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On the anniversary of the passing of our beloved 12 year old German Shepherd, the pain of remembrance was brought back in full force. The raw emotions resurfaced at that time, to pen this poem:

In fond remembrance of Misty; Feb. 23, 1988 - May 10, 1999

Barren (02/23/88-05/10/99)

Upon this day I reminisce
With sadness and regret
The loss of my beloved
Special "child" who was my pet.

It's been a year of longing
Wishing you'd return to me ...
For though you left one year ago,
I cannot "set you free".

Though time has made it easier,
To go from day to day ...
No one can understand the
"Special" role your life did play.

For every day you were a part,
Of love and joy and life ...
You had a way that focussed me
And lessened daily strife.

I'd hurry home to see your face,
Behind that window pane;
Where wiggles, hugs and cuddles
Brightened up the worst of days.

And now I sit, with eyes tear filled,
You are not by my side;
And when I see the window,
It is bare and bleak inside.

Emotions, they are raw today,
I'm simply torn apart ...
For hollow, wrenching feelings
Tear apart this very heart.

An emptiness, that's deeper than
The oceans ... fill my soul;
A painful hunger bites my
Inner self beyond control.

For though time healed the daily wounds
I wore upon my sleeve,
I shelter from the world outside
Just what you meant to me.

No children was I blessed to have,
My womb was barren ... yet,
You filled the void my darling one,
My sweet and lovely pet.

To me, you were more human
Than some others I have known ...
You gave such love and tenderness;
T'was deep within your soul.

Now spring is here, and little things
We loved now cause me harm ...
The walks we'd take around the yard
No longer hold their charm.

We're packing just to get away,
And leave this home we've lived ...
For without you to share this with,
I get no joy from it.

I see you as I turn each step,
I watch for you each day ...
Oh little one, I miss you so,
... Much more than words can say.

