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This poem is about depression. Many people you know might have it, yet you'll probably never find out about it. It keeps people away when they want to be close. Anybody could get depression, it's sad how people with the biggest hearts, can get held back with such force. If you know someone that has depression, please, help them. You may be saving their lives.


At my jokes.
Inside of me.
with my friends.
Streams of tears
drip down my
I smile,
when I
You smile,
when you
when I
You smile,
when you
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130 Visitor Comments

I dnt know why this poem is so easy. bt on the other side it touches me deeply. and i rly dnt understand it. maybe its just cause it tells me exactly how i feel. its a very depressing poems. bt i think its beautiful
silly pain
this poem is meaningful
I think your poem has a lot of meaning behind it. you just have to find it and figure out if you relate to it or not. I do I just wanted to let you know that it is a very good, short, but tot he point poem and admire that and your skills. Keep Up The Good Work.
this poem pretty much speeks for it self. i think it's good becuz i can relat to what it's saying and i know pepal that i know for a fact that can too.
and thats how it really is
in away i get it lovely
I loved it,. He does the same thing to me
GREAT WORK! u should consider a career in this type of stuff!
i realy love this poem ,its true
I feel like that too! LAways having to hide. It's sickening, but I can't do anything but smile, a very fake one.
Thats exactly how i deal with my life right now, thank you so much for making me feel like i'm not alone.
I hold a lot of things inside me and I try to hide it infront of my fiends and family, so I can definatly relate to this.
i thank that was so cool you should make moer like that cause i'm always on here so make more that cool.
That was beautiful! I loved it, please continute to post more.
I read this poem, it expresses exactly how I feel, you have tapped into the raw emotion, thank you
i like this poem. i really do. its short and to the point, but really gets to u, too. i really like it.
i love the poem it touched my heart
Great poem. It discibes my daily life. I smile when I'm not alone, but as soon as I'm alone, I bleed from my arms and my eyes have tears.
insightful poem
I love that you used a mor unusual style to write it, it really captured the sense of having both the screaming and the laughing going on at the same time. I love this.
i really like this poem. this is how i feel every day of the week. i cant describe how you've touched my heart. i know this is corny but thank you for showing me that i am not the only one hurting right now.
The poem seems simple, but It may have taken youa while to write. When ever I try to write a poem they take me 10 minutes- 1 week. The simpler the poems are for me the harder they are to write. This poem was really good.
hey, that was great!
it feels like you were hear with me and know what i am going throught
simply struck a chord. Brought a little emotion to me. bit numb at the moment. thanks
This poem describes exactly how i feel. the whole world is thinking i'm a happy person, while inside i feel like dying. Thanx for the beautiful words.
your poem totally rocks, and i know exactly how you felt when you wrote this!
this poem tells excatly how I feel in a current sitution and excatly what i do. it touchs how i look now on the situtuion and give me new look on what to do.
im like this i smile and wave and laugh with my friends and cry myself to sleep at night but even as im with my friends i die that little bit more inside
i love to read other people poems and let my emotions out
This poem is really touching and i can really relate to it, i feel like this at the moment, it's an amazing poem.
wow this poem relates to alot of teenage girls in the world, i mean that was astonishing
omg i love this poem. that's my life right there. thank u 4 puting it in words so I can better understand it
I was really touched by your poem. You describe a feeling I cycle in and out of. Keep writing!
this is an awesome i loved it so much. i myself am going through depression and nobody seems to care or understand. all i hear is get over it. so this poem is the best. your really talented keep up the good work.
ey dat was a good poem. keep up da good work
i loved this poem. its exactly how i feel ast the moment. very well written
This was a really beautiful peices by its author, and though it seems so deceptively simple--its really deep. I thank you NJ, for showing us a little of yourself.
I love this poem,
your poem makes so much sense many times we hold our true feelings inside while many think were happy were really dieing from all the pain inside
i really appreciate the writer of the FAMILY POEM cause indeed he has inscribed some commons between creature nature and future and it certianly the best to every boby i know. suleiman . j. nigeria.
I love it, It's what I needed, It reminds me of my poem called "tears of blood", It seems there exists, in every bit of happiness, sadness, or depression, lies immediately within that.
its really touching if you understand it. if you just let it enter your hart it will touch u greatly! its amazing well done
This poem touched my soul, my life means so much now to me. I'm going to make every last moment count! In fact this is about exactly what im going through and i have been inspired to tell the world to watch me!
OMG, i love it! it really gotr to me ya know? U R GREATE! gooood JOB!
