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My daughter, Candice, told me she submitted her poem to me here. So I thought I would do the same for her.

This is a poem of encouragement, love, and pride. I wrote it for, and gave to my daughter for her 8th grade graduation. It was also a time when life's road was a bit bumpy and money was a bit on the short side.

Candice, I love you more than you'll ever know

Candice's Graduation Poem

Candice, You Are Unique,
you're special through & through.
And, as time did tell, you've done so well
I'm so Very Proud Of You.

When you were born,
you were helpless and small.
But, even then I knew,
that deep inside you had the strength,
to always see you through.

You have courage, and pride
that you just can't hide,
and, an incredible strong will too.
It's all of these things together, combined,
that are The Strength In You.

So walk through life
with your head held high,
and remember to always be,
True To Yourself, Be Kind and Help
like the person I've taught you to be.

And always remember
for I know that,
You Do Listen To Me.
I know it because it's written all over,
the Report Cards that I see.

So here's your Graduation gift
in the form of an . . . I Owe You.
To spend the day, just your way, on
A shopping Spree For Two!
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9 Visitor Comments

I rally liked your poem i really did touch me i think that u did a good job
I love this poem, it's really a very lovely read. I stumbled upon it looking for a poem to give me some ideas for my brother who's graduating high school this year. Love it -kendahl
I love the poem. It touch my heart and tears came to my eyes. My daughter is graduating. As i read it,it is so much like my daughter. Nice Job! Have Good Day
The poem touched my heart and made me look back at all the wonderful years that I have spent bringing up my son. The things we did together, the things learnt from one another, and the joy and pride that I feel for him and all the success he is going to achieve in his life! Thank you
I knew the person this poem is written about. We were best friends and I was takin from my Uncles house from Social Services and I never saw her again. This poem couldnt ring any truer, it's been 7 years
What a great poem of encouragement.
it is a good poem
It was really nice and i loved the ending
It is a very lovely poem and I would consider using it at my child's graduation.

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