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Death is never easy, but when you lose a friend to suicide, the world seems to stop dead. My friend Nicole decided to take her life Oct 13, 1998. Lets just say things were never the same since. She was the best, and still is... I miss her. Suicide is never the answer, no matter what you may think people do care about you and you are never alone... Number 6 forever!

Tribute To Nicole

Bullet to the brain,
We froze when we heard those words of pain.
What was to be said?
Our friend, Nicole was dead.

Suicide is what was done.
Why, she seemed the cheerful one.
If only I heard her desperate cry,
The maybe my friend wouldn't have to die!

They say the words to her were mean,
Yet somehow they went unseen.
This wasn't suppose to be this way!
I still have nightmares about that day.

In the casket, you lie.
And all in all we really try,
To hold back our grieving tears,
I grab your frozen hand to calm my fears.

The number six on felt all around,
we place them in your casket with no sound.
The memories of you begin to stack.
Please Nicole, Will you come back?

I wish we could have been better friends,
But now your gone and we must mend.
I want to let you know that you were awesome from the start.
And my friend, you had a good heart!

*I miss you*
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34 Visitor Comments

I am also going thro a lot of things I know how you feel SOORY
i loved this poem because just yesterday my baby nicole died we all dnt no what caused this tragik acerdin but ur poem mad me cry think about how i will never see her agin mad a tear come in 2 my eyes i hope to god th she will be ok
What a beautiful, touching poem. I came across this poem looking for something to put on my son's memorial page. He did not kill himself but died in a car accident. I just wanted to let you know I was touched by this poem.
it had feeling and i am sorry for your loss
i once tried to commit suicide also, many times in fact. but this poem makes me think. i understand and i can feel already the loss must feel, I lost 2 verl loved family members this past year. my life's been so tragic, though i know suicide is never the answer.
i liked this poem it is sad but it is very good. Brenda OUt of 1-10 i give it a 10
tour poem realy tuched me as i last my husband to suicide he left me with two small children to raise and even after 18 years we still cant come to tearms with his death.
im sorry about ur friend nicole. sometimes u can never tell if a friend, family member, or even a stranger is depressed then they end up killing themselves im really sorry about ur friend nicole
This is a beautiful poem, it so hard loosing someone through sucide. just remember they will always be by your side
I loveed this poem, but it made me a bit teary as my Brother commit suicide. I loved him to bits and still do and i feel very sad for all family members or friends of someone who has commit suicide. I do think it is very selfish though, they should think about what they are leaving behind. Does anyone agree? ben xx
In January my boyfriend of 2 years committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. I still find it hard to get through every day. I also think that suicide is such a hard way to lose someone you love. He left me with our 6 month old son and memories.
i also know how u feeli came into school 5th of may to find out one of my class mates has gone my best friend was good friends with her and my friend couldn't cope in school because what she found out the girl that taken her life was only 15 16 wen she died but she still had a friend in me and other people in skl thank you
I think this was a GR8 poem. I totally understand where you are comeing from I have been there.
this is a sad but beautiful poem i know how extatly how this perso feels about her friend my cousin hanged himslef in the bathroom it was such a bad day. thank you
My friend Tiffany tried to commit suicid with a knife and she thought no one would miss her. I showed her this poem and now she says that she never thought of the consequences. Thank you for showing my friend what suicid can do. From your awful losse others can gain insperation
I really like this poem. I've tried many times to kill myself. The last time I tried, I ended up in the hospital for a week and i almost died. but this poem lets me know that there is people out there that would care if i killed myself. But this is a really good poem.
This poem was sad. my cousins, roomates, step dad had just commited suicide by shooting himself in the head. I didn't really know him. but it was sad. He left about 3 or 4 kids behind. I wish he hadn't of killed himself. his kids really need him.
This is a very good poem, although very upsetting right now since its only been about 10 days since my good friend Anne hung herself in her room, on Christmas. I did almost cry when i read this poem because it rimiinded me of Anne, she had attempted many times before without success. I guess she finally got her wish, I wish she hadnt.
this was a very touching poem, i really liked it alot! and it is very sad
omg this poem brought tears to my eyes
Tears are in my eyes. I know what you have gone thur cause I have lost my friend this year and has been hell for me. You did an awesome job writing this and I pray that God will fulfill you in writing and lead you forever
i think ur poem showed how you felt and how you really miss her and you think she souldn't have done that and there are a lot of people that care about her. and i bet that's what she wants to hear.
This is a great poem, even though it's sad. i'm sorry about your friend, i know what it's like to lose someone you love suddenly.
Very well put, Im sending this to my Mom in hope's it will lift her mood and keep her from doing the same thing. Thank you
I can relate to this poem so much, through the years i seem to get more depressed through the years and have considered suicide only i never knew someone would miss me. Thank you for opening my eyes!
I love this poem! It touched my heart because my cousin Aaron killed himself December 25,2000.
This poem made me think about my cousin..he commited suicide and i knew it wasnt meant ot be..i just wished we could have been closer together before he died but now its too late..thats why you have to make the best out of life because somethings are unexpected..this poem made mem think about that
OH my GOD! The tears are still pouring, these words hit my heart as if they were rocks. My brother committed suicide this very same way a year ago. He was only 36, my age now. WHY? I will never know, no note, no message, just stillness, sadness, and PAIN. I'll keep you in my prayers and keep a space in my heart that you heal along with my family and I. Suicide is NEVER the answer. Thank you for your words. They hurt but they are so REAL!
I voted for this poem because it really got to me..I had a my aunt take her life the same way on valentines'day, 2 months after she gave birth to a little baby girl.. so this poem reminds me of her, in some ways
This poem is so real to me. my cousin who was 14 committed sucide the same way in november and I still miss him terribly
I vote for this poem coz it touched my heart and it made me cry well this poem gets my vote xx
I love this poem! It wa so sad, it made me want to cry.
this poem is so sad. i had a friend that wanted to commit suicide. i convinced her out of it though.

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