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My parents had the horrible experience of losing a daughter. This meant, of course, that I lost a sister. I grew up with a huge feeling of loss. It wasn't until I became a mother four months ago that I realized what losing a child could mean. I couldn't imagine losing my daughter. I wrote this poem for my mom to help validate her feelings of loss. She is such a wonderful mother and grandmother. She sacrificed her time to grieve to make sure that I was all right. Now it is her turn.

I Buried My Daughter Today

I buried my daughter today
My soul burns red with pain
No longer will I touch her face
Or caress her skin again

I buried my daughter today
God, what have I done wrong
To have her stolen from my arms
When my faith in you was strong

I buried my daughter today
Thank God I have another
I couldn't walk this path alone
Every breath is a struggle

I buried my daughter today
She was just a bit past three
Searing, ripping, tearing ache
My emotions overcome me

My other now a mother this eve
To God above, how I pray
These words by her not repeated
I buried my daughter today
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96 Visitor Comments

i lost my daughter on march 13 2007 she would've been 4 this november, i feel for all mothers who go through this pain and i wish all others knew how precious the time they have with their children is. if it wasn't for my other daughter and my newborn son i don't think the days would even be bearable.
I had a daughter that died at the age of three also, so this poem really touched me.
hello. im sorry dat u lost ur daughter. i just lost my baby girl. she was 3 months old. i dont kno how to go on. she past 8/31/07. i name her Reine(Rain). its french for queen.
I have three daughters and I can't imagen loosing one, I would go crazy, and admire your strenght. I just last my faher a couple a months ago. When one looses their parents their orphanage, when you loose a husband your a widow, but what do you call somebody who lost a child, a son, or daughter? There is no name, so there is no discription of how you must have felt. I am truly sorry for your loss.
this poem i love it my daughter passed away june 7,007 she will be a years old the15th august miss her so much she drowned it been very hard for us this poem just touched me she was only 9 months old i have wonderful picture of her she was full of life alway smiled and just made us laugh our angel she was only 4 pounds at birh but she grew so fast me her so much this poem is wonder full i miss her so sorry for your loss i feel the pain god bless you
It's sad to say you love a poem like this, But I did. It's all to true. I lost my youngest daughter 7 months ago. And I felt all of this and more. Starr
My daughter passed away on Feb. 14, 2007 she was 13 months old. I talked to her just 20 minutes before it happened. I got the call and made it to the daycare before the Ambulance got there. I had taken EMT classes just in case one of my kids needed help. When I started CPR on her I knew it was too late. She had eaten lunch right before I talked to her and the babysitter called me to let me talk to her before she layed down for a nap. She went to sleep and the babysitter went to wash dishes. Ten minutes later she checked on her and she was already blue. My daughter had thrown up in her sleep and sucked it down her lungs and they colapsed killing her instantly.
This poem reminds me of Margret. Marg was the den mom for one of my sports teams. You couldn't play with her kids without feeling loved by her. Her world was shattered in 2001 when her oldest daughter was killed at the age of 16. I was 12 at the time and I couldn't understand what her family was going though. This poem make some sense of what Chealsey's family what and still is feeling. Thank you.
Andrea your poem reflected the painful condition of my heart now. I lost my 13 year old daughter two years ago. It was the most horrible experience I had. Reading every words in your poem gave me a better understanding of how I will face life again. I can feel she is comforting me in time of distress and helping me to continue living with my other older daughter and loving husband, the two remaining people close to my heart. I thank God for showing me that I have not lost her. A piece of my heart was gone for a moment, but I got it back with the realization that she will be watching over me from now on. She is a special child, a perfect angel
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poem. I buried my first and only child. My Daughter on March 19,2005. She was 1 hour old. She was born 4 mo0nths early. It is the hardest thing a mother will ever have to do. This poem touched my heart in a very special way.
My grandson died yesterday 18 hours after birth. He will be buried soon.
Very touching. I love this poem but its so sad and deppressing. well got to go read more poems ill get back to you later hope you feel better how sad . she will always be with you in your dreams and your soul and in your mind. i love you with everything i have left. With care taylor
i think that poem was from the heart, and i know what its like to burie a daughter thank you
This poem touched me more than anything else in this world. I had to bury my daughter a few months ago. She was only 3mths. If it wasn't for my other daughter. I don't think I could go on. She's the only one that keeps me going day to day.
it was very touching. my daugther will be doing what the poem says soon.
