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This poem is dedicated to my best friend who passed away at the age of thirteen. She was in a tragic car accident with her brother; she lasted in a coma for only 11 short days, but never made it to her 14th birthday, to 8th grade graduation, or even to finish basketball season. In loving memory of Deena.

Dedicated to the greatest friend in the entire world. I miss you, and I think of you everyday. I wish you could be there next weekend for our first prom. I love you.

Too Fast

It sounds so fun, driving around in the sun.
She was so innocent, young, and sweet.
She had the world right at her feet.
Who would have known that she would die,
leaving everyone she touched to grieve and to cry?
Into the car she got so fast,
She didn't know that today was her last.
It all came up to fast for sight,
But she didn't give up without a fight.
Her funeral was the saddest day of my entire life.
Reality cut through me like a knife.
In another place in another time,
Her life no longer a part of mine.
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34 Visitor Comments

yeah i just recently lost my best friend this is very touching i lost her to a caraccident also
WOW. this was such a sad,moving poem. I feel your pain. I recently lost one of my best friends, in March (07), in a car accident. a truck slammed directly into the side of the car of where he was sitting in the car. His name was Ethan, and he was 15. it is a very nice poem. well done. =)
This poem really mekes me think of my younger sister death in 1970, she was 6 years old, I missed her. Also, my youngest brother who died in 2001, he was 39, I missed them both. Your brother
Last night one of my best friends came to dinner, we had a fabulous evening just the two of us putting the world to rights. She went home and died in the night. I feel totally lost and was ssearching for a poem to help me and came across this. Thank you.
This poem makes me think of my best friend that died in a car accident 3 years ago. This is exactly what I think of when I think of her.
This poem is amazing. My friend John just passes away a few days ago after a car accident. He was only 17, and one of the greatest people that I ever knew. Thank you for this one.
Hey i really like your poem it got to me . When i was reading this it rememded me of my cousin i really miss her alot . She died in a car accident this poem really made me cry . Well im sorry about the accident you had in life . I hope you fell better soon .
This peom really touched me because not even a year ago i lost a good friend of mine in a car crash his name was christopher buelow he was 20 years old and i miss him with all my heart and soul
Absolutely beautiful. My best friend died when I was 14 the exact same way as described in this poem, down to the "sunny day". I'm now 19, and I don't think that I'll ever be fully over it. if you can write about things like this, you can write about anything. :)
One of my best friends was hit and killed while riding her bicycle on June 20, 2005. She was only 14 years old, and had just graduated from 8th grade 6 days before. We are now fundraising to build a gym in her memory.
hi my name is kate. i know sort of know how you feel. last november i lost my brother( he was only 20 ) he was on his way to work ( on his 3 day old motarbike) when a car pulled out of a drive way he tried to get out of the way but he was going WAY too fast ! i miss his cheeky grin and love him very much. i am sorry for ur lose. this is 4 you Caine ! my shinning STAR !
hey i loved the poem it sounds just like how i lost a good mate in a car crash he was to younge but i thinkyour poem is full of love by each word you say
i liked the poem u wrote.
This poem touched my heart. When I was in 3rd grade, a wonderful friend of mine was killed in a car accident. I still grieve today. Thankyou for the inspiring poem
this is a good poem
i love this poem because my two friends toni and leo were in a car crash april 26-05 toni was only 13 years oldd and we loved her and leo was on 16 nd we all miss him and they were racing and hit a truck and caught on fire ;[ it was horrible at school and it was depressing i couldnt take it , but i will see them again
This poem touched me because I could really realate to it. I just found out my close friend had just died in a car crash kinda like what was said in this poem.
this is a GOOD POEM
Hey! I'm so sorry about your loss! I recently lost a very close friend of 6 years! Her and her boyfriend were killed by a drunk driver! I will never forget her! You are welcome to e-mail me anytime if you would like to talk! This poem was great! Take care! And always remember. your friend is always watchin over you!
We really liked this poem. We had lost a friend from a rare disease called Spinal Meningitis 6 months ago. He had just turned 14 on March 19, 2003 and on April 4, 2003 is the day that he died. The last day we saw him was the day before spring break. He started to develope symptoms during spring break. His funural was open cascet so we got to say good-bye and see him one last time. It's so sad because he will never get to graduate, share the memories with us , or even fall in love and have a family. That's the saddest thing. But we will all share the memories that we made with him.
this is a great poem. im 14 and lost a friends ive known since kindergarden last April. she was only 13 and her and some 'friends' were ditchin school and rolled the truck while it was pouring out. the other 3 guys are fine.
this poem is beautiful. my best friens was the rebellious type, and he died thinking that he was invincible. thank you
Just recently i experienced the worst thing ever. Three good friends died in a car accident. The worst part is there bodies were unidentified. That is how bad this accident was. I just want you to know. i know how you feel! My life hasnt been the same since my friends died. The funerals werent easy either. it was so not expected. They were only 17 and 16. all best friends. 2 were a couple. I hope when i get to heaven they will be there right away to greet me.
that poem is really good! its like a window to your emotions. i recently lost my friend. i hate to say this but i wish i could have lost her the way you did. it would have been much better than her commiting suicide. good job on the poem.
I understand how you fill, one of my friends sister died in a car wreck Augest, 2002. She was a noce person to everyone. She died in a wreck when she got in a car and decieded to see who could make it across the intersection first. I know it was her fault, but I and everyone in our little town will miss her now and Forever.
This is a beautiful poem i lost my best friend as well this summer. we were supposed to go to visit her relatives out of town but i had a family vacation to go on so we had decided to go later. the day i got back i discovered she went with another friend and was killed in a tragic accident she never made it to her grandmas house where her favorite freshly baked cookies were waiting for her arrival. all i want to know is WHY HER?
I know exactly how you feel i lost my friends mom. She was like a 2nd mom to me. she died Oct 31, 2001. I miss her so much. I wish i could write a poem about her but i can't. it's such a great poem keep up with writting. Always write and never stop. Nice Job!
that was a great poem i lost my best friend on my 18 birthday and i wish i could write poems about the way i feel about it great job keep up the good work
i can really relate to this poem. a friend of mine died on January 12, along with her sister. it was a car accident. it was very disturbing to me and all my friends and everyone else that knew them. ashley was a great person, i really didnt know her sister erin, but i knew she was a good person. ash, i think about you everyday, miss you girl, friends forever!
I can really relate to this poem. My best friend died in a car accident JUly 26, 2000. She was only 14 years old.
Hi my name is Amanda i just lost my b/f and knows how it fells it's terrible!!! i am so sorry for you.
i unerstand where this poem is coming from..i just lost one of my ex boyfriends to a car accident 4 months ago. It sounds like what happened to him.. =::(
sorry for your loss,i'm sure she'll always remain in your heart

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