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219 Visitor Comments

i loved ur poem. I 2 have a daog ICY n I luv him more than ne1 in dis world,so i can perfectly understand how u must be feeling. BUT you should not feel sad n remember the days dat u spend with it. Remember ur dog is watching you n maybe crying because you are sad.
Well, i lost a son. a man recommended me this site, he told me it included beautiful poetry. and it really is beautiful. this poem reminded me of my little baby son, who was ran over by a truck, we were playing in the front yard. i looked away for 5 seconds. looked back and he was in the middle of the street, 1 second later i lost my son.
This poem touched my heart deeply.
this poem reminds me of the memories i had with my pets. THe painful day i arrived home only to realise that i didn't have her anymore with me. I lost part of my life that day. Being a part of almost everything i do at home, it was hard to move on. it's been 3 years now, and im still trying to move on, to no avail. This poem touched me deeply, as you read it, you're able to feel the mental and emotional torture this person goes through. Well, it's part and parcel of life. So to all those who lost loved ones, remember its a part of life. God bless!
I have been through this loss before and the author of this poem has captured all of the pain and written it out beautifully.
i i love my little dogs too . really liked this poem .
WOW. that was excelent:)well done kit! that made me cry( lol welll done. love Miss-Tash.
Its the best poem, sad and carry very deep meaning for the lost. It makes me cry every time I read it.
Today would have been Jespah's 14th birthday. She has been gone 18 months.
I no what it feels like to loss someone thats really close to you i lost a bestfriend he was the most amazing person anyone will ever meet i lovee him with so much of my heart and nowing that his gone gets harder n harder each and ever day i miss you & lovee you cameron awesome poem xxx. Allanah
I am a dutch woman, It was a beautiful poem. I lost my dog 4 years ago. this poem says what my heart feels marieke thank you
Hi Barren, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. Though people doen't realize a pet is like family and a MEMBER of it! I had 2 cats named Tabby and Charley they will be 10 in June. I always made them a small cake. I reciently hada stroke in Jan. of 2006. I am still struggling to walk, but at least I can because of a AWESOME physical thrrapist! So I am greatful in a lot of ways, but then my family member got rid of my cats who I called them my "KIDS". I don't think I can ever forgive this . I HURT I'm in PAIN without my loved ones those like you use to look for me out the window, and gave me much enjoyment. I pray for all animals everyday where ever they may be. Jan
This poem really touched me because i have no children either and i lost my first dog. I was so lonely that a while later i got another puppy. im now so attached to this dog im scared to lose her. People dont take me serious but this dog showed me how to love something and to feel needed by something.
I love your poem but i'm sry u lost a loved one i know how u feel. I lost plenty of loved ones. You have written a good poem and i hope many more to come.
this poem touched me cause ive lost mi fav dog in the world n i know what it feels like
This is a very sad poem but i can relate my pet just died about a year ago and i still cant forget about her and how much she ment to me i can still feel her soft fur rubing against my face! I LOVED THE POEM!
i have here a dying puppy in my hands right now, as i read this poem i feel like asking how, how come it had to be this one and why was it me, why was he the one here alone sitting next to me
I like your poem real well.
this poem touched my heart because i too losty a special friend so it reminds me of this friend
My beloved pet passed away today. His name was marius, and he was a 4 1/2 year old rat. He was the best pet anyone could ask for, he came with me everywhere and would even sit on the couch and watch telly with me and then go to sleep on my lap. Your poem really touched me, i cried when i read it. i'm so sorry for your loss.
this poem touched me even though i have no pet
i was about to comite suicide 2weeks ago and your poem has made me rethink those yery good and warm times that pas me by that mabey my world would cry if im gone and comitted suicide i thank u much for your poems side to make me rethink those little normal times now i wont forget to turn back the time. thank you!
I really loved this poem because it reminded me of my dog and how much I miss him and the auther had alot of the feelings that I had with my dog.
this poem touched me cause i lost a dog and he was my best friend.
This poem seemed like it was written especially for me. I lost Brandi 2 years ago and I feel the same about her as I did the day she died after experiencing 17 years of joy with her. She was the child I never had. The poEm was BEAUTIFUL and I will copy and frame it.
I'm not really a person who reads a lot of poems, but this one almost made me cry. A few days ago, when I went horse-riding, a friend told me one of the horses died. She was called Flame, and I liked her very much. Reading this poem, I couldn't help but think about her, I'll miss her a lot.
I felt like I wrote it myself. It captured every feeling I have held for the past 9 months due to the loss of my 19 year old Siamese cat. She was my best friend and my baby. not a day goes by where I don't think about her and miss her with all of my heart. To this day I cannot look at her picture without bursting into tears and I dream of her often. I actually hear he meow and wake up feeling a raw sense of loss because I could have sworn the dream was real.
This poem really got to me. I loved my dog more than I loved anyone else and she died a while ago. I have not gotten over it nor will I ever but to know someone feels the same way is comforting.
i really loved this poem, it makes me think about my own dog and how much i care about her, and it makes me realize that some day she will die too and i wish that the day will never come.
Even though I have not lost a pet, I have a small dog who is treated like my child. I do understand the loss.
THIS poem made me cry. but THX! I, too, am "barren" and lost my "loved one" back in '93, now I have another "special friend" even though his day is yet to be, he's helped my heart to mend I fear the day my friend I'll lose 'cause none could ever fill his shoes. oh well. tried to be a poet. haha
that was a raly good poem it was sweet and relaxing i lost a few love ones to and i no how you feel
Yea i love your poem it made me cry cuz i recently lost a pet too. he was a parrot a quaker. he died on November 25,2006. he was the light that lit up my soul in happiness and joy. now hes gone and cant come bak although i would do anything to bring him bak. i miss him so much. everytime i look at his picture i just burst into tears. the day before the 25 at night when it was time to go to sleep i gave him a kiss on the cheek. But then the next day i couldnt believe what i was seeing. it was him lifeless without joy. He was more than a pet he felt more like a brother. for example when i cried in front of him he would literally come up to me and give me a kiss. And now no matter how much i cry hes not coming bak. itz the first bird that i knew that couldnt fly. but he learned on the 25 of November. anyways i love your poem alot. his name was tikki by the way.
