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I have struggled for the past 4 months with self-mutilation. Whenever I feel upset, I cut myself. This is a poem I have written about my own personal experience. Hopefully it can help someone out there.

Confessions of a Cutter

Only tears
As I press the blade
Against my pale skin

The blood flows
From the wounds
Echoing my inner pain

As I feel the knife
Slicing into me
I only deserve pain

As I realize what I've done
I feel accomplishment
As I gaze at the marks upon my skin

People are horrified
Don't understand why
Neither do I
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ya i like this poem i used to be a cutter and i haven't cut in 4 years now but i know where your coming from when you say you dont understand why i never did till i started helping people and realizing that life is to short and to bleed when it goes wrong isn't the answer.
this poem is great. i've been useing all my will-power that i have left to stop myself from cutting myself. my will-power is almost at an end. i just hope that when my will-power does end, there will be someone who will stop me from cutting myself. i've already started using my nails to cut little holes into my arms. i hope that there is someone out there that can help me be free again.
this has put all of my pain into a simple poem. it makes me realize im not the only one who mutates my wrist to feel safe. but it touches a persons true feelings.
this really touched me. i am going to print this out and i am gonna post it in my journal. i am a cutter getting help. i dont understand why i do what i do. That is why i am on the internet tring to understand.
wow i really didnt think there was that many people out there who feel like me. ive been cutting myself for like a year now.
i do the same thing people think am crazy but i guess they will never understand
i have been cutting since 2006 i have tried to stop but i cant i cut myself on the leg 2day. I recently spent nine months in a phyceatric hospital for cutting and suicide attempts. i wish you the best
I really uderstand this. ive been a cutter for almost a year. I have been in hospital after hospital for sicidal attempts and cutting. I am honme now but i dont know how much longer i can hold up. I love ur poem I relate to it sooo much. I write poetry about my cutting and suicide too. To anyone else like me i hope you get threw this. It will hopefully pass over you or you can get help, like im trying to. I love u all
This poem hit the spot. I used to cut and know exactly how it is, the whole rush of it was watching the blood pour down my arm. I still feel the want to do it again but I refuse to get addicted again. Just know your not alone and thank you for your beautiful poem.
This is a very good poem I love the way they use their words. Hope to find a lot more like it I give it Two thumbs up
your poem spoke so much of how i feel in side. i loved it. keep up the good work!
i luv this poem cause like others i know how that feels :\
this poem is very good. it moves me in cool ways.
i like this poem its like some one has picked through my brain. -tamara
this poem is really deep and i respect tis peom becaue i have suffered from cutting myslef as well. its so sad but i dont hink when i do it. i give you a 10
I Think that most self injury poems are great. I was a cutter myself i even got to the point of burning when i was under the influence and now i have that to look at for the rest of my life i hate it. loved the poem i could totally relate.
hey this is tiffany. im from alaska but i recently moved to kentucky last year. ever since we moved here i have been nothing but depressed and i have been cutting alot. for a while i wasnt. i fell in love with a guy named joseph,but we broke up cuz he called and sed either i quit smoking or its over. that was 2 dayz before our 5 month anniversary. since then i have been very depressed and i have tried killing myself. i cut almost deep enough,but then my brother levi stopped me. since then my frend josh checks my wrists every day to make sure i havent done it. it just gets so hard and i feel like no one cares.
I Really loved ur poem, I feel lyke i can relate 2 it, i cut but really dont understand why, people think its just a "emo" think, but its more than that, we have problems and thats how we deal i guess, im a "closet poet" so ur poem inspires me for my own poems, i know there is people out there who feels and thinks as i do.
Jessica H.
*tear tear*this pome means alot case i cut to so i just want to say you aren't alone jessi
this poem is so good cause i went through the same thing and the feeling is so confusion u realize what you've done but you feel relieved.
I really luv ur poem, i know a friend who cuts themself, I never really under stood why, so i guess she doesnt ether
hey this is really good. i understand and share teh same feelings related to your poem. keep up the good work.
I liked this because i can relate to it very well. I feel like this evryday,i hate everything. ive been doing that for 3 years,but ive been trying ever since i became a juggalette because every1 hates us juggalo family. im also a goth so ppl stare a whole lot
This poem is very touching! I can relate to it.
that poem was awsome as it touched me as I am a cutter but Im trying to stop but it makes me feel good bout my self
this poem touched me deeply and as a 16 year old high schooler. it hit hard. This poem has helped me realize, "it" is not the only way to help yourself. thank u
thank you. I have started cutting cuz alot in my life and I dont even know why i do it but it has helped me . and am I the only1 that gets rlly cold but is rlly hot
i like this poem a lot it says a lot with out saying too much. i totally understand and have been through the same thing.
i can relate to this poem in a lot of way b/c ive been cuting myself sensis i was 11 now im 13. it like every day it gets harder than befor. all my friends want to no whyb i do that but some times i dont even no why i do it. thanks for wrighting this.
i like this poem,i culdnt admit i had a problem until my close friend left me,,by doing da same thing. i realized i culdnt do da same,it wuld hurt his sista who im m8s with. Memba as much as cutting seems like da onli way 2 survie pain it isnt
This peom really touched me cus i been cutting for almost about four months. im trying to stopp but every day does seem really hard. everyone just wants to help i wish it was easir then that .
hey, i know exactly wat ur going through and i no its tough. ive stopped cutting for bout 8 months now. stil get urges but ill be right. and i hope u will too. it touched me and alot of ppl out there so keep going
this poem is true, and i understand it. I've been a self harmer for about 2 years and everything thid poem says is true.
i loved it
hi. i just want to say that this was a really great poem. I have been a cutter for a little over 4 years. im trying my hardest to recover. i really like to read poems like this . it lets me know i'm not alone in this world.
