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People keep on telling me I will get through this depression and everything will be okay. I am very intelligent, I'm okay looking, I have an offer of a wonderful job. I am obviously destined for 'Better Things'. They cannot understand the pain I feel inside. I'm not saying no one understands, that would naive of me, just no one I am friends with knows how bad manic depression can make you feel.

Better Things

I am told I am destined for Better Things
My kismet
Sealed with a dry kiss
A drop of blood
And an eyeliner smudge
Whilst I am shattering infinite mirrors
And trampling
angel fetuses. My locus
a circle, in my
blind hunt for Better Things

You can't hear my scream through all this
cotton wool
and I can't see for blackness
I've saved in the past, a
Knight in Shining Armor
Now I am trapped
Armadillo fashion
In this woman shaped cage

They said I looked almost angelic
In my comet tailed
Star studded descent
Idiosyncratic in my lack of indifference
Diving for oysters
Holding Better Things

Now sitting in deaf icy stillness
Hand nearly frozen pen-shaped
Mind unable to carry these
Poetic abortions to full term
In order to cleanse itself
For the wait for Better Things

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25 Visitor Comments

this poem made me cry! it so touching! i love it!xxxxx
i love this poem its so deep
Hey i really like this poem its really great
I cant aggre with you more i to have problems like that when something gets good its slips from my fingers and goes away,my friends say it will just be ok but they have no idea how im burning inside, you try to keep how you feel inside because you hate burdening poeple with your problems, but in the end who will help you?
this poem rocks its the bomb.
this is like me wow i love this great job
it was great i have been diagnosed with depression manic depressionm and its horrablie
This poem is very true, and how i felt when i had depression. This is a very good poem and could go far. Well done.
wow. i love it
i'd just like2say how hard it is 2make me cry, but u did that 2me, poems are the most powerful force on earth to me only if i relate to them,depression is a cancer eating away inside me i know,but jst knowing i'm not alone helps me cope. Thanx 4 giving me bac my heart at least4 a few minutes x
hey, i feel the same way about my friends in all, i mean they say, get over it and stuff like that, but i cant
fallen angel-this poem is great. i really relate to this. ive been fighting within myself to live or end it all since 6th grade. im now in 8th grade. ive attempted suicide too many times to count. well over 10 including my fathers gun. ive been hospitalized only once. it helps to know that im not the only one. eventhough it is sad that u or ne one else has to go through it
I really connected with it. you are not alone.
it seems that through your poetry, I am starting to understand that I am not alone. Fallen Angel is it. this is a beautiful poem that came from the heart, I know that for a fact. it's almost as though you've read my soul.
quite true . simply the void that we all feel inside. strange world .
the irony is that you (or I or all who feel this pain) do not want the better things. we feel safe within this cocoon, although the inertia is killing us.
ur poem reallly makes me think. I am speechless coz the work is damn good.
Hey, ur poem is awesome and so far I've been battleing depression since 6th grade its only gotten worse I'm now in the 12th grade, but lately it seems to be getting better, I've been in 3 hospitals to reseave help, one can only help ones self, set your mind to it, trust me it will get better, I'm on the verge to recovery. ps drugs only make it worse!
Dear Fallen Angel, What a beautiful moving poem. Your words have captured that black hole that depression takes people to, where you think you're the only one. It seems, for me, that the more I face the feelings and walk through them, the less power depression has over my life. Thanks again for sharing your poem.
I just want to say that I love your poem and I think a lot of people can relate to what you are saying so you should never fill along because you are not ther is all ways someone out there that fill the same way you fill keep up the good work with your poems
Thanx so much for showing ur feelings. It helps me understand my manic depressive boyfriend a little bit better. It helps me see ur true thoughts and feelings. thanx
i am simply in awww what can i say i would have never expected a reply like i got there keep up the great work and i indeed say job well done its hard coping at times but thanks for your review ps. fallen angel god bless
Fallen Angel: you're absolutely right, i do not know how you feel, therefore i don't have the right to say i understand what you're going through. i have had depression, just not manic depression. i'm just voting for your poem. but that's just it, your poem brought so much meaning, and more understanding than any other i have read. all be it, i still do not understand the full extent of your pain. i do love your poem and will look back on it in times of pain and sadness and remember that i am not alone. and you remember that YOU are not alone either.
dear fallen angel as a fellow poet i know how you feel i have major depression and i know how you feel. and we have a positive way to focus a change because we have it in our power to make whats right and by that i write my feelings out in poetry and we have the power to have a positive outlook on our disabilitys for i to know how a positive change effected me made me more happier than optimistic so i focus on accertiveness and wellness so continue to free your mind in your poetry. sincerly, den den
Unfortunantly I can understand all to well; it may not be exactly the same pain, but to be able to express yourself so eloquently should help aleviate some of your pain...someday.

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