this was a very heart aching poem you put alot of soul into it and i loved it!
I have voted for this poem because I know exactly what the author feels like, it explains what I feel like right at this moment. I don't know if any of you really care, but I feel like telling this to someone. I lost someone very close to me today. My german shepherd dog, Cadet has been having a very hard time breathing these past few months and we took her to the vet and it turns out she had cancer and it had spread into her throat. I haven't been sleeping very well ever since the vet told us that, for I have been having nightmares about her wheezing downstairs, finally passing on from suffocation. Last night I came home from art class to find that she was on the floor, looking the way she had looked in my nightmares. I yelled for my cousin and we drove her to the emergency room at the vet's, I got the call today and found out she had died. What I had feared would happen to my Cadet had happened, my nightmare had come true. I learned something today, that death can be anywhere and can come at anytime and at any given moment, so don't think you're safe from it and tell yourself it will never happen to you or someone close to you. Because it will take you away as well as your last strands of hope. I really want to believe this is only a nightmare, but I know that my dog is gone, forever out of my life. I just wanted to let all the people who have lost their dog that they are not the only ones who feel like their hearts have been ripped out.
This is my most favorite poem!
I love this poem! It made me cry, because it reminds me of my dog. Its still my favorite poem though!
I love this poem becaus it reminds me of my lost pet, Drifter. He was like a child to me. He died last year. I hope you will write more poems like this one.
this is a great poem. i felt this way about my dog beany:(but ur pets in a better place so be happy
i lost my best freind a year ago. he was a cat. his name was whiskey and he was my little brother. i was there the minute he was born, but i never got to say good bye. it breaks my heart to think i promised him that day i would see him after scchool not knowing i would never see him again. he was barely 2 years old. he died because stupid people dont know how to cleean up anti freeze. he was my best freind. i still cry hard. thank you for sharing this poem Katy, 15, canada
i loved the poem and it really touched me as i have recently lost my dog and she was my true best friend.
this poem really touched me because i could picture everything. i can relate to it too because i have a german shepard and i too feel that she is more human then most of the people i know. thank you for sharing this poem with us.
i know how it feels to lose a pet hes been gone for 8 months and when i read this poem i cried it really was good and i hope you can hang in there summer
Hey , i loved your poem. Im 13 yrs. old and i jus lost 2 dogs one of the age thirteen dat i got wen i wuz 1 and the other was only 6 months i got him(corky) rite after Louiebell)died they were both daschounds. and dats funny cuz rite now my family and me are lookin for eitha a english bull dog or a german shepard. neways ur poem made me cry. i really loved it!
I know of the special role a pet can play in one's life. I, too have had to make that sickening decision to end my dear Jodi's life due to illness. She was my child, my baby! I grieved for years, clung to our memories, and vowed never to love another. There could never be another to take her place! My husband worried and encouraged me to consider another pet for I had such deep sadness and emptiness. I reluctantly joined my husband when he went to look at a litter of new pups and found my new child, Abby.
This poem was amazing i feel for you and as i read it i cried.
hello i am 13 years old and when i saw this poem it reminded me of my loss for my very own dog max. max to me was like my brother and we grew up together until that one day were he left me to defend my self. and now i relise he isnt going to come back but he will always be in my heart.
We lost our 'first child' - our little King Charles Spaniel 15 years ago and yesterday a good friend had to put down his best mate of 13 years ago. I read your poem with a smile and a tear, as its just how we felt.
This poem really touched me coz I too lost my Dear Beloved Pet on 08-09-2006 at 04:07 p. m, which was only 2 yrs old. Every word in this poem is the exact way I feel. My Pet was more of a human to me. I considered that I didnt need anyone in the World for my Pet was all to me. But now im left all alone with just memories of that Little one. This poem is an real experience. Hats off to you Dear Poet. I would welcome poems of this sort in future. Regards Susan Mcpherson
A real heart touching poem. I too have lost a pet. I know how u feel. wonderful way of expressing your emotions.
I too have recently lost a 14 year old pet and have been devistated over her loss. Thanks for your lovely poem so well written. It does not cure all but it helps to know my feelings are normal and I'm not alone. GOD bless everyone especially our lost children that are in heaven playing together.
I have read many poems aout the loss of our pets. but "Barren" moved my heart and soul and I couldn't hold back the tears because it describes what I feel and what my Daughter feels after losing our Suki and Teddy. little Pomeranians but. really. litle furry humans. so thank you for sharing and helping people understand the deep sadness at losing our beloved pets. regardless of what kind of pet it is. God Bless You and Mahalo Nui Loa and Muchas Gracias. Aunty Marge
Moved me to tears. Everyone who loved and lost a dear pet can feel this poem in their hearts.
The poem was so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to your pet. I know how you feel because I lost my "RedDog" in 2001 from cancer. He was my best friend and companion for 10 years. I still grieve for him and miss him more as each day goes by. Some people think I'm crazy, but that's o. k. He meant more to me than most humans. If humans had the heart of such a pet, this world would be such a beautiful place. maybe even Heaven!
if i had to mark that out of 10 i would give u 20. cause that were excellent it really touched me. im workin on poems but i dont think i could ever think of something that good. if that were from a life experience im sorry xxx
This poem touched my heart in more ways than one, It has brought tears to my eyes, to think that I had a similar feline friend that filled my friendship void, and now she's gone, the pain is more than what anyone else could understand.
I loved this poem because I had a pet die not even a year ago. and all the words in this poem reminded me of my emotions for my dog, it made me cry, but not tears of hollowed sadness. true treas of rememberance.
that poem is so touching a no how it felles to lose sum1 so close it realy touched me sorry 4 ur lose xxxxxxxxxxxxx
