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In the blooming of one's awareness of spirit, comes a compromise of illusion and reality; each lending strength to the other in a mutual rise to greatness. Witness: an awakening.

An Awakening

I saw a glimpse of the awakening spirit
that is you
Caged, perhaps, long ago
by the bars of circumstance
In pleasure, I witness
your escape

Many would have us judged
by that we own
But if we are judged
it is by that we give away
And what have we, really, to give
beyond what we hold within our hearts
All else in this life
simply fades away

If I have been a light in darkness
it is but a reflection of the light
that finds favor to shine upon me
Never mine to hold
As even the moon, in all it's glory
would fall dark
but for the sun,
so am I
so are we

You, my friend, have much to give to many
And you will find, in the giving
your heart will overflow
You never needed to be taught to fly
you only needed to remember
that you knew how
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5 Visitor Comments

A gem of beauty, wisdom, and compassion. :)
exactly how i felt for someone. couldnt resist sharing it with that speacial someone. great writing keep it up. joy
This message spoke so strongly to me and reminded me of a dear friend, whom I have had the privilege of being able to watch grow and come into her own. The thoughts are lovely and well-expressed. Look forward to seeing more, soon.
Yet another mind-bending and beautiful work of art from the pen of the KnighWriter. Lovely.

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