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This poem was written for my bestest friend in all of the world. We have been friends for 14 years and have always supported each other in all of our endeavors.

I wrote this poem for the most dedicated person in the world, Cindy.

My Bestest Friend

The distance between you and I
Is only a heartbeat away,
For you and I dwell in each other's heart -
There forever we will stay.

You know all my emotions,
Many they may be.
You know when to be gentle,
And when to chastise me.

Two gentle souls deeply connected,
Thoughts not spoken,
There is no need -
For the other knows what one is thinking
Even before they speak.

So with all the love I have
In my heart today,
I want to express to you
These feelings I want to stay.
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14 Visitor Comments

i luv it and it totally describes what i feel for my best bud laura
This was a very good poem, And I would like to read other poems by them
i like diz poem b-cuz it remidz me of me n ma friendz i think u r really good at writing a poem so dont stop n thanks 4 sharing it wit me! $CHUCHA$
This poem was great i write alot im 15 years old and i have a best friend that i have known for 14 years too. the past 3 weeks we have been in this huge fight over a guy i really messed up and i feel terrible about it but i can't do anything all i hope and pray for day and nite is that soon she will forgive me i havent stemped foot out my house except for going to school and going get food b/c i can't stand to go anywhere without her
i think that u deserve all the votes that was an awesome poem and i wrote poems all the time an dyour poem inspired me to write about whatever i feel your poem is a greta inspiring pom i loved it so best of luck to u and i hope u have many more to come .
I accidently happened upon this site and your poem said everything beautifully..I have a best friend like that..without her life would not be the same.
i love this poem b``s really meaningful!
Luved it!
This poem was awesome! So far out of all the poems on this page I've read, you and Corky Ferguson are the best poets! There may be others on this page better, but I'm sure haven't read em yet!
I love this so perfectly desribes how i feel about my bestest friend John!
i love this poem it describes how i feel about my bud tonya
I am that bestest friend and it is true We know what each other is thinking and often catch ourselves saying the same thing She is my Bestest friend and there is none better
This poem is great and I like it

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