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I was very depressed when I wrote this poem. I had found the love of my life, but I felt as if everything else was being sucked out of me. My life, as well as my soul, were completely empty. Although my life and all of my feelings were torn and blackened, there was one hope left.

That hope was love. My heart was full, but lay dormant and I was determined to pull through. Thank you Adam for helping turn my soul free.

Beyond Comprehension

No one hears me, understands me
I speak in silence
hoping that someone will see my words, my message
hoping to find love, it has arrived so divine
I wish for a stronger, better life
filled with everlasting touch
I dream the future, but hold the past
My body is brimmed with so many confusions
Am I really here experiencing fullness?
I must be, the pain is so real
the hurt I feel could never be imagined
but I will pull through into greatness
and destroy whatever faces into me
As I struggle I will fight until the end
Whenever it may come

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45 Visitor Comments

I think this poem is good it expresses my feelings perfectly. i think alot of people can relate to this poem
Bravo! do you know how brave and tough you have to be to say what you just did! I think great that some people still have hope, mine fades in and out but its nice to know there are others trying too.
I just want to say that I loved your poem. It captured so much emotion that many people can relate to. Thank you for sharing this with us.
I think this is a great poem. very nicely said. it reminds me of someone I hold dear to my heart.
loved it it had tears in my eyes thank u it touched in so many ways! love just love it!
This poem is great. I can totally relate to it and I love the vocabulary used in it, it gives it a good edge. lol. I'm glad you've pulled through and I hope I do too.
This is very good--very, very good. It describes exactly what I'm going through. And its so tough to get over.
this is a great poem. most of all i like, no love the ending. you send a great message that even through the hardest times you should never stop fighting. your poem is a real eye open-er.
It really touched me from deep within my soul. It is sad, but true i feel like that right now even as i type this to you. Thank you for letting me know i am not alone. Peace and may GOD bless you in everything you do.
your poem describes everything so precisely, i felt like you said all the things i would say but never came out of my mouth. its a great poem, i love it. thank you for writing it.
I related to this poem very much and it was written very well.
I think this poem is very touching,and is so true. it really gives you something to think about. Nice Going Pinky TL
when you commented on your poem, you said what i feel. please, how did you get through it? my fiance is the only thing keeping me here. i can't hardly even write my poems anymore. i just feel so empty. your poem was inspiring. i hope that i can find it inside myself to pull throug this time of despair and come back into the light of love. thank you for giving me hope.
this poem was amazing and i can totally realate it must have been made by a genuis cuz the choice of vocabulary made the poems that much better.
i loved the poem i can relate to it sometimes
I like it very much :)
i lvoe this poem so much it relates to when i found out my b/f the first guy i ever fell in love with cheated on me. this is exactly how i felt and still do.
this poem was the best. it touched me in everyway and understand it completly. u konw exactly how i am feeling, thank you so much, keep up the good work!
i love this poem i can really realate to it im only 13 but i fully understand what u mean keep writing
This poem is just too beautful for words!
That was so touch poem, with my tears in my eyes. thanks a lot, May You be bless always!
This poem feaking is great and its the best ever i think that you freeking write more and then send them to me and then ill publish them and ill make you famous
This poem is good i think that it shows how my friend lauren is feeling what can i do to help her send me some stuff to help her and then ill contact you back thanks for the help
I'm going through a hard time in my life right know and i felt as if everything i have been feeling is all in this poem.
Your poem sounds exactly like something I would write. I really really enjoyed it. It seems as though no one really understand me, and who I am, so I think we can relate. I think I know somewhat of what you're going through. and you just may know what I am going through as well. You write so beautifully. I hope to be able to read more of your poetry. We just have to have hope. I feel less alone now, thank you so very much.
This made me cry. it fit perfectly to what i feel, im only 14 it will always stick to my mind. it was very touching.
i really like this poem. i can relate to it soo much. thank you for writing it :)
AWESOME poem gurl i can totally relate if it wasnt for my boyfriend i probly wouldnt still be living he is sometimes the only thing that keeps me alive i LOVE THE POEM KEEP WRITING!
i like
Gurl this so0o0o represents my life! I only have until 28 to live because of all my medical conditions. I dont know when i'm going to die i know its b4 28 though. ( and this poem says everything about my life. thanks. love it!
this was really awesome. it expresses what i cant say thanks for it.
i had to tell that that was a great poem, so often we feel like the strains of this world are pulling us down. You are not alone with these emotions. I too have been in pain, that i thought was literally suffocating me. Nice diction, and word choice.
Your poem hit me right in the heart for that is how I have felt for the past month. I know there is love out there somewhere but it sure doesn't feel like it.
the hurt u feel can be more than imagene it can be felt by people that feel the same way or even worst. i understand you so well.
Wow, you're poem was so amazing. The way in which you write is really impressive, and I can relate to everything you have to say. Going through the issues that face us throughout life is always hard, but when you have someone there for you, supporting you, it seems like there's a reason to keep tryin. i'm so inspired by your words, thanks.
the poems is very expressive. it beautifully depicts the confusion we very often face in life. something that one can relate to
Poet, I am here and I hear you.
i understand you
i am really feeling this poem. I have has alot of problems and it makes me feel like I am not the only one that is in some of the sitution that I have been in.
Hello all, This poem realated to me in very many ways to waht I was like 2 months ago and was running on 16yrs
I just wanted to tell you your poem is really good and i can totally relate to how you feel. love katie
Look, I know someone who can fill the emptiness. His name is Jesus. Good poem. Email me and I'll send you one that might help. God Loves you and so do I
You're absolutely right.
i think this is a good one its how i feel right now

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