This poem was very good. I feel the emotin And the pain I lost my daughter three months ago. And its so hard every day to belive she is gone and I'll never see her again sometimes I'll catch my self wonting to buy her things everyday in my mind,heart,soul is soo hard Somedays all I want to do is cry. But i have to be strong for my other daughter. R. I. P Abigail Eliane Rhonemus 1-17-04 ~ 6-28-06 Mommy,Daddy and sissy miss you Princess
this touched my heart b/c my mom died to years ago i was 10 years old it broke my heart one day she was there the next she was gone it sux
I just want to say this poem has realy touched my heart My baby sister and her baby both dieded in Child birth 20 years ago and I still think about her every day and your poem just hit the spot
i like ur pome it was nice i lost my at 3mons ty i felt it
I thought the poem was great - The pain of Death of a loved one can't be totally expressed by words alone - but this is a good try -
To whom it may concern I lost my daughter on April 23,2006 she was just 18 years old full of life she, was at the wrong places at the wrong time and your poem really touched my heart please, pray they catch the persons involded in this murder. thank you P. s your poem was beutifully made God Bless you in all your writings
I did not have a daughter to bury but this poem could very well be a rememberance to my son who was buried at the tender age of five. I will also save this one to send to friends and loved ones that looses a child in the future. This is a very touching poem and not often do you find a tribute to a young child. Thanks for your wonderful works.
Andrea, there is pain within. that words can never describe. Like why take our little ones and leave us instead. I've never been the same. Thank you for expressing, my heart goes out to you. Jess
I love this poem! It hits home, My 2 and half year old cousin drowned in her Mother's neighbors' pool. I have children and my heart aches for ANY mother who has to bear that.
I can not image your pain, but through your words you spoe to me. Send all my love a stranger
this is a wonderful poem i also voted on another but this one is special to. my mom lost her daughter which was my sister and watchin the pain in my mothers eyes is so sad i have two boys and i just hope i never ever have to say those words that are mothers have had to say. great poem!
omg, this poem moved me and made me cry, because i had to bury my mother when i was just 13! Nearley 2 years ago. so this poem to me was very heart felt
I have a little girl of my own. I can't imagine losing her and have all the sympathy in the world for someone who has. Thanks for helping all of us realize what could be lost.
i know it was hard because my twin sister lost her daughter on feb. 15th 2005 she was only 2 months and 21 days old and it was very hard on her. and she has her days but i know that Reagan is shining down on us
this poem touched my heart. i had tears in my eyes you must be very strong people as i would never be able to cope with this type of lose. hope to see more poems from yourself again soon.
this poem really touched me. i once knew a couple who lost their own daughter two years ago her dad was backing out of the driveway and she was in his blindspot and she was hit and died instantly! she was only a year and a half years old. i didnt know her very well but she did seem like a sweet little girl and she is greatly missed!
God Bless you for doing this for your Mother. And also for your little sister. I was more than deeply touched by this and tears are still streaming.
I can really relate to what your mother went through. Just last year I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. He passed away after I had him. He developed a "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia" while i was pregnant with him. His lungs didn't develop and he couldn't breathe on his own. I recently had another beautiful baby boy who is healthy I really liked your poem
This poem is absolutely beautiful. I had to wipe my tears as I read it. I am a mother and I can feel your pain through your words. God bless you.
this poem has got to be the most moving poem i have ever read,its touched my heart and only now a i can easily say my daughter is in better hands. my baby girl died just after her first birthday,ill never forget that day until my time comes,im 17 now. how i wanted to ask god so many questions,i wanted to know why he took her away from me. ill never forget her little smile and the way she used to giggle when i hurt myself. she was quite a character. after this i heard a saying and it read "laugh and the world laughs with you,cry and you cry alone:we do not morn for the dead but for the living"
very touching. i am sure your mom felt blessed that you thought of her and the way she has been suffering with a heavy heart for many years. I always tell my daughter, you will know how i feel when you are a mother, until then it is hard to fathom that deep intense love. God bless your family
I love this poem. My boyfriend's little girl passed a few weeks ago, she was the tender age of three. It has been so hard for the both of us. This peom really expresses our feeling, I also buried my daughter today.
I really loved your poem. My sister died 2 days ago and this really helped me even though I am only 14 years old. Thank you sencierly.
I loved this poem because I lost my daughter also. Her name was Zoe, and I was still preganet when I lost her,(she was stillborn. ) I was 6-months, and 1-week when i lost her. It's very painful when you lose someone exspecailly when their you're own flesh, and . I loved this poem because it touched me. I got cold chills when I read it. I started to cry because it reminds me so much about my own exsperence. Zoe would be 3 years old this June. It hurts, and Imiss her very much! I just want to say thank you.
