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This is a tough poem to write a description for. How can you describe pure emptiness, overwhelming uselessness, nonethingness. there was no special circumstance which led me to write this poem. These are simply feelings I deal with on a daily basis. I know there must be others out there who share similar feelings, therefore I'm willing to share this quite personal piece.


Void, canceled, simply annulled.
Endlessly aching, unconsoled.
Life without you, cause without reason.
Touch without sense, time without season.
I face life now facing a cancerous sore,
A sordid parasite that eats at my core.
All that makes me whole, all I hold deep within,
Leaving me lifeless, or at least not livin'.

A shallow face, anguished and marred.
An empty space, scaled and scarred.
Sweetly abiding to a cynical charade.
Secretly hiding 'hind a fictitious facade.
Still, lost within this heart of glass,
This fragile and yet unfeeling mass.
Lies the remains of a love that glowed,
The gift to you I once bestowed.

But honor and pride now bereaved-
By your love for me so misconceived,
Ripped from my inner depths, impeding-
Mind and body and spirit, bleeding;
Now's crushed to sand from thy ruthless hand,
A cold stare I just can't understand.
I feel that somehow, somehow I'm dying,
At least my soul and all that's underlying.

A simple void, is that what I've become?
The hollowed sphere on a pendulum.
Swinging back and forth, emotion to emotion,
Never once stopping, nor slowing the motion.
No reason, no answer, no justification.
The creation of a sterile imagination.
Just passing through time as time passes me.
Merely a nothing- nothing, merely, left to be.
Sightless and soundless, unseen and unheard.
Mindless and boundless, obscure and absurd.
All empathy lying ungraced, unemployed,
I live my life dying, unembraced, a void.

