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This poem was written when I was just . . . plain . . . thinking. I wanted to write something that meant something. I wrote and wrote. I kept crinkling up those poems. I never got to actually submit my poems anywhere. When I looked at the final one, I was like, WOW. It's about my best- friend, Robi (Robin) . . . who means everything to me. Everything she does means a lot to me.


Dry up my tears with your gentle winds,
For your words cease my tears.
Blow away my dark clouds,
For your strong winds blow them away.
Bring me happiness with your sun beams,
For your sunshine warms my soul.
Whisper me a deep secret with your breeze,
For your words bring me a warm feeling.
Put out my raging fire,
For your rain sizzles it down.
Everything you do is my everything,
And I'll never forget that you're my sunshine.
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11 Visitor Comments

i think im in love with this poem wow i think i made ome love stains off of this poem
I'm grieving - my best friend died this week. I'll read this at her funeral. I'll never forget her taking the microphone and singing "Sunshine, My only Sunshine" in front of an audience.
i really like this poem. its descriptive and has meaning to it. it is well thought of and is beautiful!
That poem is very beautiful. It makes me want to say thoses words to my friends!
wow! this is nice poem, i have to send it to all my friends!.
This poem is pretty cool
Nice Poem!
that was such a wonderful poem that i can consult with. i have sent that to a dear friend and you should be very proud to have such a gift
When i saw this poem I thought WOW too.This poem is so butiful.
I just love the way the peom is written.

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