that was sweet but sad saying how you felt.
it fell like it was my dog for a momment so good so sad. All the sadness in my heart went too the top. it felt like somethink is gona happen next i don`t no any way keep writing more poems up i can not wait to read it
Your poem was really really nice I know just how you feel I lost my loving cat named Dallas and losing him tore my world in two thanks for letting me know I wasnt the only one felling or having this happen to me.
I myself write a lot of poetry, and that perfectly drew a beautiful and heartfelt picture of the pain that one can suffer when a beloved pet is taken from us. It really made me well up inside as i have experienced these emotions. Animals love us unconditionally, and this feels irreplacable when we lose them
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your doing well.
the poem really made me cry because it made me think about my pet which was like a child to me she was hit by a car i always thought it was my fault and i still do, i will never forget her,i will especially not forget the ways she would cheer me up when something was wrong, the kisses she gave me to show how she really loved me,i will especially miss her barking, and talking to me,but i know that she would want me to be happy because she is in a good place, but i can not help myself from crying.
I really know where you are coming from because I too have lost a best friend. He's my puppy snooper, oh how I love him I really do miss him.
this poem just brought tears too my eyes i had to have my cat put to sleep a couple of weeks ago and it killed me she was my best friend ! its nice to know iam not the only one who feels so strongley about there pet ! thank you ! jackie . xxxx
This poem was very touching the author wrote a great poem. I loved it.
BRAVO. this is an extremely touching poem and the way you poured your heart out is real deep!
Anyone who has lost a beloved pet can certainly relate to this poem--the pets are more like our children, and we grieve for them for a long time after they leave us---I do believe I'll meet them again at The Rainbow Bridge though! Emilie
I loved this poem. I lost my dog recently and I know how it feels. I really needed a poem like this because of a weird feeling inside that told me to fin one and this met the critiriea
This Poem is excellent, I have been searching all night for a poem that would make me cry; which mind you isnt an easy task for me, but this poem it made me cry, twice in fact when i read it over again. It reminded me of my old bird who died, he had a fit, due to stress from hitting a rotating fan, we really loved him, it has been about 1 and a half years since his death.
I loved this poem. I just lost my puppy today, and now I know that I am not alone. I wanted to die. This was the worst days of my life. This poem made me cry, a lot! I loved the poem, but it did not make me feel better, b/c it was only saying what I was feeling.
I lost my cat on January 21st. It was 4:30 a. m. and he was sleeping in my bed and he had a heart attack. I cry for 3 days and just can not let Tiger go. When I read this poem I cried. And think of Tiger. You poem has touched me like no humane can. Thank you!
this poem really dug deep into my heart. my dog passed away a few years ago and it tore me up inside - he was my best friend and nothing will ever replace him. i really love this poem even if it made me cry.
Hey I just wanted you to know that the poem had brought back memories of my own! I also had a german shepard named misty! She also died! She had bone cancer so we had to put her down! Through my eyes, she wasn't a dog but a close friend who would always be there for me! When I lost her, I cried for days and couldn't get over the fact that i lost her! But i am VERy sorry for your loss! And i hope all goes well with you in the future!
it was a good poem
Wow! This poem really touched my heart. I cried really hard. See, I have a 13 yr. old Maltese. He is my world, my happiness. He has congestive heart failure and is on medication. Its only a matter of time. I can't imagine my life without him. When I cry, he knows, so I try and not cry in front of him. I love him so. Thank you for this poem.
It was very good and I felt like I could fill your pain because I too have loss one just as dear
This poem could have come right out of my heart. Nine months ago I lost my sixteen year old Chihuahua,Booboo and time has not taken the pain away. I still miss him as much as I did the day he died. I visit his grave and talk to him. Tomorrow I will tell him about your beautiful poem.
I lost my daughter three days before Christmas this year and she was "special". She was 7 and had cerebral palsy. I know your poem was about your pet but it touched me just the same. I since have gotten two dogs. I'm sorry for your loss.
this poem is the best i have ever heard in my life. my hands are tembeling because i have been baling my eyes out, i am only twelve but i lost a pett . she was not only a pet we did everything together, we slept together, danced, attempted to sing. here i go again. i tried to hold it in and this made it come out. i love this poem i miss lexi so much! i need her i always try to thinnk what i did wrong to make her leave. so yeah i love this poem.
muy bien
i believe this is a 100% fully touchable poem. it deserves a 10 out of 10. i have. had. a pet cat named Shadow. that died almost a year and a half ago. this poem touched my heart more than words can say. it's really a good poem!
encapsulates for me the loss - of the child, friend, and companion which my own dog of 16 years was. thanks
Mortality is a thing that people fear and worry about, and most forget to stop and do the thing that is before that. When you lose a loved one it makes you realize that you must try to love and touch someone else as they touched you.
I have three dogs of my own and i totally understand this lady. My heart and my prayers goes to her. What a precious poem she wrote!
this is exactly what i've been trying to say for 2 years now. it discribes the feelings i've never been able to write down perfectle. really nice!
i also lost a few pets over the years thay where all speal to all of the family the one that i still cant get over was my poodle jake i think of himm every day your poem was great
when i read this i started to cry for you see i too have a pet a dog mia she is my world and if i ever less her i will go insane
I loved this poem so much. I know how the poet feels I lost one of my MOST dear pets he was a shitzew and his name was max I got him for christmas of eather 2001 or 2002 and I loved him so much his birthday was the same day as mine;November 9. He died August 1, 2003 I still cry because I miss him. And just reading this poem made me cry. yours truly, Melissa In memory of Max;November 9, 1996 to August 1, 2003
What a beautiful poem. Thankyou so much for expressing in words the relationship we share with our "children" "our precious little ones". The words of this poem i will cherish forever the sun shone in the dark place in my heart for just a moment and i thankyou
