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Have you ever had someone come into your life and inspire you? I wrote this poem for a very special friend, who without really doing anything, breathed new life into me. For that I'll never be the same.

You Came

You came like spring
and lit my soul on fire
when the birds began to sing
you came and inspired

When the flowers began to bloom
with the smell of spring in the air
you took away the gloom
and taught me how to care

I'll never be the same
you breathed new life into me
I'm so glad you came
A true friend you'll always be
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12 Visitor Comments

I love this poem as it says hw I( feel about my dear friend Steve
I love this poem. This poem had the right words.
i loved it! was very touching even though it was short! great job!
Great poem!
Today at school we had what we call "Performing Arts Day". We have different sections where people can perform in groups or solo, singing, dancing or acting. My friend Ange, sang "How Do I Live" and it brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautiful. I have been searching for the right words to say, and you have put the exact words into a poem! Thanks. God Bless!
I really love yr explanation toward friendship. There are many friends get in to our lives but fews of them get into our lives and still remain forever. I like this story and I do believe in this kind of friend...when they came, our lives are not the same.
The poem is saying just the right words.
I think that the poem was very nice and said in a very comforting way
Sorry, I don't have a e-mail. But this poem was perfect for the situation that i am in. Thanks This is my husband's e-mail address.
my best friend and i have known each other for several years now and this poem reminded me of when we first became friends. she came and changed my life....

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