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"Cherished" is some words given to a dear and near friend in time of peril. I wrote this one for my girlfriend when she was on shaky ground. However, it is less about amorous love and more about friendly love. It basically says that even though it looks dark, there is always someone here for you. The narrator is also telling the receiver how important she is to him. Be strong, lean if you must, and go on with a solaced soul.


It's been quite a long road from here to there,
But there is none I'd rather take it with than you;
The depressing times caused by wear and tear,
Deep sorrow for those lost forever in time too.

Please don't worry and please don't fret,
I will lead you to your destiny yet;
For although once I wept for tears,
I now hold you against the fears.

To smile - a simple gesture made in face,
The void in my heart, once an empty space,
Is now filled with the love to cherish,
And now I have gained my sole wish.

Face the pain but do not feign,
Else loneliness will enter and reign;
Instead take me into heart and hand,
Find the glass hidden in the sand.

A warm sky to make you high,
Suffering and stars to make you sigh;
Such troubles are too much for your beauty,
One that a true beholder may see.

When you have stood against time and asked for a rhyme,
Return and embrace the tree (to be free) - for it has no crime.
It will always protect and never deny,
Cradling your head when you must cry.

With solace gained and strength to die,
You may hold it close and say goodbye,
And it will remain for you at next tear,
For no one would dare judge a seer.

Closed eyes and muffled prayer nigh,
The violet sees more than the eye,
Yet does not judge or demand returns,
As the inner light eternally burns.

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3 Visitor Comments

This was a very touching and well written poem. : )
this was a very beautiful poem, please keep up the good work.
Fantastic poem - I sent it to my friend who was having to face the hardest day of her life to give her inspiration

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