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"Dance Upon The Wind" is a look at my personal ups and downs of learning to recognizing, and accepting help, love, and support from friends. As well as being a good friend myself.

Dance Upon The Wind.

I wasn't looking for it, but some how it came, and found me.
Before I had a chance to react, it wrapped it's warmth around me.
Like a thief in the night, it has come and gone.
I have nothing, but that vision to reflect upon.

Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.
All day long, in my mind, I walk love's lonely street.
Like a tired man that longs to sit, but just can't find a seat.
Then, there it was again, up ahead, to light my way.

Only to vanish once more, just like all my yesterdays.
Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.
I don't know where I'm going, and where I've been isn't much to speak of.
I just know my heart is always showing, leading me to some far off love.

Just when I give up the fight.
Here it comes to make the bad things good, and the wrong things right.
Only to leave me lost and lonely again.
Drifting away as my thoughts dance upon the wind.

It has a name, I think they call it friend.
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12 Visitor Comments

I love this poem
So very beautiful, you write with much depth and passion, hopefully I will be able to find more of your work on here
Your Poem is absolutly beautiful. It touched me deeply. I have always loved poetry. It is one of my passions. It awakens your mind and always you to explore different worlds that you might have never known exist. Hope to speak to you soon. Take Care&God Bless Always:)
The thing about this poem i liked so much is it relates to my life so much.and it made me feel better about myself knowing that i'll always have a friend each and everyday.
so very haunting, these beautiful words describe my difficulties in love.....this poem has touched a raw nerve that burns within me.....i am grateful to have read better understand my own feelings....
very poetic..... very sutle and smooth
I simly loved it..continue to dance upon the wind..always
great poem i almost compleatly know about you
i love this poem
This is a really good poem....Friends are very important to have to lean on...
this is a poem that can fit so many friendships including Cyberfriendships great poem

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