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106 Visitor Comments

this was a real good poem. decribes how i feel most days of the 16 years of life. good job bye
Love it. I used this poem to send a message to someone i loved and who broke my heart. thats exactly how i feel, thank you for writing it
That was an amazing poem. It really describes how I have been feeling lately. Keep it up!
It's really difficult to put the feelings of depression into words, let alone in a poetic form that truly depicts how one feels when depressed. I'm going through yet another bout of depression, and this time I've added counseling. It's endless. It's empty. It's definitely a void. Michael Anderson's poem titled "Void" touched me by reflecting the exact feelings I've had (and am currently experiencing again). it helped, even if only for a moment, to know I wasn't alone.
wow you just told my story, i no how you feel , i love this peom keep it up
That about spells it out. Awesome poem!
It's just brilliant
claire maree
my shrink really thinks somethings wrong wiht me because apparently, i shouldn't feel like your poem. still, that doesn't stop me from liking it.
Michael, even though you are no longer here with us, I really loved your poem and I know a lot of people miss you.
luz de la luna
wow. truely this is an amazing poem. thank you so much for sharing something so personal with other people. i am going through one of those situations youve expressed what i cant ever come close to expressing in anything i do or say. thank you truely from the bottom of my heart thank you
I love this poem much thought and I feel what you were feeling I sent this to my boyfriend which have recently betrayed me thank you Michael
really 1st class
Michael, you have told my story. Due to mental illness that I fight every day, I too am void of emotions. Your poem was very thought provoking. I loved it. Keep up the good work.
Michael ~ Many of your phrases describing your experience of chronic, deepening helplessness of depression eroding your self from within, of its own volition (helplessness again, leaving a void ~ nothingness, emotionless (apathy from 'learned helplessness'?) left NOT a Void but a resonating 'Reassurance'for one who has experienced the chronic 'dying alive' of one who remains "unconsoled" . "unembraced". The phrases you have created from "helplessness" speak POWERFULLY ~ putting the world on notice that its failure to notice speaks of 'their' failure, not yours, as I 'hear' your 'proclamation' 'I AM' echoing from "the Void". Blessings Always,Cynthia
I could never explain how i really felt with having depression. Reading your poem was the first time that i felt someone understood what i am going through, and i thank you for that!
Freak With A Guitar
You are a really good writer and this is one of the best poems i have ever read! i loved your choice of words, and the whole time i wanted to read on and on! Keep writing
WOAH cool poem! It really rocks and its amazing. Touching and meaningful. Rock on!
I love it. it is so awsome!
This poem was beautifully articulated and it touched me deeply. I felt myself holding back the tears because i realise that i'm a void as well and it brought me to tears. i love this poem i printed it and hung it on my wall. great job! ^. ^
This poem is the best by far I have ever read on this site!
This poem is Great. I could not get past the fist two lines and i started to cry. TY Michael. God Bless you.
OMG i absolutely love love love this poem it is amazing every single line is so complicated yet simple there is so much there you have an AMAZING TALENT! wow the first time i read it i was dumbfounded and every time i read it i love it even more keep writing i wanna read more of your stuff it's really good muah
This poem was very sophisticated with the words you used. It was very detailed and it amazed me. Please Keep writing.
I think this poem is awesome. Honestly it gave me the chills it painted a picture in my head well yeah good job!
this poem was great i think that u should keep up the good work and dont stop writitng u found a away to get your fellings out and i know how it feels 2 loose a loved one but you got to keep your head up and this 2 shalll pass you cant give up u have to keep going dont feel like u cant go on because u can she/he is in a better place and will live forever in your heart--keep your head up
ey. dat was a rele gud poem . it made me think bout how hard it must be for ppl who have dem feelin's . n im sry u feel dat way n i hope u get threw ur pain and feel betta .
wow, absolutely amazing. i was so awed by your talent and just the amazing ability you showed in the way you used the words. as a poem it is absolutely perfect in form. and i wish i couldn't, but i can relate to what you wrote. and i just want you to know that one of the only things i have pride about is my poetry, and i have several published in books. but as far as i am concerned, this poem that you wrote is far better than anything i am capable of. please use your talent. it is a gift. thank you so much for your poem.
i love the poem, first off lovely vocab. used in correct context and used to help flow, unlike many people who try to force larger words into there poetry to seem more intelligent, it's clear you simply have a way with words, also the way the poem wraps around to end with reason for the title, a nice touch. on top of all this though i can relate to the poem, so it helps me to love it all the more, cheers to us who live a "depression high" Fallen.
speechless. purely speechless. this poem. just awsome. undesribable. great job keep it up!
I thank you for the poem i feel it is like me alot cept a few things. its really depressing to know i'm not the only one. but keep up the good work.
Very well written. You've captured a state of existance alot of people never imagined. But for those who know it all too well, or those who have been left behind as a suicide survivor, it explains what could be going on inside someone's mind that is so hard to put into words.
that was a nice long one and had some orsome scrptive words in it. this one is definetly a winner.
I love this poem. It decribces me inside out!
wow micheal. i think your poem was geat, some people just dont undertsand how we can feel, for a reason or another. i write poems very similar to yours and i think it was great. write more! good job!
wow. really really really nice. can't make anything else of it.
it's freakin awesome!
i sit here and read the words, striking a uneasy pain thro me. a poem about nothing that means so much thank you
best poem i ever read. the words just jumped out of the page and hit me hard. your word choice really helped me feel every emotion of each stanza. all these feelings cant be explained, but are just a part of life. take care
Woah! This is. probably the best poem I've read on this whole site so far. Not that there aren't other really great poems. But this one is my faverout. It's perfect. Everything's been said
This is the type of poem i would write. it is very well said and very well written. lets just say i liked it alot. good job.
that was amazing. i totally connected. ive been thru so much and i feel the same things u described.
I really liked this poems, it was great.
oh my god this was an amazing poem i was absolutely stunned it really describes the life i feel and live good going
I just thought that your poem was amazing. and i thought id let you know that I used it as my "favorite poem" in our poetry poem in my english class=) Just thought that might make you feel special?!
Hey, I really loved your poem. It touched me. I just want to let you know what a great poet you are. I hope you continue to write more poems. Maybe you'll get them published one day.
Wonderful and moving. Only people who have truly felt this way, can understand.
