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This poem was written just after the death of a very dear friend and fellow writer. It's one of those feelings where you know you did a lot and you cared, but you feel you could have done more in retrospect. Scattered thoughts that go through your mind when you loose someone near and dear to you. It was my way of venting all of those varied emotions onto paper.

Scattered Echoes

Flowers for a grave,

Both dainty and distressing,

As tears escape twin rivers of the soul.

Convenient time I gave,

Infrequently expressing,

The sentiment between routine and role.

Words left unspoken,

Considered unnecessary,

Sunshine and shadows, petals and tears.

Now the bridge is broken,

The chance was temporary,

To cross back and stroll through tender years.

Eulogies and regret,

As mysterious as Jade,

I failed to say just what I really meant.

A cemetery debt,

For love that went unpaid,

And greeting cards I never even sent.
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38 Visitor Comments

i loved this poem, it really touched me, i just lost my grandpa and uncle, and now i sit here thinking why didnt i call more offten to just say i love u
great poem i really understand how you felt when you wrote the poem you see i lost a really good friend to me infact it was the same person i was going to marry so you brought up feelings i've had since then that i always pushed aside i thank you!
Todd, Thank you for writing the words my heart couldn't speak. You broke my dam of tears and gave me release. I have never been so touched and affected by someone elses words.
This poem really touched me because it made me realize that once a person has died that is it. They can no longer hear when you say I love you, accept flowers and cards etc. Makes me want to do all I can for a person while they are alive and well just as we want one to do for us.
That poem really touched me!
I have lost more people close to me in my 31 years than most lose in their entire life, this poem really spoke to me, I know exactly the space you were in when you wrote it. Thank you for sharing.
This realy touched me hard. I lost my dad last year and Im 15 now and im sitting here crying because i miss him alot and i wounder every day if i made things right with him before he died. this is a great poem and it tells the truth!
I loved your poem. It really had heart. Keep writing, Your good. Don't let your taltent go to wast.
I just love this poem and it means something to me
i loved it. It reminded me when my stepmom died and all i thought about is all the times i never told her how much i loved her.
i loved your poem, i know what its like to lose someone special.
your poem made me realize somethings that i've not wanted to think of. i'm fourteen years old and last year a very close friend of mine died, we were 13 at the time, she died in a car accident. and even though it's been almost a year (it will be in November) i can still feel the open space that i fear will never be filled. your poem brought out somethings that i've thought about but always shoved to the side because it hurt too much. Thank you very much, i loved it.
I want you to know that your feelings are so close to my own ; I just lost my father, and this beautiful poem echoes my feelings so much.
i would rate this poem 1billion if i could! I found out just today that a friend of mine died, and i should have spent more time with him then what i truly did. i miss him and i LOVE this poem.
A poem that is very sad, but also very well. -Markus
It's hard to lose someone you love, but you always have other people to help you. I realy loved your poem.
Your poem touched me and I thank you for sharing your poem with the world. It gives me hope that there is life left in me. I just lost someone who was close to me and I don't know what to say or even where to go from here. But I know now that I should express my feelings and learn to cherish the people around me because life is short. Well I just wanted to say thank you.
This poem truley shows the reality of losing someone dearly speacil to them. I recently have lost my brother, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I would give anything just to tell him how much we love him, and how much we miss him. It definately leaves scars physically and Mentally on the inside and the out, and no matter what, the reality is that you cannot change this no matter how hard you try. This poem is not only great but meanigful and sincere.
This poem really hit a nerve and left my senses numb. We have so many people in our very own lives that we rarely make time for. And it's always regret that reminds us where we could have made a better choice. "Greeting cards unsent" is a line many of us can relate to. Life is too short to assume that people know how you feel. Say it before the chance is over and all you have left is to put it in a poem.
it's quite touching. really let me think back of the time when my grandma die.
To Todd-Michael St. Pierre, This is a very nice poem. It really touches me. Keep up the good work.
I really like the poem. It makes you relaize that life is short and that when you keep putting things off to a later time. Although that time might never come because it could end in a blink of an eye.
Great work. He could really express his mind.
i loved you poem. i lost oe of my dear feriends and i loved him and wanted to tell him but he got shot and killed halloween night and i never got to tell him that i really loved him
Your poem is beautiful. Your regrets show your love. Time softens the edges. What we "meant" to say is now known. Love is all forgiving. Take life one day at a time.
My dad jus recently died of lung cancer in march, and i really miss him. the day he passed is the day i told him i would b ok without him, but he couldn't respond because he was in a coma. Now i wished I would of told him sooner so he could of responded. the question that lingers on and on in my mind is, did he hear what i said that day, or not?
This poem really hit home with me. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 12 and even though he thanked me everyday while he was alive for everything that I have done for him, I still feel as if there was more that I could have and should have done. Sometimes our deepest regrets are what change the way we are today.
The honesty and rawness of your poetry is striking- it expressed those feelings that we often deem inexepressable!
I lost my dad 2 years ago when i was 12 and i didnt get to do alot with him cuz we never really had the chance to. i only got to see him like 2 times a week then when he died i regreted that i didnt do enough 4 him this poem relates alot how i feel too im sorry
This poem really touches my heart cos I juz lost a good fren too, to a car accident. She was studying abroad, and was always online but I haven't been talking to her for a long while due to my exams and school work, thinking we would have plenty of time during the hols, but now my exams aren't even over yet and she's already gone.
This is great. I am sorry that your friend died.
You are a wonderful and inspirational writer. Your poem touched my inner soul, and brought tears to my eyes. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading!
I really like this poem. Someone close to me resently died and that is exactly how i feel. Thank you for writing this.
Excellent.So sad,but very true.The poem has a great tone..the real sadness of parting..and the 'I could've done more.' was well-expressed.
this poem is so cool but yet so sad
Flows well and evokes emotion.
Great poem. Went straight to the heart.

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