i think this poem is beuteful becuz ilost my dag when i was only 3 it was my first pet i ever had in my life i let him outside and a car hit him my dad was mad it was my birthday i just turned 4 so i upset now i'm 13 and i still miss him i wish he was still here but he's not comeing back so my mom and dad go me more dogs and a cat with a ginnie pig but i still want dan that was this name i want to pet him and give he a bath all the ather stuff that i didn't do i loved him with all my heart
wow this is such an amazing poem! it truly touched me and mad me cry ,ive lost animals too particularly a cat named harley who i loved soo much! ,its so hard to deal with and i admire your courage for writing such an amazing poem
I know the filling of a lost pet. Don't worey the filling will pass.
I just lost my Katie after 15 1/2 years of love and devotion; my constant companion; my light in the dark days of past hurts. Oh, how my heart aches, how my gut wrenches with loneliness. Thank you for such a lovely poem and letting me knokw that I am not alone.
This poem is realy sad, it made me cry.
this poem realy touched me cuz i lost the most preasious thing in the world to me not just my pet,but my friend. she ment allot to me but i forgot that she was very old and that every morning she woke was a gift not a givin'.
I can relate to this poem the loss of a pet is like a deep pain inbedded in your very soul I thin its because they always love you no matter what
Your poem touched my heart in two different ways. I lost my black lab (Faith) a year ago on Aug. 14. I miss her and love her so much and I know that she is taking care of us because she always did. I think about her all of the time. Oh, what I would give if I could just kiss her nose, give her a hug, play frisbee with her or just see her. Between 8-30-05 and 9-14-05 I had my 3 grandbabies (miniature schnauzers) in the hospital with pancreatitis. I call them my grandbabies because I have their mom and dad, but they are all mama's babies. The Dr did not think that LB-Little Boy was going to make it, but he slowly pulled threw. Lexi, mama's baby girl and Frosty, mama's little angel did not appear to be as sick as LB, but they were put in the hospital because they were still very sick. All of my babies turned 9 months old on Sept. 3 and all of them were in the hospital. My little baby girl, Lexi, passed away on September 6, 2005 at the age of 9 months and 3 days. That was a Tuesday morning that I never wanted to come. The following Tuesday was my 31st birthday. I know that God called her home, but that doesn't make the pain any easier. She had surgery when she was 3 months old on her heart to correct a PDA and a heart murmur. It corrected the PDA and helped the heart murmur, but it did not completely go away. I have to tell myself that he took her from us so she would not have to go through congestive heart failure later in life. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that have lost a loved one. Please include me in yours because I need all the prayers and all of Lexi's love that I can get. Sorry this is so long, but they are my babies and I miss them so much.
I loved it & I know how it feels to lose a pet. my dog Jasmine, died June 9, 2005 & I love dogs but I don't have any & it makes me miss her more. I really loved your poem
I recently put my dog to sleep because she developed cancer thruout her lungs and organs. Your poem and feelings for your dog brought me to tears about how I treasure my feelings about my dog. Her nam was Bagels and she was wxactly 10 yrs old. She had so many friends because she actually voiced her throat sounds to everyone she met. She always made everyone smile. They all knew her in PETSMART. thank you for the beautiful poem.
That was such a beautiful poem. Although I have been blessed to give birth to two beautiful little boys, the love I have for my 12 year old dog is so strong. I got her when she was just 4 weeks old and had to give her formula. Raven is like a daughter to me and I can't imagine the pain I will endure when God calls her home. May the author of this poem know that she is in my heart. Though nothing will ever replace the pet she lost, I pray she finds a new little angel to help her carry on.
this poem touched me. almost 2 years ago, i lost my dog to cancer & i really thought the world was ending. for some time, i had no idea what i would've done with my dog, she was like my best friend. and she was really young too, had at least 7 more years of living. well, keep up the good work! RIP Blossom. I love you.
that was a real nice poem, i lose two of my best pals in one week, one went missing i worried for three days only to come home from work to find my other dog had been put to sleep. one week has gone by and i still feel like someone has kicked me in the guts, again that was a pretty poem.
To share that strong of a love for an animal means a lot. that love will never end!
I give this poem 10/10 because i had a white german sheperd who had to put down a couple of months ago for a conjested heart, he as 12 years old and he was a member of our family and it was very sad to lose him, it tore the rest of the family apart and i would like to show how this poem shows how we all felt and how its funny it hapenend to you too, thankyou katherine x R. I. P max x
wow i really was touched by your poem i almost felt like i wanted to cry you are a very wonderful poet that was very good
This poem. it´s fantastic. I has lost my dog yesterday. she was with me for 7 years. but now she´s gone. I miss her so. When I read your poem. I cry.
I love poems, especially this one. My family and I recently got a puppy about 4 months ago,when we got him I just fell in love with him. I've had anilmals before but I was younger and they didn't mean as much to me, I cant imagine loosing my baby "rocky". Thank you for writing your poem to help me realize that.
I love your poem. I have lost a dog that was my world not to long ago. So I know how it feels.
Heya Kit. That poem made me cry. I am 15 years old and have mad my dog for 3 years now. i have lost a dog too and i too held him in my arms until his very last beat. i know he will always be with me, like yours will be with you. sometimes i still hear him walking behind me. so thank you
this is a very great poem it made me almost cry because thats i fill and still fill from my pets that have died
This story was incredible i have never heard anything like it- remember even if averybodys says this take it from me your special friend is in a better place now and i'm sure he thanks you for giving him a wonderful time on earth.
it was great
i know how you feel about losing a pet. i lost my dog Harley back in December. i had a hard time getting threw the loss of my best friend. i always thought i wonder what it would be like with out him here, then on day i found out and it was sad i am truly lost with out him. it was hard for the first few months but then i finally relized that life moves on and eventually you are going to have to move with it. so my advice would to be to take way to many pictures. i have like 4 pics of Harley and they stay with me where ever i go. i eventually got a new dog named Jack and he is my best friend now. so you will be able to find a new best friend but not as good as the old one.
