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My grandfather has touched my life and my heart with his unconditional love. He lives five hours away, and is in a home. He has Alzheimer's and doesn't remember much, but he is the love I will always cherish.


You stood by me through it all
You saw me stumble
You saw me fall
You picked me up and held me tight
In your arms the world felt right

You washed away my tears and fears
You walked with me through the years
You were there when my children came
You opened your arms once again
You showed them love - you showed them strength
You did for us at great lengths

What we treasure most of all
Is your love through it all
Your handsome face
Your big blue eyes
Your heart of gold eternal size

I miss your smile when I'm away
I think of you each and every day
My Love for you will never die
You are the apple of my eye
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13 Visitor Comments

this poem tells the truth. my garanparents raised me and reading this poem reminds me of how my garandfather was right there. he was always there for me.
I read this at my grandfather's funeral on Monday. It made everyone cry, they loved it. Thanks for posting it. I couldn't have wrote anything more fitting.
this poem is a great and thoughtfull poem, at the moment i am looking for a poem for my grandfather, to tell him how much that i love him, and this one is just perfect. thankyou xx
I live about 6 hrs from my grandfather who is SO extra special to me. I couldnt have said it any better. I am so happy i came across this site.
Grandpa Dunn Hi How are you do i miss you . i hope you like write poen you. ganddaugther west. love you.
this poem touch me, as this year my grandad passed away, and waz there for me through everything, and always said he'd be there for my kids! but now he wont be. thankyou heaps.
my grandfather just died and this is so touching it reminds me of him so much
I Love This Poem it is WONDERFUL I too am including it in a Scrapbook with Credit Where Due!
I recently lost my grandfather whom I was closer to then my own father. He was best man in the whole wide world and I loved him more then anything in the world. I give the whole world over to have him back. I really appreciated your peom. cause thats exactly how I feel about my dear grandfather. Good poem!
i love this poem it reminds me of my grandpap i may only be 13yrs old but i know my pap is watchiung over me
wonderful words...including in scrapbook for Grandfather...(with due rights to the author.
this is such a touching poem, i loved it

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