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In loving memory of my beautiful sister. (November 2, 1978 - -July 29, 1982) May I never forget her suffering. Her death was only the beginning to something wonderful.


A love is lost.
A heart is broken.
A life is gone.
These words are spoken.

I had a darling sister.
Her name was Colleen.
She wore a smile on her face.
Like she was in a dream.

A dream her life was not.
A nightmare's the word.
She knew pain as her friend.
I lie not one word.

Her life was a life of doctors galore.
Of intercommed messages across the hospital floor.

She lay in her bed
All heavily sedated.
Tubes covering her body.
Childhood underrated.

Then people ask me
Why it's better she died.
If they could have seen her.
They would understand why.
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My sister just passed away on Monday, March 12, 2007. Her name is Teresa. She was my best friend. She died from an illness. The last seven months of her life she was in the hospital. So, I just wanted to say that this poem touched my heart. You get your strength from your sister, huh? That is what I do. Take care.
wow i googled 'poem death sister' today, january 17, 2006 on the first anniversary of my sister's death. looking for comforting words on this sad day. exactly one year ago i let go of my sister's hand and stopped singing the hymns we'd grown up that i sang to her all that terrible night. our parents in florida for a holiday, not able to get home in time. she was taken so fast. 30 years old, pnuemonia took her in less than 24 hours. the most beautiful moments of my life, next to the birth of my children, were spent at her bedside, singing her to sleep her name was Colleen thank you, Andrea
hey i'm sorry about your sister
the poem really touched me. i understand how you feel i lost someone too.
This poem really touched my heart. I can understand why it was better for her to go. May your little sister rest in eternal peace.
this poem leaves me breathless in awe.

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