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The bond between friends can be as, or stronger than with family member. So it was with Sunshine who was my best friend.

Always Friends

I accept you in confidence,
I listen and admire your wisdom.
We are one when we are together,
You and I will always be friends.

When you are angry,
I am there to sooth your aggression.
When you are sad,
I am there to cheer you up.

We understand each others thoughts,
Words with us aren’t needed.
We have a trust that is very rare,
You and I will always be friends.

What we enjoy doing together comes natural,
We accept life and move ahead.
I am your shadow and you mine,
We are inseparable if only in mind.
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41 Visitor Comments

I think this poem is beautiful. My very best friend moved states, and we've known each other, for, like, ever! I miss her so much, and this poem really touched me. it touched me so much, i cant describe my feelings. this was a really touching poem.
that poemmm wass reallyyy good. one of my best friendsss is movingg far awayy && and it reminded me alot aboutt him.
I loved this poem it reminds me of me and my bestfriend we've been bestfriends since i was five and now i'm almost fifteen. Even though we fight we know we'll always be the best of the friends.
keep up the good work!love it
beautiful poem it means alot specially to a friend that i cherish with all my heart u know who you are.
i really liked this poem me and my friend are very close so it reminds me of us yay! x
i see the poem as me. it touched me!
i loved your poem it was really great i write poems to but not as good as you
The structure is tight,the meaning is precious
It is a good poem I like it so much I send it too all my friends. Thanks for making this.
It is very sweet, the best ever to be. I like the stanzas. i have quite a study of poems and i consider this a very good one.
Good poem! I wish my bestfriend and I were this close!
I loved the poem and it made me think alot about all my friends old and new
OMg. dis poem ish lyke foe meh and mah bestess cuzzie who lived so far but at the same time we are so close!
I really liked that poem because it reminds me of my best friend Katy and I. You have an excelent outlook friendship!
This poem was really beautiful. One of my closest friends is moving away and changing schools and i am making a bookful of poems and quotes for her. This poem was perfect for it and I want to thank Randall for his amazing poetry. This poem touched both me and my friend.
i think this poem is very touching. it means alot to me and my friends relationship. i enjoyed ur poem
hey this was . a short but outspoken poem . i really liked it . kinda reminds me of me and my best friend lesley! we have that true friendship . that is really rare.
The words in this poem are really quite beautiful, and sum up a very special friendship, I cherish with my best friend Alison.
I thought that it was very much, like how true friends are. The person who made up this remarkible peom must know how it feels to have true friendship.
This poem is reallly gr88888888.
Hey this poem was nice
This poem was great it reminds me alot of what me and my friend do for each other. You have a great talent writinbg poems, you should contuine
I really like this poem. i do have some very close friends and this poem really does describe them.
simplest way to express the feeling of the poet to her / his friends.
keep up the good worK~ ^_^
i thought this was very toching indeed. it was really great i think im going to give my bestfriend shane this poem. me and him have only knowen eachother for 6 months but we made this promise to be great friends forever :)
I love this poem it is so nice
This poem was relly touching. I loved it! good work, Randall
The poem was just made me think about what friendship really is.
I think this poem is very amazing. I will defintley give this poem to my bestfriend. It has been almost 6 years since we have been friends. I met her in middle school and since then we have bonded into sisters. since then, we have been trying to hold things down. I am hoping that we can stay friends forever and sisters for life. I love the poem Randall wonderful job!
I love this poem. It is my bestfriend and I described perfect. In fact I just printed it out to give to my best friend.
This poem is so meaningful and the diction is not easy nor difficult just this is a nice one!
When I read your poem, it reminded me of my best friend. I really enjoyed this poem. It says so much and it says the truth. Thanx!
This poem is very touching
This is a very good poem. Reminds me of my best friend of almost 6 years
when i read ur poem it reminded me of my closest friend :)
Your poem was short, but it said so much. It was really true about what you reminded me so much about my best friend. Thanx!
This poem is beautiful, it's exactly what I was looking for, Thank you
your poem is very meaningful and very appropriate to send to a special friend.

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