Well i'm not barren, but I understand how it feals to loose a pet. My cat was my best friend, the only one that didnt care what i had done, he always knew when i was sad and always tried to comfort me. He died from eating something he shouldnt of. And I tried my best to save him, i spent over $600 trying to save him. But he died, and I miss him dreadfully.
Our pets are truly our most wonderful children. Never do they give us grief except when they pass. This poem is so very beautiful. Again you made me cry.
i like these one i know how you feel.
this poem moved me to tears. as i have an 11yr. old boxer"runt" who has been my best friend, faithful companion, always watching out for his family. as he grows grayer each day he still plays like a puppy. but time is cruel and mean, he now has lost his hearing, and sleeps too much. i tell my friends and family someday his little face and those pointed ears in the shadow of my front window will no longer be there to see me come and see me go. that will be the saddest part and this too will break all of our hearts. i always tell him baby you have to live forever!
i really enjoyed this poem even though it made me cry keep up the good work holla back
I like this poem because I once had a pet name was Smokey. One day I came home and he was gone. Whan I read this poem I cried my eyes out. "I MISS U SMOKEY".
i am sorry
This poem reminds me of my cat, Sanosuke. April, 26, 2002-January,6,2005.
omg. i lost a pet a few months ago and i was scanning through these when i saw this one i read it a half hour ago and im still balling my eyes out i was a cutter and after i came out of the hospital my mom gave me a presisent and a few months ago he died his name was rocky and he had liver cancer i will never forget him and now im a tattoo artist modifcation artist and peircer and i have his name and picture on my back but still i cant bare to think of him i love yer poem and best of luck
Sorry of what happened to your pet, I have also a pet, I love him so much that I can give him all I have just to make him satisfied to me, I love my dog,so I take care of him so so much, Your poem make me cry so much! Youre a good poet! Really I like also your poem Seek not my heart!
i think that poem was one of the best i'v heard! i lost my cat last year because of cancer and it kills just thinking about it she was so lovely. but by reading that poem it made me realize how wonderful it was to have her with me for so long
This is a very great poem because i lost my dog and i was always so happy to come home to him and now walks around the yard don't have any charm
5 stars,two thumbs up i lost a beloved beagle about a year ago
your poem means a lot, my grandma lost a dog a couple of years ago and she felt how you felt with him. she thought of him as a human too. and she was heart broken when he died your poem is beautiful
I loved this poem because a little over a year ago I lost my childhood pet. She was my dog since I was six years old, and I lost her to cancer. I still miss her very much and not a day goes by when I don't think of her. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem to express the effect of a loss like that. I know how you feel.
unbelievable, great piece of poetry
This is truly a touching poem i will not forget. My name is Diana, and i'm 11. that poem made me burst out in tears. i just wanted to let you know that was a truly wonderful poem. Thanks
i loved this poem. it actually made me cry. it reminds me of my little doggie. shes the only reason i am happy everyday. if something wre to happen to her,. i wouldnt love life the way i do.
this poem really touched me. i lost my dog of 11 years yesterday. she was more than a dog or a pet to me, she was a huge part of my life and a family member. she was such a good dog. i want to thank you for writing this poem, it really made me cry and it is a beautiful poem.
This poem is what iv'e been feeling like for three years. I had a window, and everyday he was there waiting for me when i would come home. After three years it is still hard to imagine he's not there waiting. The only comfort and still tears, I still feel in some way he is there watching for me. I couldn't have said it better. I have two new cats, and lost another just after he died. Took the leap and adopted another, but she died just before her four month birthday, was devastated. Now I have two, love them with all my heart, but still miss my last two dearly. This poem said it all for me
i would have to say that the poem you wrote was sweet i had to put my dog to sleep yesterday due to cancer so i miss her and my kids miss her so much we feel that are household is not the same
I thought that your poem was lovely. My rabbit, who I have had for 7 years just passed away today. we had to put him down this morning and I have been crying all day. he was like a human to me and I saw him as my own brother. I'm glad that someone else knows what it feels like.
I lost another of my lovlies a month ago. This is such a beautiful memorial. Bless you.
My pet died a year ago and I think I know how you feel.
hi my name is alice. my beloved dog was 17 years old,i had him ever since he was 6weeks old. his name is ralph. my dog died october 10 2004 at 5:20 sunday morning. i could not put in words what i felt about my dog. your pome did it for me. god bless thank you
That's such a beautiful poem. pets are missed just as much as people in death. They play an important role. Loved the poem; it brought teras to my eyes. Your dog sounds so special. I hope in time, the pain gets easer to deal with xxxx
I love this poem! And yes, I cried. I had my cat put to sleep just a few months ago. I had had her since I was maybe 10 or 11 and I am 22 now. She was my baby. When I moved out I couldn't take her with me so I just got to see her when I went to my mom's. It's hard going down there now because she's not there and it hurts so much. I do know your pain.
Your poem was lovely. it really touched me and made me cry remembering my little dog :(
i just lost my dog that i have had for 14 years. sinde i was born and it hurts so. bad worse than i ever thought it would! and i dont know how to cope with it and when i read this poem i started to ball my eyes out! i related to my life i had with my dog so. much! i miss my dog to death and this poem is really hepling me. i read it everyday and i just think of her and i cry. thats my way of dealing with my special "child" my pet! i thought of her as my own and i love her. well this poem is excellent!
Hi i am so sorry about ur pet what kind was it? Im so sorry!
i9 juct cried all the way through this peom and i am still crying while im typing this. I know what you mean, I had to put down my cat the day after my 21st brithday, its been 7 months and i still cry nearly every day,she was my best friend. thankyou for letting me read this
thanks you've really made my day even though you don't realise.
That was a very moving poem and very well written and really sad, but a really nice poem.
I just lost my dog of ten years a week ago. He had a cancerous tumor in his throat and I had no choice but to end his pain. I have cried everyday. Shadow was my best friend. Your poem really touched me. It helped me feel a little better knowing that others loved their pet as much as I loved mine. Thanks
