i think some one shoud add more peoms its realy sweet when you love some one so much you cant let go and you like you sorry your relitions ship isnt true thats what hurt me dont let it hurt you !
Very nice keep them coming?
I really liked your poem, It has rythum but yet has a meaning and shows feelings. it's really good, Keep writing!
Hey i think that is one of the BEST poems that i have ever read in my life.
That was a good poem. I like poems so much better when they don't rhyme so much. Rhyming poems aren't very interesting.
That was a very good and interesting poem!
donald; i thought that this poem was good. it kinda helped me say what i needed to say to someone thanks for your help

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