I felt like I was reading something i wrote. It was a very touching poem, it really made me feel like I wasn't completley alone with the way i feel. I appreciate the sharing of this beautiful masterpeice. I appreciate your thoughts being shared with me. You are truely an artist.
Whoa. This emplained me so much. I'm like bawling my eyes out. Thank you so much.
This poem is incredible! It's absolutely beautiful and I think you are a very talented writer. Thank you for your poetry, I enjoyed reading it very much. It has touched me.
this poem is very well written and shows lots of emotions
Oh my word. This is pure magnificence. I can't think of any more to say than that. My heart goes out to the author.
i loved your poem and thought it was really personal and it prolly took alot to put it on the net. thank u soooo much great poem!
WOW! is pretty much all i can say. WoW!
I really connected with your poem. i feel the same things everyday. i think about the same things. your poem was very touching. i have many poems just liek yours that i am just to afraid to post but your poem has given me cofidence and i would liek to thank you for that. so thanks
WOW. that just made my jaw drop. you really have a talent. good job!
This poem struck me right through the heart. I felt every word you said and was taken down by depression as i read this poem. This is one of my favorite poems, thank you for broadening my horizons
This poem touches the depths of my soul. As I read your poem. it felt as though it was written especially for me as I know the precise feelings expressed and you expressed them with such intensity. Very well written.
I was very impressed with this poem. Not only does it describe depression perfectly but it flowed and rhymed all the way through
this poem was very inspiring, it has touched and moved me, making my day.
I think it honestly rocks. keep up your expressions. it will do you well!
Good job!
hey. ur poem has really touched. i truly agree with whatever u've written because even at some point of life i've felt the same. speechless !
Void is a masterpiece. and may i suggest making a song from it. I loved it from start to finish!
This poem was incredible. Your vocabulary is extensive and how you put it into your poem gives it more meaning. I am truly touched by your work.
wow, your poem is unlike any other i have read. Your word usage is unbelieveable. Keep writting because you are one of the few that can create poetry with such a passion.
I am a poem junkie and to read something so touching that really touches home to me, gives me more strength to move on with each new day of my life. I greatly apreciate your words of choice. Thanks!
its a very deep poem. more than words can explain. it touched me and i really think it came from a beautiful mind which was hurt to many times. i think also that the poem is very lyrical. peace
I'm speechless. I don't know you but somehow I don't feel so inadequate. I don't feel so alone. Thank you for making my night. I'll never forget your words. Forever greatful…
Giving Poe a run for his money.
I just wanted to say this is one of the BEST poems I have read. It explained my life in whole. Thanks
i loved your poem it filled my heart with tears. Your poem has inspired many people and will probley help them relize the true meanings of life.
Thank you for your perfectly expressed emotion. With my love on nightshift, you express 'exactly' how I'm feeling. Keep Writing & publish*
Michael, How can I possibly express what this poem means to me. You have so much talent. Your poem touched me so much because I can relate to it and being a poet myself, I know that need to put things into words. Thank you for posting this on the web.
Amen, your poem is wonderful, it depicted for the less articulate what we feel. thank you
I almost cannot think of what to say besides my eyes blurred from tears while I was reading your poem. So much pain and I can only think who could have made you feel this way. Your writing is immaculate and so sorrowful that it touched my heart.
wow! This is amazing! I love it so much! It explains me! There is nothin ot say except wow!
Your peom is perfectly understood, all of your emotions seems to be parallel with mine. It is great!
Your poem is beautiful! My boyfriend is having a rough time with depression and your words really touched my heart. Thank you..
Brill! I hope you dont mind if I use this in my drama exam. We are doing a play on depression. Very good rhyming. consider writing more.
Wow. That's all I can really say, it fits what depression feels like so completely.
i think your poem was beautiful, and im sure it will touch the heartsof everyone who reads it
Thank you Michael for sharing your emotions. I really enjoyed your poem and hope that you have filled that void.
All I can say is that you can express yourself very well. The way you weave your thoughts into words is amazing.. Keep writing
Wow! This poem just left me totaly speechless! Finaly someone knows how I feel and feels the same thing! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. NEver stop writing. you have a great gift that only a few are blessed with.
Oh my gosh.. that poem was so good. It just made me feel that like i wasnt the only one out there feeling alone and scarred and unwanted. Thanks so much for posting that!
the rythme of your poetry is astounding, the way it flows is beautiful. your word choice outdoes that of any other poem on this site.
this poem is very good. you have a lot of talent!
Great poem. Straight to the point!
thanks for the poem, now i have something to write for my health project due on monday :)
This poem really reminded me of myself and i know what's its like to think you're the only person who feels that way.
Wonderful Poem!!
you have expressed emotions that have been residing deep inside of me for quite some time now. when i read this poem, i felt as if something inside of me had been unleashed. i actually got something from reading it and i will continue to reflect upon my own self thanks to your writing.
I live that everyday.
The poem was me
I Write Poems similar to this and I understand how this person is feeling.It's a very good poem that came from the emptiness he felt.
your poem has much meaning.
This is a great poem. I wish I could tell everyone in the world about it. It is wonderful.
I cried when I read this poem, as I relate to how the Author feels, much of this poem is how I feel.
i have to say that i like your title,it makes sense
I know exactly what your saying. I feel like you just said every thing that I've felt in my life. I also wanted to say that I dragged my self into a bottemless pit of depression and I thought that I would never escape. But one day I made a friend who opened my eyes and I saw the light. I saw just how happy I could be. Then I moved away from that friend and I got really sad again.Just as it started to get really bad I rembered that I don't need someone to understand me, but I need to understand myself. Well I have to go for now i hope that this will help you when your feeling blue.
i adore you're poem void. i'm a poetry writer too...mostly derpessiing. your poem held a lot of meaning and is by far my new favorite. nothing explains depression better than that poem. thank you so much for writing it.
So far out of all the poems I've read in this site i have found that your poem is one of the best. Keep writing your feelings down because everything that comes from your heart counts!
I feel the same way, but I dont think I can express as well, thank you for saying what i can not.
I was touched by this poem. I never thought someone else could feel the same way I do. Reading this poem, was like reading into my thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
I Don't know what to say... You have a beautiful gift in writing. Because you can touch so many with this ability to express your feelings, You will never be a "simple void". Thank you

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