My Great aunt lost her cocker spaniel (PENNY) of fifteen years today. I want her to have something to look at when she is overcome with grief at the loss. This poem is wonderfully written and should be proudly displayed for all to see!
This poem was by far one of the most touching poems I've read. I almost cried thinking about my cat that passed away a short time ago. After $600 worth of vet bills he was gone, but will forever live on in my heart. The weird thing is that if I could do it again I would in a second because he brought me so much happiness and joy, even if I had to pay another $600 I would do it if I could have only one more day with him. This was a very touching poem, good luck to you. Age 16
this poem reminded me of the way i feel about my lost pete (peepers) and phoebe (little miss) . They were stolen from me on christmas day in 2001. Pete was found run over by a car,,,my little phoebe has never been found. Every time i drive up the driveway i still look for their little faces in the window, and if i look real hard i can still see a shadow of them. So,,,,this poem really hit home for me.
I had a rabbit who died , so I was choking up.
I loved the poem. It was very good and it made me cry.
i lost a pet and this is the first poem i read about losing a pet,a friend, and its nice to know their are people who under stand my pain because laughed at me when i cried over the loss of my cat,my cat was my best friend,thank you for having the guts to post this i know i would not have
This poem really touched me. My parents and I had a shitzu for 17 years. We had to put him down. It was the hardest decision one could make. We all got to hold him and tell our good bye's and how much we love him and are going to miss him. His breathing was so fast. Brendal(that's his name)was a daddy's boy. They were always together. When my dad held Brendal for the last time his breathing got so peaceful. I can't explain all the emotions my family and I were having. I'm sorry for the loss of your pet. I really loved this poem. It really touched my heart. Thank you! God Bless You!
I loved your poem, It happened to me once also, and it really makes me happy that i can find someone that can write about what i have been feeling for so long. Thanks
thank you for writing this i truly know how you feel , I lost my best friend my beloved cat last year , by being hit by a car. It was as though my whole world fell apart and has never been the same , she was everything that poem was , it brought tears to my eyes remembering all the memories we had ,thanks I now know I'm not alone . their should be more people who have a love for animals. thanks
I really love your poem. I just lost my 14 year old dog. I've had her ever since I first started walking. Its been so hard to accept the fact that shes not here anymore. Your poem really touched me and im going to try to write a poem of my own for her,i doubt it would be as good as yours though :)
I can relate so much to this poem. I just had my cat of 6 years put to sleep yesterday. It was probably the hardest thing for me. I know in a year it will still hurt because my cat was my life, but your poem really touched me.
i loved the poem because it effected me deeply, i started crying. i lost my dog 'Bambi' not even a year ago in june and my family had her even before i was born so i had her all my life so it was even harder for me because she had always been there for me. Thankyou for a wonderful poem!
your poem explains your emotions so well, its hard to loose the ones you love, i know i lost my pet cat a 2 years back, and the following year i lost my dad. No one can get over death, but we can only deal with it over time, never be afraid to cry!
This poem really touched me. I have this dog, and hes getting kind of old, and I know he will go someday
this really made me cry and remember two dogs that left me so long ago. Thank its a beautiful poem.
The Poem BARREN by Kit McCallum is beautiful. I couldn't help tearing. It not only reminded me of all the dogs I've had all my life and the last one I have now about 8 and 1/2 years old. and even of my wife who passed away several years ago. It is a beautiful poem. Thank you.
This is a heart warming poem. Very sad but also inspiring.
I just lost my horse and its ben a while. like a few months an i still cry everyday. She was full or personality and this poem is so true
You definitely know how to make words sound beautiful! I burst out into tears while i was reading your poem because i feel lots and lots of sympathy for you. I wrote a poem about my beloved dog on a poem site and all i got back was a whole load of critisism from people saying i must be a low life to write about my dog but he means so much to me! Your a great writer! :)
This poem was just simply the best! It made me cry :*( . i lost my dog two years ago. and this poem just moved me. You did a great job Kit.
This poem really touched me. I lost my dog of 10 years yesterday. He is the only pet I or my family has ever had. He holds all of my childhood memories. I am completely grieve stricken without him.
Thank you for this lovely poem. My cat, Tibby, died two years ago at the age of 14. He was more human than some people I know! I love and miss him dearly! Thank you again.
I competely understand the feelings in this poem. I miss my pet something awful, this is such a good poem.
I want to say that you are a beautiful writer of expressing your feelings about animals. I, to have lost my beloved pet, & once again felt your pain as well as mine over again, after reading it. Not many people in this world appreciate the love of an animal, but our beloved pets help to shape who we are and allow us to love in a special way. I am glad to know there are others out there like me who value the love of our pets, as children of our own. God Bless
this poem almost made me cry it was so beautiful. i know how it feels to lose someone or something so special to you as that happened to me just a year ago too. it often brings tears to my eyes just remembering the moments my dog and i once shared so i understand and this poem opens everything you have and just makes all those emotions stur. its just wonderful and very touching.
My friend is preparing to loose her sweet, sweet dog to cancer. This poem is so perfect. So often we feel as if we are alone in our feelings of loss after our pets die.
This poem is of such intense and haunting yet fragile beauty, it brought tears to my eyes, because I recognize myself so well in it. I too have no childeren (though willingly) and lost my beloved cat now three years ago, he was almost 13 when he caught a very aggressive form of bone cancer. When the vet told me that, it was like the earth was swept from beneath my feet. I had to move out because I could not bear the memories. I still miss him dreadfully every day.
This is such a beautiful poem. I can tell you loved your dog very much, much like I love mine! I can't imagine anything ever happening to him.
I to have lost my best friend his name was Onyx he was part of my life for seven years. The pain is so deep that at times i feel like i can not breath. I miss him more than words can say. I miss our daily walks and how he would run around after me. For those who say he was just a dog i say he was like my child.