This is a relly great poem. it reminds me of wen i was 4yrs old. and my grandpa died. my dad literlly buried his own father and hecould stand the fact knoeing he did. It still bothers him today. Sry to ur mom Andrea
i really liked your poem sorry for what happen to you and your famliy
sorry to hear about your daughter my mum fells just the same as you do, her little angel slipped away from her at just the age of three hours old. my mum felt wrong to put her down so deep and letting her go ripped big holes in our hearts. god bless the little girls while they play together in heaven
This poem was very touching. Just 2 weeks ago, I buried my daughter. She was only 3 years and 7 months old. I thank God that when she was born, he also gave me another daughter, because without her, I wouldnt be able to go on. There is no pain worse, than the pain of losing a child, and for my surviving daughter, with losing her twin, she has lost half of herself. Your poem tells exactly how I feel, it is beautiful. Thank you
Two months ago my freind/neighbor was killed in a car wreck. She was only 15 and had her first boyfriend we hadn't been talking much lately, but every time I saw her she had a huge smile on her face. She had a tight knit family that loved her very much. She was also very close with god church every sunday, attending a christian school. She was a wonderful person. There is no replacing her, but what made me have a comment is not only that but when i went to visit her family her mother hugged me and said she said its so hard to hug this "little" girls knowing mine is gone. When she huggedme it lasted at least 10 minutes and i could feel her mothers hands trembling against my body and then i felt a tear fall from her eye and at that same moment one from my own. this poem reminds me of that night and how much pain her mother is going through and will go through. this is a beutiful poem.
I am so sorry. I have had 4 miscarriages and gave birth to a still born baby girl in 2001. Although I only had 8 months with her while she was in my womb, the pain is still to this day, so so strong and so real. Your family is in my prayers.
Is poem is a touching one. My mom had to bury her daugther too. My sister was 10 yrs. old when she got hit by a car. She pasted away 3 day's after my mom's birthday, on my Uncle's birthday.
I really liked this poem. It links to me in a way. My mother lost her son jus 2 years June 1st. Your poem is very touching. families that lose a member go through lots of hardships. I know my family has. your poems helps me relate and it also touched my mother. Your a great writer!
this is a very beautiful poem, I don't know what I would do if that ever happened to me or if anything ever happened to my younger sister
Andrea, your mother is so blessed to have you. I lost my 3 mth. old baby girl to Sudden Infant Death Syndrom about 3 months ago. I wish i still had a child to care for and to help me get by. but I cannot have another baby, she was my miracle. the only child i could concieve. please keep helping your mother the way you do. you are a VERY wonderful gift to your mother and a blessing to her life. she will always love your sister. i love my daughter, kylie marie, 4-6-04 to 7-18-04. i'm only 16 years old, and yet i can relate to the pain of so many adults and i do wonder why god took her. but i must keep my faith and i pray your mother does the same.
i really love the poem because i have lost a daughter july5 2003, teh poem truly touched my heart and ineeded that. thispoem is the best for my me
This poem is such a reality to my husband and I. May 20th 2003 I buried my 3 month old daughter Savannah. I fortunatley have my older daughter Kaylie. She has been by strength, my reason to go on.
I loved the poem, I lost my daughter in 1991. She was only 2 days old. The questions that are asked in the poem I ask myself everyday, even 13 years later.
All I had to do was read the title and tears filled my eyes. I have three daughters who mean the world to me and I couldn't bare the thought of not having them each day. The tears continued, running down my face as I read. Such a touching poem.
Made me cry. I could feel the desolation and grief. rw
This poem made me cry since every one i love and know dies,my cousin died in a motorcycle accident , my granfather and uncle died in a car crash , my best friend,vanessa,'s grandmother and uncle died from cancer,my other best friend,cassy,'s dad died from drinking , and another friend, margie,'s dad died from cancer my other friend,ana's dad died from cancer And my other neighbor died from old age, AND my neighbor just died from a heartattack. So, ive been through alot of deathsa nd funnerals. Most of these deaths are in the last 3 yrs. Also my friend,rosy's little brother paul died from fever. he was 16 months old. Imagine? Im only in 6th grade right now!
This poem is so beatiful, and I am so sorry about your loss. I couldn't imagine loosing my child. I was on this site trying to find a poem to read at my father's visitation. He died yesterday (Friday) and I found I am pregnant today. I haven't spoke two words to my father in over a year and now I regret that.
this pome is well great it reminds me of when i had to buried my mom
I found this poem pulling at my heart. I also burried my daughter today.
I lost a sister not that long ago. Isaw how my mom suffered.
