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Years ago, I had been given a friendship bracelet by a good friend of mine, and I still wear it to this day. One day I wrote this simple little poem about what it means to me. I've also found that this is a good poem to give to a friend, along with a handmade bracelet, to tell them how much they mean to you.

Friendship Bracelet

woven thread, a melody of colour
eternal circle, sings on my arm
tied knot, secures the loop
no coin value, yet infinite charm

never ending, elliptical force
braided beauty, sweet harmony
rainbow marvel, forever bound
a precious symbol, of you and me
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9 Visitor Comments

This poem really touched touche my heart. When I read this poem ia was reaaly filled with great happiness.
hello dude. your poem rocks!
This poem is a very inspirational poem and it is true
I like your poem. It was a really good one. It touched me deeply
I liked this poem I have 2 best friends and one has a ring that we both wear and my other one has a bracelet we both wear so this poem relates to me
this is the tru meaning of friendship. i sent this poem to all of my friends. i loved it.
I really like this poem. I probably shoud have sent it to a friend, to whom I gave a bracelet... The only problem: his girlfriend doesn't like him wearing it ... Maybe he will wear it more than in his heart one day.
it's meaningful
I think the poem is a very nice poem! It remeinds me a lot of the time when my best friend,Kira, gave me a friendship bracelet to me, and I haven't taken it off since! she also lives like an hour away!

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