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I wrote this poem shortly after I lost someone.

Pains Of The Heart

Pains of the heart
Burn like a knife,
Slice you down to size,
Take away your pride.
You’ve lost your money, you can cry,
But lost your friends, say good bye.

A lost love, of so long ago,
Pain so deep you can’t know.
That tender face so far away.
That dream of it, you dream all day.
A cut so deep it never heals,
Can’t compare to how you feel.

You hold your heart in your hands,
But alone is where I must stand.
To walk, to talk,
To laugh and cry,
But my friend, this is good bye.
Deep in my heart you will always stay.
I will never be far away.

Yet in the stars, we will meet,
Then my life will be complete.
As days fly by in time and space, you must leave,
But not I, for this is my place.
In your heart will I stay? Only God can say.
But in my heart will you stay?
I’ll think about you every day.
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16 Visitor Comments

This poem really hit home to me. My brother lost his 18 year old fiance in an car accident, she was on her way to pick up her veil for their wedding in a month. It has been hard, but as you say we will all meet again.
Your poem moved me to tears. i just lost the man of my dreams on Sept. 14th 2005. 10 minutes from getting off of duty as a police officer a drunk drive slammed into his patrol car. In a coma for 2 wks. thru prayers he came back to us. he was taken to a rehab center & our lives looked like we had always planned. until that day when God called him home. the wedding day never came for us here on earth but i know that someday we will be together in God's Castle. R. I. P Chuck. I love you forever & always
A beautiful poem describing the pain of loss so eloquently.
three months ago i lost my best friend of six years, and the man i thought was to be my husband. he was killed in a car crash and lived to see his two last days . my future was altered that day when the heavens cried out, trying to help me understand why they took back my angle . now I'm left fixing the hems of my life that i thought would fit around my man. My heart still beats in the rhythm of his soul. The rhythm I have danced to for so long. the party I celebrated time and time again has ended. and this Cinderella will never have her prince charming. And so I know what loss is. For only three years ago I lost my father. and now this. My life is bitter sweet. but heart has remained bruised by all that this world has thrown at me.
this poem was so beauiful it touched my heart so deely it made me cry in a good way you can tell it was wrote from the heart
Thank you for your poem. I've been looking online for a poem that reflects my feelings to an ex boyfriend that died in a car wreck a year ago this month (April 15, 2003) and this really hits home for me. It's been a year but seems like today when I found out, the pain never goes away. I still cry like a baby sometimes but poems like this help you deal with the pain some how. To everyone that has lost a loved one, you aren't alone. I hope that you find away to deal with the pain and move on for tomorrow. - Rest In Peace - Kristopher Alan Sept. 30, 1982 - April 15, 2003 I miss you
This poem is truly exceptionnal. You have truly satisfied the deep penury in my heart. It made me go back three years ago to the death of my friend,it made me remember that twinkle in her eye and the smile upon her face,her long brown hair and the life in her little body. My sincere condolences to you and loved ones. God bless you.
I have just learned that my uncle who I am very close to only has only a short time to live. I was looking for something to help me cope with this news. I searched so many devotionals and came across your poem and it gave me some solace in this frightening time.
One of my bestfriends was killed in a car accident last week and Ive been lookin for a poem 2 express how I feel. So thank you so much. This poem really helps me express my feelings.
I also have to thank you so much for posting this poem. I lost a friend two years ago the 16th febuary(this month) I needed something to read at the "Celebration" that will be held on th 16th. This fits the way I feel to a t. Thank you so very much.
People say that you have one soul mate. One person on this earth that you are connected to. Well,that was my Terrence. We met when we was both sixteen-he was killed when we was both twenty. I am twenty-six years old and it feels like it happened yerterday. The pain is still there and i think it always will be but reading poems like yours helps me. I really loved it.
I lossed my godchild and his family in a house fire on Jan. 3,2002. And somehow the wording in this poem has helped me to deal with the fact that I cannot see his face, but only feel him in my heart.
i have to thankyou so much. i was looking all night on this site to find a poem that matched how i felt about my friend who recently passed at 19. my grief has me not able to write my own poem. ur poem was the only one to match exactly how i have been feeling. thankyou
I love this poem. After one of my good friends got killed in a car accident I was looking for a poem to put on his grave (something that I felt related to us) and this hit it! Thank you so much. I can not even read it with out crying. Thank you so much.
oh my god words can not describe how ur poem toutched me it made me cry and as i 2 was reading it out loud i couldnt speak i was that chocked up,im 1 of them people who is not into poetry or anything like that but your poem truly ment something and described how i felt 4 my father who has just passed away he was my best friend.i would like 2 say thank u for writing it and god bless you

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