I really like this poem, it is like many I have wrote in the past. I have been a cutter since I was 12 years old. I am now 15. I may not cut myself now but I am still a cutter and will always be. It is part of me and I accept that. I haven't cut on a regular basis for almost a year. I do slip and cut myself once in awhile, but not usually. This is an excellent poem and if anyone is interested I have very many poems like this that i have wrote.
beautiful poem, i used to cut myself for a year before my boyfriend found out and he helped me through it and i havent done it in 2 months. hope u get through your hard time. xxx
WOW! Thats a good poem i ve been thru all that jazz it suxs azz but your poem is so true do you have more??
hey omg i really understand where your coming frm i havent cut for about 1 year and now still i get the urge to its like every time i get sad i can feel it and i want to cut soo bad but i dono how to explain it but i loved your poem and i really noe where you coming from
the simplicity of this poem makes it perfect because it describes all the feelings and the thougths that people who have come trought this have experienced, I did it and now I see the scarfs and don't feel ashamed because they remind me a particular time of my life. and make me feel proud because anyway I got over and even when the way was hurting myself, now I'm more connected to my own soul. I'm only fifteen and I'm from southamerican a place where we have many social problems and where teenagers only want to find a escape. I din't thougth that so many people have passed for the same experience.
Wow so symple yet soo true and powerful. Thank you for sharing.
hey. omg i love this poem it is so sad and i have a lot of things goin oon rite now and this one made me cry cause i do think bout stuff like this and yeah. well really GOOD job u should become famouse omg well better go to my doctor now bye byez
this is a very good poem it explains me very well. people see the scars and ask me why i do it and i tell themt makes all the hurt go away. i am 19 and i have been cutting for almost 5 years.
i was reading this and i thought of how good it feel to know some one in tha world feels the same way as i do
I love this poem. it is exactly how i feel. Every waking moment of ever day. I cut myself whenever i get upset. and i dont really want to but it feels like my only way of escaping from reality
This is an amazing poem it relly touched me
Hey i really like your poem. people look at my arms and they are like why just why do u do that. they dont understand and neither do i. but i feel you.
I can really relate to your poem, I started cutting myself about 2 years back and right now I'm 15. Every day seems to be harder than the last and I don't know if its going to get better, and it seems like no one cares or would care if you cut deep enough.
OMG! This poem is exactlly how i feel NOONE understands me and why i cut. I thought it would be a one time thing then it turned into nightly. once i read this i do it less and less. It is hung in my room to remind me that there are people like me and people who want to stop. i know my friends want me to stop but it is too hard i have tries for almost 8 months and i know by reading this and asking for help i can stop. i just want to be cared for and understood!
this poem has hit me somewhere and somehow, but i dont were or how. its awsome and i can realte to nearly all of it.
Wow this poem shows me that there are more people like me that make pain on the outside to block pain on the inside. I love it!
I think this is a really good one. I love it.
This poems is great I had done it for 2 years and I think that this poem can help alot of people that think cutting is the answer to slove the problems but cutting isn't the answer!
Whoa that is exactly how i feel and think. Your poem is so amazing and moving!
i really like this poem to. its true no one really understands unless they do it to, or have done it. some friends of mine juss hit me or get mad well other friends will try to help and they do and i try to help them. if ne one reads this i luv u all and i dont know what i would do wit out u guys. good job poems really help me.
this poem toched me becasue i still cut myself and i really wish that my ex boyfriend was here because he cuts himself too ofen and he just dosent understand that there are people out there who love him
i like this because i can actually relate to it because i cut and noone does understand why i do it and i too dont understand
Only Me
OMG! i love this poem so much. it's the best poem i've read so far! you are a very talented girl, Kristen. hope you make it through rough times without hurting yourself. Thanx for the inspiration.
I have been a cutter for 5 years and your peom captivated my feelings. You did a great job so keep writting you have real talent.
Helleo; This is Tiffany from Boaz Al. I just read your poem it is really good. I can relate in many ways to it. I used to cut; Until a year ago. I finally got help. Life is so much better. I hope all the best to you.
i can reality to this poem
I too, like so many others, understand.
I know excatly what u are going through i have been dealing with self mutilation for the last three years. im only 14. i amgoing through deep deep depression and have tried to commite suicide numerous times and i have been in a mental hospital for suicide and cutting.
Wow! I can see were you're coming from. I've been cutting since I was 11 and I'm gonna' be 14. When I read this poem, it like grabbed my heart. It made me feel numb. Overall it was a very emotional poem to me.
