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Always take the time to appreciate those who are always there. A best friend is very important. They understand and love you no matter what.

The Extreme Importance Of A Very Best Friend

The title of a very best friend
is given to precious few,
the ones who give love and support
in all that they say and do.
The ones you call to dry your eyes
and build your confidence up,
or even to just chat for a bit,
if only to say "What's up?"
The extreme importance of a very best friend
can't be measured in any way,
except in the actions you show to them
and in every word that you say.
That is how I know my friend,
from all that you've done and do,
that the title of my very best friend,
is deserving only of you.
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13 Visitor Comments

I enjoyed reading that poem. I am going to have to send this poem to my best friend to let her know how what I be thinking but cant say in words
awww this poem is so nice. its like the poem that describes the realshonship between me and my best friend. it is like how i would describe me n her. yor poem is brilliant :):):) x x x
i think that poem was very good and it was alot that a friend should be and it was nice.
I thought the words say exactly how I would feel about my very best friend.
This is the best poem. It truly fits the description of my best friend. I know her for 2 years, but I can call her my best friend. I am going to give this poem to her. An amazing poem. Well done!
This is a really great poem. sums up A TRUE BEST FRIEND perfectly. This I dedicate to MY BEST FRIEND. JOSH. I love you and I MISS you SO MUCH. YOU are not just my BEST FRIEND but MY SOUL MATE!
Loved your poem it's simpel yet very true good job!
My life is really hard right now, I just moved, and I like to send my best friend back at my old home poems, and when I read your poem I cried, and I emediatly sent it to my best friend.
Hey, you must have some very lucky friends! I think you really know how important friendships are. Keep on writing!
Hey i love this poem it is really nice. I have more then one best friend. i have like 20 and two of them are having really huge poems and i am goin to send this to them i love it and i love them no matter what thank you for this wonderful poem
i love the poem u created i gave it to my best friend and she started to cry
Very, very beautiful perfectly describes my best friend.keep up the good work
I think this is a very beautiful poem and says it all.

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