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This is a poem written to my dearest friend who has helped me to learn so much about life, at a time when I was feeling pretty low...As the oldest left home for college and life was changing quickly.

Discoveries in Summer

As the warm summer breeze turns slowly to fall
As a chill creeps into the air
As the leaves quickly change to a deep, dark red
I will miss us sitting out there--

I'll look back to those long nights of summer
Looking up at the stars shining bright
I'll miss sharing all that we shared back then
As we talked so long into the night--

I'll miss our daily assessments
Of who did what -- and when
I'll miss just sitting in silence with you
And I'll wish we were out there again--

If I could explain it in just a few words
That summer like none before
I'd say I learned a lot about life,
About friendship and caring and more--

Like trusting and loving and - letting go
Growing up after all of these years
That my very best friend in all of the world
Will be there with a hug for the tears--

It was a summer of consolation
A summer of discontent
But for all of the time we sat in the dark
I believe it was time well spent--

So thank you for being a friend to me
Thank you for just being there
Thank you for sharing so much of your time
And thank you for showing you care--

And know as the days grow shorter
When the sky turns the color of stone
You may feel lonely at times in the dark
But you'll never be truly alone--

For those long, starry nights now over
Will linger through life in part
They've strengthened the bonds of our friendship
And they've captured a place in my heart.
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4 Visitor Comments

I love your poem.
Loved this poem!!
it just sounds like something i would write. i feel the same way.
I love this poem,Alot! It describes my whole summer.I had to print out this poem and put it on my wall so it reminde's me of what a great summer i had two years ago.

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