I'm sorry to hear that you have this problem, i am bipolar and understand how you feel i cut, and everytime someone would look at me all i could do was feel like i failed to control myself. i get called "emo" by many kids at my school all the time, and i know that it is emo to cut, but people just don't see the sadness in people like us. you just gotta live with it. best of wishes to you. i give your poem a 10/10 for heart.
I understand exactly how you feel, i do the same thing almos every week, i've tried to stop, but it has become kind of an addiction, and i can't stop doing it. I luv the poem
im the same way only i have done this since 2003
it hit the sore spot i liked it
Omg that made me cry i just finshed cutting before i read this i was in pain whilst reading this poem u are soo gifted i hope u go along way with this and im i noe all u girls out there wat ur going through! so i wanna sayy how much i love this poem
this poem is very good and i understand where you are coming from, i am a recovering cutter from 6 years of doing it. i know how poeple react to this sort of thing, unless you really do it your self i dont think youd really understand
I love your poem. I have been fighting depression and cutting for about a year now. I want to tell everybody about what I've don e but I'm too scared to do it. It feels good to tell somebody, even if its not in person.
I can relate to this poem.
you are a beautiful poet poetry can heal the suffering soul
i liked your poem. it was really. relateful. ive been doing it since i was about ten. im almost 16 now. i would try to write about it but i have no talent. haha. i know what it feels like to not know why you do it.
I love the poem. I am in rehab right now for meth and marijuana abuse. I am 16 yrs old and I have been a cutter for 2 1/2 yrs. I am having problems cutting right now. So I know what your going through.
I love this poem, I really do relate. I love it.
i loved it
This poem really touched me because I am dealing with cutting and depression right now. I have been cutting for 3 years now and recently I got caught by one of my "caring" friends and am dealing with that now. It makes this whole situation easier knowing someone else is going through the same thing. Thank you so much.
Omg that is one of the best poems I have read in a long time!You realy reached out to me!Not a lot of people get why I od it but its nice to know I am not alone when I cut your poem was really good
omg your peom could not be any more true, i have cut my self since i was like 11 people would say it was becuase a wanted people to feel bad for me but they were to far from the truth my life was really bad back then and now i live with my grandparent and im starting over
This poem describes how I feel towards cutting. Your poem helps explain alot. You have a way with words. Keep writing.
hello my name is maryann i am totally against the whole cutting thing i wish people could realize that the body is a wonderful thing you should not cut on it. their are several other ways too solve your problems write down your feelings or go for a walk too clear your head JUST PLESE DONT CUT i "HAD" a best friend who cut we were best friends for 6 years and she had family/other problems and she cut we got in to an argument i went home and cried and i waited for her to call and apoligize but it was too late she was soo upset about the fight she cut and hit a vain and died plese dont cut
This poem is absolutley awesome. Explains exactly how I and maybe others who have this problem feel. Very deep. Thanks for the insight
hey i jus wanna say that i have been a self mutilater for 3 years and i have finally quit in july 2005.
perfect. explains how i feel almost everyday. keep up the good work!
from another cutter i love ur poem it makes me think so much and remember all the marks i have
i like this peoem alot because i can relate to it alot. i just don't understand why people look down on us like we are a piece of dirt under there feet
omg i feel so much better that someone can express how i feel because i cant except to cut myself i am do addicted to it i do it as much as i take showers but thanx this really helped me out a lot
i feel the same way you do, i started to cut myself after me and my boyfriend broke up, no one knows whats going on, no one even knows that i'm deppressed, shows what they know about me, but anyways great poem!
amazing poem. absolutely amazing. ive been cutting myself since i was 11, and im 14. and my girlfriend JUST broke up with me so im goin through a pretty hard time. anyways. keep up the good work! i look forward to ur future poems
i like this pome because i use to cut myself alot and i didn't no why i really did it.
i am a fellow self harmer. im only 14 and i never reli understood why i did it. my parents found out about a year back now. but whenever i get sad, my main reaction is to pick up a razorblade. i cannot explain why i did it, altho people shout at me for answers, explanations, that i dont have. this poem touched me, it explains just how i feel. i just didnt no how to say it
about a year ago i could seriously write this exact same poem. i am a former cutter. one night i almost died so my parents made me get some help. i just wanted to let you know that i know are going through & it does get better belive me. i havent cut for almost 4 months. so in ur time of need, try to hold on to the ones you love. they will always pull you through. all my love, kadie
I really enjoyed this poem. I have never been considered a depressing kind of girl but lately i have been thinking about things ive never even heard of. you showed me the pain and danger in all of this and im sorry i even thought about it.
ey gud poem n im sry to hear but insead of doin dat u can do sumthin els wen u sad. like poems . diary . talk to frends, hope u feel betta
ive been cutting for about eight years now. i really get where ur coming from. no1 else understands
i liked your poem i know from experience how it feels and i dont know if this is fiction or non-fiction but i really liked it! keep it up!
i love your poem cuz i to have struggled with cutting as i still do but it helps to know someone understands and knows how i feel
This poem is very true, people wont, and cant understand the pain, if they have never been in a situation that you are put in.
