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This poem was thought of and written through inspiration given to me by a very dear and close friend that I met online. Our time together is fun yet insightful and our friendship that has grown gives me something to look forward to everyday.

An Inspired Poem

A simple smile, a loving word, a joke to brighten up the day,
A phone call when you're not at your best, a light to lead the way,
An ear to listen a heart to accept, to love and understand,
The simple way you came to me, the gentle touch of your hand.

The way we think a lot alike on fun or serious things,
It seems to be this friendship has taken to it's wings.
Through days and weeks and even months we have shared a lot "deep" within,
but guaranteed with love and trust, that's a good way to begin.

For when two people such as us, can meet and almost blend,
I've read your heart, I know your mind, and am "greatful" to call you Friend.
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11 Visitor Comments

i love it! thank you!
This poem makes me think of a good young, fun and so strikingly intellectual friend that I made this semester in college. I am going to give it to her before this semester ends. Thanks for writing it. -Peter
Great poem! the best ive read on here, inspired me.
That was a very beautiful poem.
I must complement you on this marvellous poem,I must say it said it all it is really meaningly
Angel 7 , This should be published in a book as well listed in a column for those who needs their days made happier for them.And to give them hope and not give up to strive, hard to do their best. I love it,Great job Keep up the great job you are doing.
The poem was well put together and described my friendship with my friend like no other words could. =o) Thanx Angel7!
Just wanted to say this poem really hit home. Thanks to your words I finally now see what a great friend I really have made, Thanks again, keep up the great work.
My friend- My feelings -Your words Wonderful
I love this poem becuase it tells about my friendship!
I send your poem too my friend this is how I felt when I say him for the first time,your'll great.Thank you for those lovely words.

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