I love this poem You write poems very well.
i lost my sister and i believe this is a good way to cope with my feelings
absolutley fantastic, it made me cry
Your poem sounds as if tho i wrote myself. Dec 14 2000 my life was ripped apart I was spending the night at my moms house due to the fact she was Ill,my husband and daughter went home as usual we said our goodbyes and new we would be together the next day, little did i know that was not going to happen at 3 am the phone ring it was my next door neighbor screaming my house was on fire, i was in shock i got to my house as fast as i could but I was to late the policeman had told me they were gone my life has for ever changed, thank you for posting your story, it lets me know i can go on for like your mom i have another daughter to live for it is for her and the grace of God im here to read and reply to your poem God bless you and your family you will forever be in my prayers.
this is a very touching poem. my family and me just lost a family member. she was my auntie. we were really close and she died of cancer. so i had been looking at diff poems. and when i came across this one it caught my attention. its nice, sweet and it comes from the heart, its a very awesome poem.
i thought the poem was from the heart and must have been very hard to write. i also think that shell always be remembered and loved and she would wont u to move on as she will always be in the mothers heart
Very touching.
yes, you do feel for your mother i know becuase i too have lost a child at age 6, and your poem describes perfectly how a mother would feel, i can only pray my daughter never knows my pain as you know your moms. speak of her often, never let your sisters memory die and be there for your mom always, the pain never goes away.
Thank you so very much My Daughter Samantha would have been 2 On the 4th of july and I never have found a more uplifting poem than this.
thanks so much for that poem. my little nick passed away in 97 on his 4th mth b-day like you God left me another precious son who is now 8.
It's an excellent poem.
I thought this poem was great and was truely powerful! If every1 coold write poems like this then we woold all b able to express how we felt alot more! Thank You!
Beautiful poem, Andrea.thank you so much for sharing it with us. My sweet little boy died 7 years ago, and my life will never be the same. Bless you for your sensitivity
8 years ago I to lost a child and the pain is the worst then anyting in my life.Inever thought that Iwould be walking my dauhgter down the asile in a casket.But it was poems like yours that helped me threw it.Thank-You
I buried my four year daughter last year on December 31st.The pain will be there forever.Its changed us forever.I can feel the emotions in this poem. I pray to God to give us all strength to cope with our loss.
A very touching poem, as a mother of 2 young children I don't think I could cope with life if anything happened to either one of my girls
This poem was great. I know exactly how your mom feels for I too have lost a child. It is a pain so great that it tears your heart out
This poem was so sad, it made me cry. I wouldn't know what to do if I would ever loose my little sister.
I can only imagine the pain that your mother felt. I hope that I never have to go through it, she is a very strong person, and you are very lucky to have a mother like her.
I just had a close friend die of leukemia. Your words described exactly how i felt.
so far this is the best poem I have read in this website. I am not a mother, but it made me cry all the same
This poem really made me and my mom cry. My mom lost a baby of age 18 months. I just recently burried my little 23 month old, Teighlor Janae. This poem really touvhed me. Great work.
it was very sad and touching.
hi, i'm jessica. i'm 14 years. i loved this poem! unfortunately i know how it feels to lose a sibling,i lost my twin brother about 3 months ago to a drunk driver. i don't think i would be able to write a poem like this because we were too close and it would make all the pain come back. but thank you.
hi, i know how you feel, because i lost a cousin who was like a daughter to me we were close to one another. she died when she was 4.that day when i found out she was dead i cried for the first time in my life. i'm 14 now and i still miss her. her name is Rose to everyone, but to me she was my daughter.
I like this poem because it is good and sad. It reminds me of my sister losing her Daugther she was 1 month and 19 days old
I have just loss my niece and there is no pain worse than a little childs loss.
This poem touches my heart in a deep way. I too lost my daugther but when she was born. I know how hard it is and how no one can take her place. Every time I am asked "How many kids do you have?" I always say two! I am glad to come across this poem. Thank you.
I cant imagine the pain of losing a child. A beautiful poem, would bring even the hardhearted to tears.
I loved the poem Kim it was touching. Maybe now your mothers heart can now be at ease not only her's,but other moms who read this poem and lost a child or loved one.
I burried my brother today.... i know exactly how you feel.
very touching the way Andrea is able to express her feelings.
Very sad.
Had me in tears....
i think you are a very special person to be writing such strong words, your own child has a lot to look up to, fortunately i never lost a sibling at such a young age but i have some idea of the pain you must be feeling, all the luck for the future

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