I can totally understand what this poem is saying. You're not alone
This is 1 of the best poems i've heard about people cutting themselves. About a year or two ago is when i started cutting myself. After i did it, one of my best friends did it to see how it felt. then my other best friend did it to be like us. It's like a started a cut-fest. it was aweful because to this day, i still feel like it's all my fault they even touched a razor. I've tried and tried to stop, but just 3 days ago i did it again. A lot of people at my school know about it, and most of them think im crazy or something. I guess i'm considered 1 of the more popular people in my school, but i feel like i am hated by everyone. Everyone thinks the popular people to have such perfect lives, but thats totally wrong. Not all of them have the great lives that people make them out to have. Anyways, i really love the poem and i'm happy to have someone i can really relate to.
that peom is a sad poem and if anyone thinks they want to die i will be praying for you all.
yes this is a really good poem
m a r ii
i LOVE dis poem . im 13 and i totally understand your pain . i have never cut myself or tried to . but i have thought about doing it . reading ur poem made me realise dat its wrong and if u do do it u should seek help before it gets worse. cutting is a very serious issue in our society today and we need to put a stop to it before it gets out of control .
That poem really touched me and reminded me of what I had done and still do when I become angry or depressed about serious situations in my life that had happened in the past and still remain serious situations now.
i deal with this so i understand
love the poem! i used to cut and one of my friend found out and got me help. i was really mad at first but then i realized she didnt want me to get into truble. she just wanted to get me some help. i gave this poem for her to read and told her that was exactly how i felt with it all.
i loved this poem. i can relate to it in so many ways its not funny. I love the poem Kristin keep it up :) :)
I can really relate to this poem. I'm an ex-cutter and I felt the same way for years. But now with the help of my wonderful boyfriend and family I haven't cut myself for two months! All I've got to say is keep writing!
OMG i truly love your poem! i have onli recently started cutting and am trying to stop. all my friends have been telling me off for it all but i just cant help it. i think its brave of you to put this poem up and i think i will help me get through my rough times. Thanx
For a long time iv'e been trying to explaine in words the feelings i feel wene i cut,this poem dose that for me. i love it's truth.
Kristin, this poem that you wrote is a wonderful expression of your emotions. I myself am not a cutter, but my heart goes out to all those who are. I am impressed at how you can tell everyone who reads your poem how you feel. Please try and find another solution to cutting because you may have a lot to live for and you shouldn't put your life at risk with such a small utensil.
the poem touched me very much as it describes in very simple terms exactly how i feel when im looking for that same 'release' thankyou to the author (poet) for saying it as it is and not using silly flowery descriptions making it sound romantic and exciting to those who have never and hopefully never will have the 'need' to do it.
I have written simular poems about my own experiences of being a cutter. and the doubt let is all that is known. most don't understnd why they do it or how they could even go through with it.
This poem is great. Im a cutter to, my mother recently found out that i cut. she was really hurt. Its a great poem.
Hello. i liked your poem. i also am a cutter and when i feel down i write poems about it . your poem is wonderful and it touched me .
I really like your poem. I struggle with cutting also and so does one of my really good friends. Everything that was written about in the poem I have experienced in my life. I know the exact feelings that were that were written about. Reading your poem really touched my heart.
Wow this is so good im a cutter to and most people dont understand
i was once a cutter to. just remember how many people love u and who doesnt forget them becuase u are somebody and u are important so never feel u are alone or hated . U are the valible thing u have so take care of yourself dont cut.
I know how you feel. I'm a cutter too. Most people don't understand why I do it.
I love your poem. It completly decribes what it's like ot be a cutter. I have manic depress (bi-polar) and I've cut as long as I can remeber but i really don't know why. Your poem helped my best friend who has been so mad at me since he found out understand just a little more. So thank you.
Ugh. I love this poem. It really shows how it is to be a cutter. I've been cutting for a few years now. but it's gotten really bad lately. Yeah people do stare and talk about me because I cut. Now I know that Im not alone.
Kris (Kristin)
I know those feelings and I am turning 17 June 23 and Ive cut since I was about 7 no one really knows. But you described how I feel after Ive taken the blades to my arms.
Kritsin, I knoe how you feel. I myslef have been cutting for alomst a year. Last summer i found out my grandma has terminal cancer, and when i found that out i literally wen insane. I kept my cutting a sercret till one day my mom found out that i had pins stuck in ym arms and stomch, and then she fouinf out I cut too. I regret cutting cuz once u start its hard to stop, everyhting that upsets u, or cause pain in ur life makes u want to cut. One day I myslef cut my wrist 3inches deep, and almost died. I need a blood transfusion and even then i still was low on blood. Even after that i still cut. Its a habit, and a hard one to break.
I loved this poem. It was great. I like writting poems too. just letting your feelings out I think is awesome. Alot of people don't do that. But. stop doing it. It's not good. Life may seem hard now but it's not perfect. It's not perfect for me either. I don't live with my mom or dad. I miss them soo much. Don't cut yourself anymore because it doesn't help. It makes the people who love you sad. It really doesn't help. Something good will happen in your life. You'll find someone who loves you and you'll be happy.
