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I wrote this poem for my loving sisters. Life has not always been easy for us, but through it all we had our love to bring us comfort.

Dedicated to my sisters, Hester and Lakie. I love you both dearly.

Sisters Three, Siblings Are We

There is a love down in my soul.
Where faith and trust I do hold.
Love that will stand forever more.
That's what sisters were made for.

Together we've been through a lot.
Caring not what others thought.
We stood tall and held our ground.
Foundation from our mother kept us sound.

Now we've grown up and left the nest.
The love we share is still the best.
My sisters I do love you true
My thoughts often travel back to you
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52 Visitor Comments

Yuor poem touhed me so perfect . I have a twin sister .
I would like to say this is a very rewarding poem, as its stated sisters Three, I have two sisters and we are so close, God made us sisters but we made ourself friends. Our mother passed away when we were 11,9 and 8. Its truly a blessing to read.
Very Very nice. I was thinking of making a card for my two sisters and putting this verse in it. Awesome
I just learned that my only sister at age 54 was diagnosed with cancer, it hit me like a ton of bricks, it has been three days and the tears will not stop flowing, only 12 years ago I lost a brother to cancer at a young age of 39, it makes one think why us? We are all positive and optimistic and hoping for the best. I googled poetry about sisters with cancer, and I found your poem, it touched my soul. keep up the wonderful work. -- Sandra
I loved the poem. My little sisters are very dear to me and this poem sums up my feelings.
I can relate to this. very nice!
Looking for something special to share with my sisters at christmas get together and this is one that will hit home in our hearts. Thank you
Your poem is real. It's so touching and heart warming it really lays it down about the love of three sisters!
This is a beautiful poem, I recently lost my older sister, looking back at all the photos taken of us 3 sisters brings back memories I will treasure forever. Thanks for putting into words my feelings for my sisters. C. Freriks
Excellent expressions about the relationship.
I read this poem and I burst into tears because I have two sisters and I understand where you are coming from. Your poem touched me.
I really enjoyed this poem and plan to send it to my sisters. We were once six sisters who took each other for granted- mostly seperated by things in the past. Then our oldest sister died last September at 34. Now we are five sisters (and 3 brothers) who make it a point to keep in touch, have frequent sister chats and most important of all, we have learned we are sisters and we love and help each other no matter what.
I also have two sisters and know just how you feel, we live far from each other though two are very close. Your poem was so beautiful and hit my heart dearly. How i miss my sisters even more. I will tell them of this poem .
this poem touched me im also very very very good at poem writing at this very moment im writing a poem to my older brother hes 26 and im 12 ya see he just had a baby and im relly jelouse because we had a very close bond and everything changed now that the baby is in his life!
I think that your poem was great!It really shows how you feel. I have a sister too. which some times can be good and sometimes it can be really hard!. But your poem was really good!
My little sister passed away a few days ago. My baby sister is very sick and losing heart. I am trying to find words that will encourage and inspire her byond my lame efforts. \\\\\this poem just about says it for the trhee of us. Thsnk you
Very nice poem. I also have two sisters, which I have dedicated this poem to.
This poem depicts exactly how I feel about my sisters. I can't imagine how my life would be without them.
Thank you so much Pauline! We are four sisters in the family and we also have two brothers. Our mom passed away the other summer and our father followed her just last summer too. It was our eldest sister who saw this poem of yours and sent us thru e mail. I cried when I read the poem coz it touches my heart so much. Its really very meaningful and the message really tells how we really feel with one another. We seldom see each other coz we are living in different countries, we only get in touch thru e-mails but even then your poem made us more closer with one another. Please continue the wonderful job. I really love poems and I know you could even help me with my job as a teacher. Once again thank you, thank you very much, more power and god bless!
you have written a great poem , i realy love it . this poem shows that we should love our sisters , although i hate my sis but after reading your wounderful poem i realised that hating people is like durning down your own house to get rid of a rat . hatred does not cease by hatred , but only by love ; this is the eternal rule .
I really enjoy this poem because it reminds me of me and my sisters. Yes its three of us also, but we still manage to still love each other. Me being 15 and the youngest, i find it difficult but I also find it as a blessing!
Very nice