Very touching, this portrays how so many people carry on acting as if everything is o. k, perhaps for the convenience of others?
i feel like this all the time inside im screamin crying wantin but on the outside i wear this mask which keeps me sane i dont feel many emotions anymore just the blood rushing from my cuts i need more fwends
this pome did put infulence on me cuz it relates a lot to me and my friends. This pome also relats to my dearist sister who is going threw hard times. Thankyou
wow. Im touched. I LUV THIS POEM. this poem is the most b-e-a-utiful poem evr.
This poem really tuched me because I can relate
hey this poem is really upseting whn i first heard it i cried because i saw me as the gurl in ur poem i think ur a great writier and u put it accross on a interesting way i think ur poem is beautiful i can totally realte to ur poem in every way all i feel is pain and each day is a challenge
This poem is great, it says so much so simply
I love this poem . It is sooo awsome . I feel the same
hey dis is a gorgeous poem tht doesnt only express tears falling i myslef am over coming depression and i realted very well to this poem and it helped me it reminded me of wht i have bn through and how much i neva wnat to go back i wnt through hell and none of my friends even reailsed keep on writing hunni u have touched many people mwah x0x0x0x take care :)
i dont even think u realize how much this poem is related to the exact way i feel at this very moment. this poem just wants me to break down and bawl my eyes out. i just love this poem so much! i kno that u probably hear that from everyone but im glad to b saying it! it just really gets to me. makes me think that finally i found someone who relates.
That was awesome. i love it.
i like this pome i feel the same way right now i feel like crying
woah u r really great when i read the poem i started to cry cause its the same thing im feeling right now wow its was very beautiful keep up the good work
amazing some people might not be able to take that in by i understood the meaning and i understood every word
i relly liked it
this was a really great poem. i think u described how many people feel, because i know this is how i feel right now
Your poem is great, it's how I'm feeling right now. I hope these feelings go away.
This poem is sooo true. It reminds me of me. and how to pretend.
Wow. This poem is absolutely beautiful. I think I know exactly what you're going through. you put on a smile even though deep inside you're so hurt, and so broken. And no one really knows. This poem really touched me, I got teary eyed!Someone else feels this way. I feel so relieved. Thank you for your poetry. I hope to read more.
very good great meanings.
It's wonderful how it's so explanatory in so few words. Brilliance.
I absolutely loved this poem somebody out there acts as I do, like if everything is fine but it's really not i feel the same way with my tortured soul and disturbing thoughts in my head.
i really like your poems
how did u cum up wid dis poem- im feelin like dis rite now + none of my m8s can c wot im goin thru even though they r supposed 2 b my best mates - ur realy good at showing how people feel in ur poems and i hope u make somemore gr8 poems that will realte 2 how i feel
this poem was so perfect and appropriate. i chose it and started crying because it applied to everything in my life currently, and all the emotions i was feeling and which ones i was showing.
Damn this is a good poem. My best friend killed herself 2 years ago (April 27, 2001) and this poem gives me an idea of what she was going through. Having lost a friend to suicide is the worse because you start thinking what you did or what you could of done. everyone is loved in this world, no need for deppression!
i thought your poem was great so blunt and there it shows that im not the only one who puts on a brave face everyday!
Wow! This a touching poem that I can absolutly relate to; although the words may sound simple, the message is big.
good job
You really understand. I had no idea anyone else felt that way.
i really feel this way at times in fact many many times and am really glad to see it written in words. i feel unburdened.
I have the same feeling. I smile and am happy, but on the inside im dying. i dont think i know of any sadder feeling, this depression
Ms K
This poem really touched me i really can relate to it.
your poem is awesome. i know how you feel, and what you feel. you expressed it perfectly, and it reassures me to the endth degree to know im not alone. thank you.
i think that this poem whus really cool. it really is touching. i have an interest in poetry also and its nice to hear poems similar to mine
I'm impressed. I feel personally obligated to find talent to justify who i am and where i stand in the world. This poem is simple yet completely complex. The emotions are truely rare and i think in very few words you've thoroughly grasped your concept. Continue to write, yet share love with the world.
how he reaches into the soul of someone who is working so hard ( and succeding at) hidding their true feelings from the world. some times it is nice not to feel so alone at times.
this is the best poem i have ever heard in my life. it is my favorite. god bless you.
Hi! this is very good poem and it sounds to me that its not the poe,. infact its my heart talking to me. Keep it up and keep writing these type of poems.
This poem is so sad, cuz it;s about a girl wanting to take her life away and she's remembersing everything in her life.
you poem is great it is so true!