Beautiful, simply beautiful. It captures the feeling of total emptiness and loneliness when left behind. This is how I felt when I lost my beloved dog last year, and still feel sometimes. It made me cry and that's a good thing!
I loved this poem - especially because I can feel a great part of the pain that Kit has gone/is going through. I lost a pet eight months ago and I still find myself aching . . . but I know he is in a better place.
this reminded me of my boxer peaches that died 2-14-00, a week after my aunt. I cried while reading it, i had her since i was 5, she was my baby.
i had a dog die too. i loed her soooo bad. The sad part was that when i went looking for her. my mother burst into tears and told she had died. she had been dead for almost three days. i don't knwo how i didn't know! So i just wanted you to know. i feel your pain.
It was a really touching poem! I lost my dog three years ago and I still haven't got over her, I miss her so much. Rest In Peace, Tuffs. 1984-1999.
I just had to put my beloved Ashley to sleep 3/18/02 at the age of 15 yrs. She was my 1st Lhasa & the most loving, devoted companion I ever had. I was with her until the end and my heart is breaking. I will miss her and love her forever.
I had 2 cat for years. Till they got diesease's and had to be put down. It is the hardest thing for me to deal with, but I wanted to tell you thank you for understanding. Advise for some people never say it's just a (cat,dog,ect. ) you can a new one. Some things you can't replace.
How I understand your feelings, I lost my dog almost 2 years now but she lives in my heart. Despite having 5 others, I am still grieving, no words are deep enough to tell what she brought into my life. Your poem is true and lovely, it comes direct from the heart
i really enjoyed the poem although i do not have a pet i think it is sweet i know how it feels to lose someone you love
i feel your pain cause me dog died on 2/15/02 that dog was like a brother to me i miss him dearly i wish he was still here with me so i could hold him in my arms just one last time and when i read your poem i just bust into tears
oh my dog died on 1-9-02.and it's still hard on me. GREAT POEM.u made me think of my dog, Dixie.
I have to say that this is an amazing poem. Having 3 dogs in my home and one which is my own since i was 12 has been my beautiful shadow ever since i got her. the affection and company animals are is amazing and to loose my very own would break my heart. your poem is amazing and touched me. it sounds like your dog must have had a great life and she was very lucky to have you.
like this poem alot and sorry to hear about your dog pasting
I love your poem so much. It is so beautiful and it made me cry. I lost my puppy 6 months ago and I still cry myself to sleep every night. She wasn't even one year old yet. She got run over on the highway near our house and I was the one that found her. I have never been able to express my feelings into words but your poem did just that. It is so good to see that pets are missed just as much as humans
It made me cry, and a poem that can touch someone like that is truly a good poem.
This was soooo hard for me to read, my dog Bennie died last year from cancer at only 3yrs. old. Heartbroken is the only way to describe how i felt (and still do). I held her the minute she was born, and i held her as she died. I will love her for ever.
I lost my beloved cat Holli 6 months ago.and no one seems to understand. I've been told "it's just a cat", but she wasn't to me. She was much, much more. She was my child, as I also am childless. Thank you for showing me that I am not alone in feeling so strongly in losing a beloved animal.
i loved your poem i printed it out and taped it to my wall. I have a toy poodle and she is the greatest dog in the world. i'd die if i ever lost her.
we feel just the same about our dogs its nice to know there are goodowners out there
That was a beautiful poem. I just lost my beloved dog Gabriel, yesterday.he was my bestfriend and I feel so numb and incomplete without him.I wish I could hold him one last time.
tHIS WAS A ROVING POEM THQT BROUGHT GREAT GUSHY TEARS TO MY EYES. I now know that others also have had that feeling of loss when it comes to their pets. I .lost my great bulldog grudy in stove fire while cooking up some fried snails as a part of my insect diet that should lose me some major punds. hopedully I will not have lost only Grudy but some of my treacherous weight. Loves always and with the great respect of all animals(bulldogs especially)
Kit. I loved your poem. It made me cry. We lost our dog after 12 years. She was killed by another dog. It takes a long time to get over. It has been about 4 years and It still hurts. It was a very touching poem.
That poem touched my heart.right now, im dealing with the same problem. The dog i had since i was born passed away not too long ago and i still feel the pain, 16 years with her, but i'd like to say im glad there is someone who seems to understand.
i lost my pet cat when i was ten. my parents had gotten it a few months before I was it was around for my whole life and then when she died it broke my heart. your poem made me cry.
I believe everyone who has lost a beloved pet can relate to this poem. Very nice wording, and I could really feel the emotion seeping out as I read your poem. I would love to see you write more and really expand on your talent! :)
it was a very sad and moving poem. but i still like
i love this pom.. but im sorrry to hear what has happend because im going to have to get rid of 2 dogs i truly love..
I really liked your poem. When i read your poem it made me think of my cat that i lost and loved very dearly.
What a beautiful poem! It was very hard to read through the tears that it brought to my eyes. I too can truly understand the pain of losing such a precious friend. I still miss my last litte one that I had to put down last month. She was the only one that I stayed with until the end. They all brought me such joy, but the pain when you lose them is sometimes almost more than one can bear. Thank you for the poem
I just lost my little dog T-Bone, and everything you said in the poem is how I feel in my heart for my pet.
One word...Beautiful.
What a good poem. The use of word is so good. What an awsome poem.
I'm glad someone else can reflect my feelings also on paper. I only regret that I do not share the talent you do. Barren makes me cry harder than I ever have before, since I think of my little one, Lucky, who died of cancer this past August. I will never let go of him, like you won't let go of yours. Thanks. =_)
I share your feelings. Made me cry.
I thought your poem was tear jerking, Well atleast you know your pet is in a better place. There is a nother pet out there that needs the same love you gave your animal , and I wish you the best of luck finding another one!
Dear Kit, I'm sorry about your pet. I have just today felt the same feeling. My only dog died tonight in my arms as i held him tight. He was sick with a "cold" the vets said but when we came home one day and wouldnt walk i knew something was up. anyway i wrote to say i love your poem "barren". I am an only child with an only dog and yeah have a good life

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