Wow, that poem really touched me! i have been a 'cutter' for over 2 years. and that somes up how it feels. love your poem jen xXx
This is one of the best poem ever. This is how i feel when i cut i dont know why i do it and neither do other people.
i really loved your poem. i used to cut and eventually the bad feelings faded away, but occasionally i feel them trying to sneak thier way back into my life and every time i do i just look at my scars (though they too have mostly faded away)and remind myself that that there are better ways to express my pain. my favorite ways are blogging, poetry, and just writing wahtever i feel in my favorite notebook. once when i did that my thought were very dark but they slowly faded into funny stuff.
im a cutter too. i dont know why. thanx ur poem rally touched me!1
I really like this poem because I also cut myself, or at least I used to. Anyway, thanks for writing sucha a great and touching poem.
Allie aka Rabbit
I'm a cutter and that is is how i feel when i cut people dont uderstand and they never will but this poem is very beaitful and it amzing how much is is real its not made up its real emotion. When i write poems i cry. but this is very very ex-trem good. Sally
wow thats a really good poem and i understand how you feel. I have been dealing with cutting for the past 5 years. I want to stop so bad but i cant.
Awesome. Beautiful poem. I have felt that same waytoo. But I never thought about writng my feelings. Well you just gave me an idea. Well I hope you keep on writin because I bet all of your poems would be wonderful.
I am staired at too.
I love your poem. It was really good. If you have any more poems like that then please email me them so that I can read them. Thank you very much!
very good. i am cutter to. i know hard had it si. if you ever need to talk e-mail me
i really loved you poem!I can really relate to the things your goin thru. keep up the good work
This is a great pome i know and understand.
i loves this poem i used to cut well i still do im getting help though it really touched me
wow, i feel ya there. im a cutter too, and have been for quite some time. sometimes i wonder why i do it, and i want to stop so bad. all i can say to you is hang in there, as long as ur still livin its all good
Hey i loved ur poem i actually know a lot of people down here who are "cutters" and ill admit i have done it too but i stopped cuz my sister almost found out but it suked big time so i dont do it n e more but i think about it a bagilllion times a day
Hey Man I loved ur poem I know exactly what ur goin thru I'm only 14 and the first day that I cut myself was on my b-day. eventually ppl found out and then some teachers at my skool found out and called my mum then in like a day my whole family new bout it and they helped me to stop doin it. I love them so much everyone deserves a family like mine. i thought that when they found out they would think i was werd but they didn't they supported me alot and they still are cuz I'm still kinda struggling thru life. but when ever i have the urge to cut I phone someone in my family cuz they always know exactly wat to say when I'm down
This poem, has really touched me. I myself am trying to get help with cutting and such. It helps me to read this. I think you should keep writing if it helps you stay away from blade's. Thanks so much for giving me hope, maybe ill find my niche.
This Is A REALLY Good Poem
this was an exelent poem i never could find a way to put that down on paper nor anyone else and you have done it. your poem was one of the best i've read
darkness's angel
i really really like this because i can relate
Hey, I think that ur poem is great because i am a cutter myself but I cant stand to look at myself in the morning it is so bad i am depressed and need serious help my life is falling apart slow and painfully I am a "poet" my self
I really understand what you're going through cuz i deal with the same thing evernite
I can see how many people cut by the comments that have been left here i didnt no that so many people cut themselfs not to repete anything,but I can also relate to this poem beacause I have been cutting myself for almost 2 years and I am14 rite now.
hey kristin, i jsut wanted to tell you that this poem really is awesome. i hvae been cutting for a year now and only a cuple of people know so i give u so much respect to you. merry christmas and a happy new year. try to get some help with it i did and i am improving so much. liz`~xoxox
I feel the same way no one understands
omg , wow omg. This poem is absolutly amazing. Your poem will help all cutters that read this! AN AMAZING JOB WELL DONE!
You are a very talented writer. I like all your poems.
this poem is simple but it has touched me. it made all the scars on me tingle.
I love your poem. it is very deep and sincere. You are very talented! I can really relarte with the topic!
You poem perfectly describes how i feel.
that iz reali pretty i gotz a poem i am going to put up later it iz Called "empty inside" check it out it was when i almost camited suaside though
i totally understand you. i've been cutting since i was 12,im now 14 and i dont want people to know, when people ask why i do it, i dont even know.
omg i'm glad i'm not thua only 1 and that there are other people who understand what i am going through and my friends just don't understand i have cut 4 about 2 years and everytime it just gets harder and harder to stop
I really like this poem. A lot of the poems are corny and kinda stupid but I really like this one. It really got to me.
kristin, i loved your poem. i am a cutter too. i have just recently told my best friend who really fliped out, she couldn't believe what i have done to myself. but i just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!
I really like this poem see i have been a cutter for some time about 3 or 4 years!
I LOVE this poem so much, it's unreal. I know exactly how you feel. i go through the same thing almost on a daily basis. I LOVE it. keep up the great writing sweetie.
I really liked this poem. It really made me realize what i do all the time. So thanks again Kristin for helping me realize what i need to do to help myself!
it hit a chord with me because im going through the same thing
I think this poem is great. i 2 am a cutter and i do write a lot of poems on it. it is really hard 2 describe what is going through your head and i think that sums it up completely!
great poem. lot of truth to it
i really felt like i understood what she was saying, it's like word out of my own mouth.
