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This was written one cold night, when I was all alone, and thinking about the past and my ex-love.

The Crevice

The sun used to shine on me,
there used to be a fluffily clouded sky.
I knew about something called happy.
I always knew just where I wanted to be.

That sun is gone,
replaced by night.
those clouds now carry low thunder,
I only know misery and fright
and I don't even recognize me.

Somewhere in between
something got forgotten and lost
the key to my soul
was replaced by a lock.

I can tell of the deep, dull crevice
I have let myself crawl into
but no one has asked.
If it were wished,
I would count the cold tears I've shed
but none of it would matter,
there would still be
the lost happy I don't remember
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18 Visitor Comments

this poem has described my life. i used to be so happy, nothing would hurt me. now, all i ever feel is pain. like there is this dull ache where my heart used to be. but this poem sumed up what my heart has been trying to say to all my old friends. about the boy who ripped my heart in half, my used to be best friend was said i should just rot. but i love this poem!
wow i love this poem it maybe b/c i relate to it so much keep up the great work
claire maree
I'm sorry you have to feel this way. I know it sounds cliche, but I do know how you feel (hence the reason for me being sorry). I hope things get better for you-and soon. If nothing works, you could get a shrink. That's what my parents made me do.
I love ur poem because it reminds me so much of me and what i'm going thru right now
wow this pome is GREAT! i loved it maybe b/c i relate to is so much
you describe my life perfectly, i used to know what happiness meant but that was a VERY long time ago. I have been running from myself from the day my hapiness was "stolen" but now i have found happiness again, i never thought one person could make such a huge difference in life. we have been friends for 5 months now and she has given me the curage to face my life and stop running. i can't describe the feeling of beeing happy for the first time in eight years! thx for this poem you put my life in to wordsin a way i would never beable to do and i hope all of you who feels the same will find happiness again.
i read this poem and the first thing i thought of was me. its a great poem and you shoudnt stop.
ey gud poem n sry bout yer ex . try not to think bout him. n i hope u feel bettta
This poem really touched me deeply I even cried while reading it because I am going through that situtation. I use to live in New York i was born and raised there even though i lived in a small apartment and shared a bedroom with my two sisters i was beyond happy. Than we moved to Florida a year ago and nothing was the same. I felt as if that poem was almost made just for me because i feel as the writer does.
you dont know what you have untill you lose it. and happines is definetlyy ewhat i lost, your poem was great
I know what it is like to go from a happy and productive world to a world where nothing matters and there is only dread.
Im not a poem person, but i i really feel that this poem has described to me how i feel better than i could have described in a 1000 pages. Thanks
This poem was REALLY well written, showing the feeling, making you feel without really feeling the reality of the feeling!
I think your poem rocked and it really makes you think about life and how fast it can pass you by if you let it i think you should definitly keep writing
i realli liked yur poem i find it weird how some people so close to yu dont get yu but yu read something a strangers writeen about them selvez and it's just like yu. Awsome job
This poem is amazing. It's like everything I feel every day on one page. It really touched me and I thank the author for putting it out there for me to see.
It's great to come across a poem that I can understand and enjoy, and that has something to say to my own personal situation.
being "happy", like most things, is never fully appreciated untill it's lost. You expressed that point well. I respect this piece and can relate.

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