Thank you for such a touching peom. I have two sister also. We have always been very close. Of course we have had our moments, but we always remember that friends come and go, family will always be there.
For Christmas this year I wanted to say something meaning ful to my sisters. This poem expresses exactly how I feel in such a beatiful way. Thank you to the author for her lovely insight into the true gift of sisterhood.
The poem was beautiful but the most moving part was the response from Tammy regarding her sister sick with cancer. I know God uses certain people (the Author) to give peace and healing to people. Your gift of poetry was that message. Keep up the work, whatever your beliefs are. We never know who is listening.
this was the best poem ever
i really love the poem. i have two other sisters and when our mother died ten years ago we decided to have a sisters day it follows the sunday before mothers day,and the poem is wonderful for me to send to my sisters this may. thank you very much for such lovely poems about sisters. keep up the good work and god bless you.
i loved your poem. i have 3 sisters. my little sister who is 16 is in the hospital rith now. they found a tumor on her kidney. they got it out but we don't know if it is canceris or not. so i wrote down this poem to give to her because i don't know any other way to tell her how i feel. love the poem alot
As I have two sisters (me being the one in the middle) I found this quite touching. My older sister has been very ill for the past few years and as we three get older we all get closer.
I really like this poem it reminds me so much of my two sisters and I, I have been looking for a good poem to write down for the two of them to put down on stationary paper and frame for them for christmas, I am so glad I found this site.
I really loved your poem. I have two wonderful sisters who are my soul mates. Hard times and struggles have concreted us together as one . It made my heart feel good to find someone else who knows the value of sisters.
There are 6 of us girls. I wanted to do something to show them how much I love them. (I am the oldest) Out of all the sister poems I came across, this could have been written for us. I am making pillows with this poem and a picture that is special to that particular sister for each one. Thank you for such a beautiful poem
Just over a year ago my two Sisters and I lost our Mother,we've been through a terrible time. This poem sums up exactly what we mean to each other. Alone we would never have coped. We have always been close,but now are closer still. It is because of our Mother we are strong individuals and such a great team. Thank you for putting into words just how much they mean to me,I love them so very much. Your poem is beautiful.
I love your poems Pauline and thank you so much for allowing me to use it on my web site, I am working on the page currently and when completed will send you url to view it. Thank you so much for your creative work.
Pauline, Your poem touched my heart and soul as I have two sisters and felt this poem was written exculsively for us. Wonderful work.
My mother is a family of four girls and even tho Mom is gone I feel this poem was written with my Mom and sisters in mind
In my family there are 3 girls, myself and my younger twin sisters. I feel like this was written for us, especially the part about built on their mothers foundation, we were raised by her alone. I LOVED IT
Searching for something to let my two sisters know that I love them dearly. This poem does the trick.
I love your poem
i cried when i read it ,It was so beautiful .Thanks for your beautiful Poetry .
I just love your poems... They are breathtaking..... Thanks for sharing them..
I can really relate to the poem because I have 2 sisters as well and the three of us are really close. It's nice to see things that are about more than 1 sibling. Thankyou.
I thought this was a beautiful poem I have 3 sisters and we've been through alot (as I'm sure most have) but I'm getting married and I want to give this poem to each of my sisters, to let them know how much they mean to me. Thank you.
It made me think of my sisters and I love and miss them so much. Great work.
I have 2 other sisters and we all live in other states now. We were raised by our mother who struggled to raise us. We did'nt have much money but we sure had a lot of love! This poem expresses my thoughts exactly!
i have 4 sisters.we were always close,but since we've gotten older, we've become closer.we still argue and disagree,but let someone say something negative,and we are all on him.that poem must have been written about us (smile)
I thought this poem was really good and it really fits my sisters and I. Thanks for writing it.
Very thoughtful poem. Made me want to call my big sisters.
This poem was very touching, It is ver true for me and my sistrs relations ship. I defenity like it. you have my vote.
Your poem hit home...I'm using it for my Mom, the last of three sisters, who passed away recently. Thank you so much! Keep up the wonderful's touching, a wonderful interpretation of the bonds of love & friendship rs
I have a class project about peoms I'm working on and my theme is "Sisters". When I read your poem I said to myself that this is the perfect poem, because it has to do with my theme and it reminds me of my sister and I.

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