This poem is explains everything that is occuring in my life. It's awesome good work!
beautiful poem ive actually wrote it down and carry it in my bag each time i need to cut i read it before i do ive found i cut less how inspiring
I love this poems, i had only cut myself for about a week, it was about 3 weeks later b4 i told anyone, now i am seeing a counsellor, shes not really helping cos i just act like everything is good. i know what your going through and i really love this poem, thankyou
I am only 14, and i have been a cutter since i was 13. I really can relate to this poem. not only do i cut but i was and stll am very depressed. And i love to wirte peoms and write songs about how i feel, and i really loved that poem.
it was great it is hard to say how you feel when you do cut and the poem is saying what every one else is tryig to say but they cant find the words to or they cant explain it.
i've realized lately that cutting has become more prevalent in our age group. i found this resource for any of you out there that need it. there is a better way to cope. i hope this helps out. take care http://crystal. palace. net/~llama/selfinjury/injury. html also, suicide is something else that scares me; i've dealt with it personally. if any of you feel you're going down that road, please reconsider. this site is awesome. http://www. grohol. com/helpme. htm take care all
I loved your poem. It hit the nail right on the head for me. Please keep writing poems like that one.
THis poem is really good. I am in a band and there are hidden messages in my songs about how I cut. It really explains how i feel. Thanks for letting me no im not alone.
Kristin, your poem is amazing. Its how i feel. i am a "cutter" for about 5 months now. and ur poem is exactly how i feel. Espcially the thought of others, someone saw my arm and it got around my skool. People just dont underdstand. Thank you, ur poem is amazing
Kristen, I liked your poem, it says alot of what i feel. I am a cutter. I just can't seem to stop.Your poem is beautiful, i write too. have a bunch. maybe ill post them one day to help someone like you did.
your poem really touched me. my girlfriend is a cutter and your right we dont understand why but all i can do is try because i love her so much. i think its great how you express yourself
i loved the poem it describes how i feel and i hope u win lots of love gabrielle
I love you pome I am a cutter. Im 13 ans just started I understaand what you going thur. I wrot a pome to about it acholy. But Ialso think you have grat patenchl for becoming a poit but you nead to work on you skills in that area. A Person who understans.
Wow, this poem was a reflection of how I felt. it felt good that I wasn't the only one who thought this. It was as if I could have written it myself. Thank you, it was a wonderful, touching poem.
OMG this poem is amazing i can totaly relate to u, i been cuttin for about a yr now. onli a few no they ask y? but neva understand. I used to think i was alone. but i now no i'm not.
Mother of a cutter
My 16yr old daughter cuts to relieve her pain; she suffers from depression daily; we all do something to relieve our pain. overeat,curse,bite our nails,etc. Counseling does help you understand your feelings -talk to a friend or family if you cant go to counselor. It really helps you learn to handle emotions in a more positive way. Hang in there! God loves you no matter what!
where its wonderful i am a cutter to so i think it wonderful i rate it a ten
hey i noe how u feel i use to cut and noone understands why we do it but us. and all my friends get mad but when i get depressed or mad i have to cut or i will go crazy but i dont have to do it noemore i have to take pills and all my friends think i pop pills now becuz they dont undersyande what i go thugh but yeah its was a great poem
I really liked your poem, it expresses the way i feel when people look at my scars. the all think i am crazy, but none of them understand how i feel, or where i am coming from.
Wow, I knwo that your are propably used to hear all the stuff like "ive been touched. ". "i knoe what your goin through. " and blah blahblah. but honeslty. I am not one to talk about my cutting . i do it aloot. more than the average person. i have been having mixed thoughts about my feelings and stuff. my mom found out and asked me why i do it . i couldnt coome up with an answer to tell her. but you know what. your poem is the answer, thank you soo much!
im a cutter also. i kno exactly how u feel. i love the poem!
i am also a cutter. ive been in a pshyciatric hospital for cutting. its not worth it. im not tryin to tell u wut to do becuz i know how u feel when ppl tell u to stop. but u need to. i loved ur poem
im a cutter and i really neeed to stop. i dont do it to try in kill myslef,i do it to get over emotional pain. your poem explains why alot of people do it and how they feel after there done. you have a greate poem!
i liked this poem . i kinda have on simalr to it . good job . )
I really like your poem. It is deffenatly good to know someone out there understands. A few people now I cut,it seems like more and more people know everyday because I told my bestfriend. She freaks out about it and tells me I need help. I know I do but she doesn't understand. Thanks for the poem! It rocks.
I am a very young teenager and I have started cutting. I felt very alone until I read your poem, Kristin. It's beautiful and I can relate to it so much. I also write poetry about my cutting. You know you are really helping people by posting this poem on here. It makes them know they are not alone out there and that they need help and can come to the realization of getting it. Thanks.
this poem reminds me of myself im only 14 and have been cutting since i was 12 people don't understand why i do it and i don't ethier
I love this poem it is really good.
I feel like I can relate to this poem a lot seeing as I also cut myself though I can't be sure why I continue to. Good poem.
