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What do you do when you lose the only man you've ever loved, so early in life? All you can think is that you'd vowed to spend the rest of your life loving and cherishing them, honoring and obeying them...and now you find yourself hopelessly without them.

When a marriage is broken or a loved one passes on, how do we learn to cope with that empty void they left behind. Sometimes, when you think of them, it starts out pleasantly...but always ends so bitterly. We can never teach our hearts to mend, or try to rush it. Mending a broken heart is something no one can control, it can take a few days...or a few years...but eventually it does.

This poem was written for my grandmother, who lost her husband when she was very young, and my mother was only 8 years old. I never knew my grandfather, but still I feel this overwhelming love and respect for everything he once was. When I wrote this poem, I became my grandmother, I felt her love for him, her pain for his death. I suffered what she suffered so long ago...and this is what came from those feelings.


I remember how it used to be
When I had you by my side.
I remember the nights you kept me warm
And I still feel the love that never died.

I remember the smile you wore
That always made my heart race.
I remember the smoothness of your skin,
And every single line of your face.

I remember the comfort of your presence
When I had nowhere else to go.
I remember the warm spring memories
And watching all the flowers grow.

I remember the cold winter days
When even the ice melted at your touch.
I remember the autumn drives,
And watching the leaves enjoyed it so much.

I remember the long summer evenings
When your laughter filled the air.
I remember the love I have for you,
but now you're gone...and it's just not fair.
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19 Visitor Comments

I have recently lost my wife and this poem made me cry because it is exactly what I feel.
This poem says how I feel after losing my husband.
i really loved your poem, it puts a lot of things in perspective for me, i recently lost my husband suddenly 2 weeks ago. he was a wonderful man and i am very fortunate to have had him in my life for 32 years. you go thru a grieving process and ready poetry has really helped me along the way.
I am 17 years old and lost my boyfriend of four years 3 weeks ago to a motabike accident, this poem has made me feel closer to him and althought i feel like im the only person in the word who is feeling the pain i have, this poem has made me relize i am not alone. Thankyou
my husband was murdered 4 years ago at the age of 29. this poem really hit home.
I just lost my dad and as I watch my mom this poem was made for her. THANKS
If ever there was a poem that has touched a place in my heart it would be this one I have just recently lost my fiance in a horrible car accident and your poems reads nothing but true feelings. Thank-You
ur poem really touch i just lost a real close person in my life. he was really special to me i miss him alot just know you are not alone and always remember that someone always has it worst. IN LOVING MEMORY OF B. J I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU
this is just how i feel about the loss of my husband 8 years ago. i give it a 10
This is a wonderful poem. My fiance was murdered on July 4th, 2004 and I've never felt any pain like that in my life. A part of me left with him that I will never get back until the day I'm with him again. This poem truely touched my heart.
My husband pass away with cancer i love him dear and this poem touch my heart and made me feel him next to me again and what i had with him thank Dorothy
linda comments said all the same things i would say jes i to will give you a 10
Great poem. This is exactly what i feel like each passing day. I lost my boyfriend of six years a year and a half ago and your poem touched my heart.
I think that there are so many people that can relate to your poem. My boyfriend Mike, of two years committed suicide. To this day i find it difficult just to get by. Thank you for sharing a piece of you, with us.
WOW.this poem said exactly how I feel I lost my husband to suicide. I miss him so much and am trying to figureout how to move on. This poem really touched me.
brier, even though your poem was about your grandparents love, i know the feeling exactly to a tee, my ex b/f commited suicide august 11th 2000, and i hadn't spoken to him since january or early february of that year, and i never had the chance to tell him exactly how i felt, let alone i never got to say goodbye. i have so many regrets for not sending my last three letters to him. he was my soulmate, my best friend and i miss him terribly. your poem will never be forgetten, thank you jessica baldwin, canada
I am young, and so was my fiancee. In February we had our first child, who is beautiful and looks just like his father. In March, we were in a horrible car/train accident that took Barry's (my fiancee) life. I thank God everyday that I still have our child, and Barry will always live on through him. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you
i know how hard it is to lose somone you love. My boyfriend died last february. He was only 13.Every day i pray to God that he will take me too. I thought your poem was really good.i hope you continue to write poems.
this poem really left me with a feeling im always worried about being alone if my husband of 28 years ever past on before me im so afraid of this i live everyday with this fear he has been with me in all those moments just like the poem. i would not want to go on. i cryed and felt pain when i read this because it is so true and i know that i will someday feel those feelings and im scared. the author of the poem must have gone thru or had been close to someone who went tru or loves someone so dearly she feels as i do. i try not to think of it but i do daily. if this is a contest i give her a 10 good luck.

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