I have a great life but im always depressed. Nothing helps. I've always been this way. I pretend to be happy and laugh when i'm around friends and family. But when i'm alone i just cry for no reason and this poem is my life. i laugh and wave at friends that wave back with no idea how much pain and anger is built up inside me. Thanx for writing this poem. I don't feel like i'm such an outcast anymore.
I really loved your poem. At the moment I am going through depression. I just recently lost my boyfriend in a car accident. I have been very upset lately and have even stopped eating here and there. I am going to have my best friend come to this site and read your poem. I want to say thank you for showing me a way to have my friends and family help me. If you do not mind I would like to think of you as a guardian angel who is here to look out for others. Thank you so much!
This poem was right on with me. It is not to often that I read something that on the dot with myself. I feel that more people should read this.
This poem is superb! Very simple, yet deep. I guess you'd heard this many times. but I too can relate to this poem. Thank you for writing it, and helping me remind myself that I'm not alone.
I can totally relate to your poem because I am the same way.
this explains in few words many feelings r shown but never the real ones;exactly how i feel
I have been depressed most of my life. It's always been on and off, every couple of months are good, the next few bad and so on. This poem really just goes along with how I've always felt. You just start to hide it to save others from what you feel. They don't need that pain in their life so you smile and brush it off while they are around. The next free moment you go curl up with your favorite sad song and cry inside on your bed. Sometimes hiding it helps, and sometimes not. Thanks for the poem and keep writing.
its really very good poem , i love it so much , its short and smiple words but strong and touching .
I understand this poem it is just like me no-one can see the internal tears.
well well, i really love this poem , it just explain how i feel most of the time. some times a lot of poeple laugh outloud while their heart's crying and this is totally true .. keep on going u have the very good senses of writting.
i can relate
I like this its easy to understand in different ways.
exactly what i feel, when my best friend tells me she started seeing someone..
I have been so miserable every since my sophmore year. I have this great boyfriend that I love very much but he doesn't understand why I'm always hurting and depressed. He thinks its him but it's not. it's just me. I sent this to him to help him understand. Thanks!
This is every day for me, I didnt realise that other people felt like this. You pretend there's nothing wrong but your breaking up inside, It helps to know that I'm not the only one who feels like this. Thank you.
I really can relate to this poem NJ. After my boyfriend slash brother died I was devistated because I found out i was pregnant with his chld and now i have to look at his ugly face everyday! Im so depressed i think i need to write some poetry.
I hope you get the help you need but I think that you need to keep writing poems b/c I think that it helps you cope w/ your depression good luck hun!
wow, this was a terrific poem. i liked the way it looked and didnt rhyme--very original. i can totally relate, especially by hiding it from friends.
i LOVED the poem, it was realy expressive with only a few words, and made parts of my life come i totally related. it's an awesome poem.
We used this poem for a poetry essay. It was easy to understand.
I love that poem. I don't know... something about it. It suites me well. :)
It's sad how many of us actually feel this way.. u've brought it out well on paper, but I hope u're coping well too. Good luck and keep writing.
I really like this poem since it can express how a person feels inside and what is hidden.
i really like this poem... its simple but still expresses really deep emotion!! its awesome work..
This poem really does go on with people, and I liked what it had to say.
That poem was really good! A lot of depression poems don't even describe what's going on to a full extent,but this one described what I was going thru very well.I give it 2 thumbs up!
this poem expresses how i feel to the greatest extent something that i just can't seem to explain to my friends and family
I really like this poem, because I have felt that way. I know what it is to be laughing for everyone and crying deep insie you
I understand!
I like this poem and I can relate very much to the writer.
This poem was very realistic about how you see your friends but you never really know them. You never know what's really going inside of them.
this is just so tru! no one knows what's goin on inside of us, we laugh to hide our pain, yet inside we never stop crying
it's just great!
an amazing expression of true feelings.
i love this poem! It´s really great! i was looking for such a thing, but i didn´t really believe, i would find it, i thought there´s nobody, nobody who could ever feel this way. the way i feel. you laugh, and laugh without stopping, and smile when people pass bym but deep inside you, you´re crying, and noone can hear you.
i love this poem! i was looking for something like this, but i thought i wouldn´t find it, i thought noone else feels this way, i thought i was the only one, the only one who cries inside without stopping, and laughs and smiles when people are passing by. thanks, for the beautiful words in your poem!
I really like this poem it actually tells alot about how not just sad things can bring tears to your eyes
Helped me to know I am not alone and someone else has been there also.

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