This is what exactly the perfect description of something most people will never understand or go throug. I am amazed
this is like one of the best things i've read. CUZ ITS TRUE! guess wut? i was a cutter too. i didnt wanna stop, but i realized, this doesnt help AT ALL! so i love this poem!
this poem explains how i feel. im 16 and trying to grasp the past and this seems to be the only way i can.
is is a very well written poem. it hits so close to home i wasnt breathing when i wrote this. thank you
How very true. What else is there to say
I'm bipolar and i am also a cutter and this poem really opened my eyes and little bit. I have scared my parents so many times from cutting so deep into my skin.
thank you
people who can come out and expose this type of deep poetry need to be identified more often. you can write what's really inside, just like me. i write lots of poetry, mostly about how i feel. i've been a cutter for more than 8 months and i'm getting sent to hospital now. i've become so dangerous to myself that i have be contained. the sooner you can realise that you're doing something wrong, the better. trust me, you're a lucky one. i envy you.
Beautiful. I know how you feel, Kristin, I'm a cutter too. I write some stuff, but i don't have it w/ me to post it on here.
My friend has bipolar disorder and has cut forever. he almost killed himself and that was when i tried to start cutting but i couldn't. your poem really describes how i want to feel sometimes but u should really try to stop no matter how hard it is. sorry.
Wow, Im impressed! Im a "cutter" too, and my mum found out this very afternoon, she was very upset, and so am I. My heart is filled with despair, but I know Im not alone.
this is one poem i can really relate to. you put into words perfectly what i went through - well done and thanks
omg. i love this poem. ive been cutting for a few weeks now and only a few people know about this becoz im so ashamed of what ppl may think of me. thank you
This poem really hit home with me, I am also one that was a cutter, the pain I felt inside was to much to handle, I am a survivor of childhood abuse and wasn't able to tell anyone until just recently. This poem, as I read it, I cried, because it is how I felt also.
Ithink it's amazing that you have the guts to say something like this. I've cut myself for 3 years and only one person knows because Im so ashamed of it. I really admire and envy you for being able to come out like that! THis is a really great poem and Im glad I had the chance to read it
i love this poem! i totally understand how you feel!
Kristin, Your poem is remarkable. Your ability to share your feelings regarding this part of your life truly shows inner strength. I am unable to say that I can relate; however please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
omg i love ur work hey but stop cutting ur self i lost my friend to doing that and i miss her soo much ]she cut her arm way to far one night and she died s0o plz stop u cud have something good in ur life like a good poet like u are!
man . i can reallly relate to tat . im goin thru the same ting
I know what you are going through. i've been a cutter for almost 10 years now. its a battle that noone but us understands. im 21 now. and it still goes on.
UR poem is great I was a cutter for about a year. you just want to feel pain. Hope u are gettin better great poem
my god. your poem reflects exactly what i feel. i feel so stupid for saying that i know what its like. because i hate it when people say that. but really. thank you for putting our feelings in to words
i know exactly how you feel. no one understands me either. and i can relate to what you are saying, it sorta feels nice to know someone who understands me. try to stay strong i know its hard.
i cut myself. i get angry with people and just life in general. i'm worrying everyone around me though. your poem describes what i feel.
i no how u feel cos im goen threw the saem thing now
This poem was so good. I know I'm not the only one. I'm not the only one who doesn't know why they do it.
I just wanted to say that you wrote exactly what I was feeling. I have also been cutting for about 12 months and everything you said is how i feel. You should keep writing. it was brillant.
I know many people who cut. And one day it may be too late to stop. Thats the scary part. But this poem relays how a lot of cutters feel. The lonliness of how noone understands.
thank you for this. thats all i can say. youve got me down to an art.
I can relate to this poem like I'm sure many other people can. I don't like to admit it, but I guess I am too sterotyped as a "cutter". but I also do not understand why I have to stoop to that way out. I loved the poem.
I can relate. I'm also a cutter.
Your poem real tells how most cutters are feeling! i kno wat ur goin through!
the poem was great i dont feel that alone anny more knowing that im not the only one
omg, i connect with this poem so much, i have been there and have felt the exact same way, and i can't believe how you put the feelings into the right words, its incredible amazing, i've never read something that touched me like this poem did.
I can relate to this poem. I'm 14 and have had the same addiction for 2 years . I'm getting better
Your words brought so many tears to my eyes. Feeling the sadness that brings us to do such things. It is such a battle and nobody will understand why we do the things we do. Please keep your head up because there is help out there, and i will be praying for you.
I can relate to this poem so much. when i was little i could never understand myself. i do think anyone could.
I can relate to this poem also.
great poem. i no what exactlly what ur going threw.
this was a poem that i can relate to. I feel the same way.
I'd just like to say that I like your poem and I wish I could write like everyone on this site! Thanks
this was a great poem i liked it because i have almost done that it makes me think twice but i am still strugleing
your poems great, keep writing
Hey you are really good at poetry. and this poem tells how i feel a lot. I think you should write a lot more! send them to me! Luv ya!
This poem really affected me. I am only 14, and I have been cutting myself for 5 years now, I can really and truly relate to it. It made me finally realize I am not the only one out there with a problem like this.
Your poem is the best poem I have seen on this whole site! I understand what your going through. I am still not all right in the head, but I am just glad to know that I am not the only one with this kind of problem. Thanx
I have cut myself once or twice but this was long ago. I loved your poem it hit straight through the ball park,,thank you for sharing such deep thoughts and emotion with us all!
I just want to say that this poem was just so real. b/c i have done this to myself b/c i am very unhappy. This poem is very real. Thank u KRistin for it!
i can relate to this poem
Interesting poem Miss Evans. It is the first poem I've ever related to, with the cuttings on my arm. It is nice to know that I'm not the only person out there
I think that your poem is really great, I hope you are getting help, if not you should.I've gone through the same thing and i understand how hard it is.
I really relate to this poem!
I like to read poems all the time and for as many as I have read I never came across one that was so real and one I could accually relate to and visualize
I have been self mutilating for about 16 years (I'm almost 32)and I have to say you hit the nail on the head with this one...
I totally know how you feel. As a troubled teen i've ran away and spent many of dark rainny night on the streets looking for something to cut with. Ive broken windows, just to use the glass, once the feeling hits you its like another state. As a trouble teen everyone expects you to give an answer which you cannot, no one knows how we feel, and we all feel different and the same, and know that we can never explain
your poem caught my eye because i cut my wrists whenever i feel depressed it seems like the only way to make it stop hurting.
You guys think poems like these are awesome huh? Well for me the reality strikes really deep, yes they are well written, but awesome? They are sad.
for the past 6 years i have secretly been a self mutilater. it was only last month when i recognized what i was doing to myself and let my parents and closest friends in on the biggest secret i've ever had to keep. i had no love for myself and took cutting as a punishment and as a release. i pray for anyone out there that is struggling with a similar siuation
This poem is amazing. It's hard to explain to family where I got the scars on my arms.
This poem shows bravery....I appreciate that. This poem is deep and truthful. I am awed at the ability of this writer.
this poem made me feel like i was looking into a mirror. at times it seems im the only one who feels that way and does the things that the author of this poem did but i know now im not alone. thank you kristin for writing this poem im sure it willhelp many people.
WOW! that was a touching poem, although i can't really relate i could imagine...
it amazes me how many people deal with the same thing that the girl who wrote this poems deals with. I too, know how all of these people feel and it is so comforting to know I am not the only one out there.
To all those out there that feel so alone and don't want to go on, please try. There are people out there who love you and do want to help you - though i know how much of the time it seems as though there aren't. I'm still struggling with depression - have tried to kill myself three times and have started to cut my wrists because i don't feel as though i deserve anything but pain. The only person that has noticed is my boyfriend.everyone else seems to stuck in their own lives to care about somebody else who desperately wants help. Thanx for writing such a great explains exactly how i feel.good luck in writing other poems!
I love that poem. I also cut, not many people know cause I'm constantly wearing long sleeves to cover the scars. My family is beginning to realize what I'm doing. Who knows whats gonna happen with that. Your right, it's a hard thing to understand. I don't know if I'll ever understand why I do it.
I really liked this poem. I cut myself since i was 15, now i´m 20 and i still do it. This poem describes what i feel.
This poem really touched me. It's exacally how I felt, but didn't know how to express myself. This really is a great poem, one of my favorites.
i loved the poem. it decribes me perfectly.i am 14 and sucidal. it is nothing i am proud of. kasies story describes me perfectly.(e-mail)-(
I can totally relate to your poem. I am in a depression and I do still cut myself. It is a release of rage and energy when I do it. It feels good, but the scars are a sign of pride for me. It is hard to explain. Take care...
this poem was like totaly awsome b/c i can relate to t and i reallly relly lke it
this is the only poem i have ever read that was able to describe how i fell about my self-mutilation, and thinking that there's someone else, somewhere is that world feeling the same confusion, made me feel as if i was understood, maybe it was only an illusion
I can relate to this poem. I cut my self and it help me realize I shouldnt do it anymore.
This poem is weird in the sense that I was just passing through and happened to pick this poem. It scared me for a minute and I thought"Did I write this?"
Oh my goodness that is so much like I think. It is nice to know that someone else feels the same way I do. To know that I am not the only one anymore in this world makes me feel a little better.
I can relate to this poem. I'm 15 and I'm suicidal. Everyone says they love me to much to send me to a hospital to were I can get help. When I know I need Help. Cause I don't know how to deal with my sadness which leads me to suicide. I've tried to committ suicide 15 times, all cutting my wrist!
This poem means alot to me b/c i have been through alot latley and i have tried killing myslef alot and i am only 13!
i look now at my own scars from finger nails and knifes, and relize that this writer knows what she is talking about. its almost weird now, knowing that im not alone with these memories.
hello, I don't cut myself or anything but I know a friend who use to. This poem touches my heart!Thank you for witting it.
i really liked this poem. i can totally relate to what she was doing.
I thought it was good bacause about a year ago i use to cut my self and i have scares and everone stares and them and asks what they are
It was amazing at how she could totally help you visualize her situation but without going into the deep dramactic stuff. It was clear.
that hurts to read, It was a bit like reading about myself. I think that this is one of the best poems on this subject i have ever read
Kristen i feel your pain i feel that i am alone i'm screaming for help, but i feel that no one hears me this poem that u have written is what i think beautiful. The way you put it is so true.

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